Broken and Found

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Chapter Twentytwo

Emilys POV

I awake to noises coming from outside the door. Wait, where am I? The room I am in is clearly not the infirmary. Gome were the machines and the other beds, and the furniture in this room was much more beautiful. On one wall there was a stunning painting of a woölf howling at the moon. How fitting. Just as I was wondering how I got here, Daemon comes into my room, carrying two plates with brakfast and humming to a unknown melody. "Hello my lovely mate! I see that you are awake now!" He comes closer to me and places a kiss on my forehead. Feeling a bit shy by his behaviour, I quickly change the topic. "Daemon, where am I?" Daemon simply chuckles and lays himself down next to me. "I thought you were uncomfortable in you bed in the infirmary, so I carried you here. I hope you like the look of it, it is my bedroom after all." I quickly tirn my head to him, my vlice going up a octave out of embarresment. "What? Daemon!" I wekly punch him in the stomach. "I'm not even your Luna yet! What will the people think? Oh my god..." Daemon bursts out in laughter. "I think you should talk to some of our pack members, my Luna. They wouldn't stop asking when I would finally move you here." He embraces me. "And if it is bothering you too much, we can have the Luna ceremony immediatly. We can-" I jump from my bed. "Is that possible?!" Daemon looks at me suprised. "Well, if you want to be my mate and Luna then-" I cut him off again. "Yes! Yes! Daemon, when Greysilver captured me it was clear to me that when I see you again, I want to be your mate immediatly!" Daemons face stays emotionless for a while, but then a grin appears on his face, getting wider and wider by the second. "You don't even know how happy you make Shadow and me." He kisses me again. " I will go now to prepare everything, but I will send Lily over. Is that ok for you?" I nod, and Daemon quickly leaves the room. I hear Daemons Beta saying something about 'like a puppy', and by the sound made after, it seems my mate wasn't happy to hear that. My mate. Even now after this whole time, I am still amazed and happy when I think about the fact that I have a mate.

I stand up from my bed, and after goimg to the bathroom, the bedropm doors slam open again, revealing Lily, who is happily jumping up and down. "AHHHHH! My brother is getting married! Oh my god, we have to make you as beautiful as possible." Lily then gets pushed aside by a older woman, who is slowly coming up towards me. "Hmmm, I don't think we ave to do much regarding that, the moon goddess seems to have blessed my son with a beautiful mate. Wait, did she just say 'son'? "A-are you Daemons mother?" The woman just laughs. "Yes, my name is Evangeline, but I would prefer it if my future daughter-in-law would call me Eve." She then proceeds to hug me. "You have endured so much, so I hope you can have a good live with my son." She pishes me away a bit. "And if he should ever hurt you, come to me, and I will tach my big Demon a lesson." I have to hold back a laugh. Big Demon. I will never forget that. "Thanks Evangel- ehm I mean Eve." The two of them then start pushimg me towards the bathroom, and the next few hours I am busy getting ready for the Luna ceremony. When the sun starts to set, Lily just finishes my makeup. "Well, it seems it is your time to shine! Go out there and grab your Alpha!" I blush at her words, but me and my wolf also look forward to the ceremomy. "Hey, our mate will announce us as Luna. Will Shadow show himself? Our mates human doesn't look bad also..." Ok, to be fair, my wolf is completely focused on our mate, but I have to confess I am also longing to see Daemon again. The mate bond is a strange thing. As I am led out of the pack house, I am shocked by the mass of pack members that have gathered. As I start walkimg to the elder with Daemons father holding my hand, the pack members bow down as I walk past them. But I barely notice these things, my main focus is on the man standing next to the elder. My mate. I must say, him standing there with his suit, it is making me all fuzzy inside. Suddenly it feels like the walk to the altar is too slow, and after an eternity we reach the place where I want to be. Daemon takes my hand out of his fathers hand, and looks at me with his beautiful eyes. He bows forward and whispers into my ear. "You look so beautiful in your dress." I start blushing even more, and Daemons leans back with a satisfied smirk. The elder starts talking and praying to the moon goddess, but all I can do is look at my mate. When the elder stops talking, Daemon leans forward and kisses me passionatly. I kiss him back with all I have, and the pack aroumd us start cheering. "Does anybody have any objections?" The elder already turns around to offer us his congratulation when Charlotte storms to the altar, a crazed look on her face. "NO, she stole Daemon from me! He was MINE!" Daemon starts growlimg at her claim, Shadow starting to come to the surface, when all of a sudden a bunch of Omegas forma line in front of Charlotte, stopping her from getting to us. One of them speaks up. "No Charlotte, we will not let you ruin this moment for our Luna. Even if you kill us like you promised, it will be a small price to pay." Daemon seems confused by the Omegas words. "What do you mean by that?" The Omega turns around to Daemon. "I am sorry, my Alpha. This women used her assumed Luna status to threaten us with death if we opposed her. She mistreated us for a while now, but we never had the courage to stand up to it. But now that a Omega even bacame the Luna of our pack, we are not longer willing to keep silent." The Omega looks up to me with appreciation and a little bit of awe. Daemon quickly orders his warriors to take Charlotte away and to interview the Omegas. Afterwards, nothing noteworthy happened, or I just didn't notice it, as sll I could concentrate is my mate.

When the feast ended, Daemon picked me up and carried me towards his bedroom. "You know that I can walk, don't you?" Daemon looks down at me. "Of course, but your feet are too precious for this floor." I simply roll my eyes. But then Daemon puts me down on our bed, and then continues to strip his clothes. "W-what are you doing?" Daemon simply smirks at me. His eyes are black, which means Shadow is in control. "You know, my little mate, we still have to mark each other, I simply don't want us to ruin our clothes." I blush for the millionth time today, but I also start taking off my clothes. With every clothing I put off Daemons gaze becomes hungrier and hungrier. "If you knew what you are doing to me,you wouldn't just blush, my mate." After I finish unclothing, we lay down onto the bed, and Daemon towers over me. "Are you ready, my mate?" I nod at him, pulling him down at me, his moth on my neck. Daemon extends his canines, and bites down on my shoulder. Pleasure fills my body, and Light quickly takes over my body to mark Daemon. After that, my memories become a blurr, and we give in to our instincts. Daemon pushes inside of me, and all I can see is stars, after that we spend the whole night loving each other, until we fall asleep due to exhaustion.
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