Broken and Found

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Chapter Twentythree

Emilys POV

The next day, I woke up being restrained by two arms which are firmly placed around my waist. I tried to struggle free, but I gave up rather quickly. Not having anywhere to go, I decided laying in a bed with my mate isn’t such a bad thing, and my wolf totally agreed with that. “Our mate has marked us! And he is keeping us safe already! He is sooo handsome...” I was honestly worried, because my normally rather quiet and serious wolf was talking nonstop about our mate, and it didn’t seem like she would stop anytime soon. After a short while, the body behind me started moving, and my mate started kissing me on my head. “Hello my little Luna, how was your morning?” I turned towards him to scold him, but seeing his beatiful eyes, my anger quickly faded away. “Hmpf, you didn’t let me leave the bed, Daemon!” Daemon chuckled, embracing me again. “Just that you know, I will never let you go from now on, you are just too precious. Honestly I’m afraid that someone will steal you if I let you go.”

When he said that, I realised that I also didn’t want to let go of Daemon. He is my mate, and no one steals him from me. I quickly grabbed his hand. “And just that YOU know, I’m not letting you go either. You are just too handsome, and I don’t like other shewolves looking at you.” Daemon ruffles my hair. “If thats what you want, then I will not complain. And even if other wolves will look at me, I will always only be yours.” That satisfied the possessiveness I felt, so I put my head on Daemons chest. “And what do we do now?” Daemon got up from the bed and clothed himself. “Now, my Luna, we will go and face some old fools.”

Daemons POV

Waking up next to my mate is something that I could get used to. I know we only mated yesterday, but already I don’t want to wake up in any other way for the rest of my life. Feeling her body in my arms, her cute face looking up to me with sleepy eyes. My wolf was also overjoyed that our mate felt possessive about me. It was a perfect morning and I just wanted to kiss my Emily again, until my Beta mind-linked me.

“Daemon, Iam sorry to interupt your time with our Luna, but the Council is commanding you to come before them and wouldn’t tell us the reason why! What should we do?” I sigh. This stupid council really has some nerve. “Jackson! Do you know that you have a really bad timing?! Tell those assholes from the council that I am attending their meeting.” Emily was lokking at me. “And what do we do now?” I quickly stand up from my bed and get clothed. My mate seems to be confused. “Now, my Luna, we will go and face some old fools.” Her eyes widen in realisation. "Daemon! Don't tell me our pack is going to be in trouble! Oh no, what have we done?!" I smile at my mate in admiration. The first thing she thinks about is the pack. "Calm down, Emily. It will probably be just a formality to recognise you as my Luna. I had that deal with the Council, remember?" My mate starts to pout. "Well, I am sorry, but there were other things that occupied my mind in the recent time." And with these words, my wolf switched to his "angry mate" mode. "They dared to hurt my mate! I'm going to kill them all, sink my claws deep into their bodies..." After kissing with my mate for awhile to calm my wolf down again, we both step out of the house to meet the pack. Every wolf we met quickly bowed down to my mate, and I could feel her awkwardness. But that was better than the fear I could feel trough our mate bond the closer we got to the temple of the moon goddess to meet the Council. I did all I can to soothe her and distract her, but even I was not as confident as I was acting towardsd my mate. I knew that the abduction of my mate was connected to the council, and that I punished Charlotte will probably anger some of the wolves there, especially the ones from Greysilver.

When we arrived at the temple, we were surprisingly not greeted by any Councilmen, not even Lucas was there to greet us. When we entered the temple, it seemed as if the other packs were already gathered and awaiting us. My Beta and Gamma were already wary of the whole thing, but it was no use to turn back now. "Emily, stay behind me." As we slowly walk into the the main room, the Councilmen instantly turn their heads towards us.

"Ahhhh, finally, Alpha Daemon has arrived." While all but one of the seats of the Council were occupied, I couldn't see Lucas anywhere. But nobody else seemed to care, so the Council went on as nothing was out order. "We will come to our first point on our list: Daemon, we were notified that you have found your mate. Is that true?" I simply nod at the Councilman, which name was Drake, still feeling wary. "Well, it seems we have to congratulate you! But this isbalso a reason for concern. You see, it seems that she waas property of the Greysilver pack, anf was stolen a few days back." I start to growl at the Councilman. "How dare he say that she is 'property'!" My wolf was also not amuses by Drakes words. "Ah ah Alpha Daemon, I am simply stating the facts provided by Greysilver" He starts stepping closer to Emily, put I take a step to the side to block his path. "What is your point?" Drake chuckles at me. "Well, since it seems she escaoed and cilled Greysilvers Beta, we will have to punish her according to our laws." Before my brain could even comprehend what he said, Drake already turned towards the audience. "My dear fellow packs, we cannot allow any aggressions between slaves and fellow werewolves. We are proud of our traditions and past, and we certainly won't let slaves get away with killing one of us! We have to make an example! I am demanding that the slave in question is put to death!" And while my mind was screaming in horror of what was happening, the audience erupted into cheers.

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