Broken and Found

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Chapter Twentyfour

Emilys POV

My mind is still trying to understand waht happened in the last few minutes. Who is Elder Drake? Why are they trying to kill me? Is Daemon and the pack going to be ok? It isn't made easier by the fact that most of the packs which gathered here were yelling their support for Councilman Drake. Although some packs don't seem to agree with him. In the crowd, smaller fights have begun to break out, and they appear to get bigger and bigger by the moment. Meanwhile Daemon is pushing me behind him, blocking most of my view. "Daemon! I can fight too, you know!?" He doesn't look back at me. "I know you can fight, but right now you are their primary target." He looks around. "It seems our allies aren't as happy about this death sentence than others, at least we can trust them."

Councilman Drake raises his voice again, trying to get everyone in order. "Stop this madness right now! Alpha Daemon, the Council demands that you hand this girl over to us right this moment!" Daemon snarls at his demand, and the pack forms a protective circle around me. Right then, other Alphas join our side, but we were still outnumbered. "Light, I don't think this is going to end well. And I can't let Daemon get in danger too." "I hope you aren't thinking what I think you are." "Any defiance against us is punishable as treason! Alpha Daemon, this is your last chance! Hand her over, or all of you will perish!" "I am sorry, Light, but I can't see him get hurt." Light tries to discourage me, but I already opened a mind link to Daemon. "Daemon, I am so, so sorry. Just know that I love you..." Daemon turns around, but I already pushed a way trough some of our pack members, trying to reach Councilman Drake. Daemon starts following me, trying to catch me. "Emily, don't do this! We can work this out, we will find another solution! I love you! Please don't let me alone..." My heart is aching so much, and his last words made me stop right in my tracks.

Daemon reaches me, but we are already close to COuncilman Drake and the others, and they are also advancing to us. I look Daemon in the eyes. "Please Daemon. YOu and your pack, you have done so much for me. I can't bear the thought of sending them all to die just because of me." I put a hand on his cheek, and I feel tears running down his face. "I experienced what is means to have a family, a pack." I look to the crowd behind him. "I experienced what it meant to have a wolf." I let Light take over for a short time, so she can look at Daemon too. "And most important, you made me the happiest person alive, being my mate and accepting me as I am. Thanks to you I could experience what it meant to love and to be loved." I press a kiss on his lips. "If I have to sacrifice myself for all of you to live, then I will do so." Daemon deepens the kiss, before cupping my face in his hands. "But don't you understand? I will not live if I lose you. I will exist, that is true, But here-" He points to his heart. "Here something would be missing for the rest of my life."

Councilman Drake almost reached us, and before I could surrender myself, Daemon stands up and grabs my hand. "If you die here, I will die right next to you." The tears that fell from my eyes blur my vision, and all I can do is shake my head. Drake changes into wolf form and pounces in our direction, swiftly followed by others, including Alpha Nathaniel. Daemon tries to defend himself while also blocking their way to me, but I can see that it is a lost cause.

Right then, Light manages to push trough the block I put in place in our mind. Desperatly searching for another solution, I ask her if we can repeat what we did with Gabe. "Would it be possible to take their wolves away?" Light's eyes start to shine. "We can definitely try!" I feel the power surge inside me, but nothing happens. "I can't take their wolves away! Gabe's wolf didn't want to be with him anymore and he still followed the moon goddess, but this guy and all of his followers have stopped following her!"

Meanwhile Daemon is still fighting with many wolves, and Drake manages to corner him, allowing it for Alpha Nathaniel to slip by. I extend my claws, remembering the training I got, but Alpha Nathaniel is simply to experienced to be defeated by me. After battling for a while, I stumble a bit, and he is readily using this chance, extending his claws to trie to cut me deeply into my neck. Right then, a loud noise can be heard, and all wolve have to cover their ears. We all look up at the source of the noise, and I am stunned at what I see. It's the moon goddess!

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