Broken and Found

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Chapter Twentyfive

Emilys POV

The moon goddess seems to come down from the ceiling, slowly descending towards the now stunned crowd of wolves. I see many of out wolves falling on their knees to honor the moon goddess, while Councilman Drake and his wolves seem unsure of what to do. The latter are staring at Drake, waiting for him to respond to this unexpected event. Using the momentary peace, I slip past Alpha Nathaniel and try to reach Daemon, who is alredy bleeding out of many claw wounds. "Daemon!" I reach out to grab his arm and support him to stand, as he is swaying on his feet. Daemon gladly accepts my help, but as some moments pass, his wounds close at a fast rate, even for werewolves. But we didn't get time to wonder about his magic healing, as the moon goddess lands on the floor next to us, but her face was not gracious and friendly as I've seen her in my dreams. Now it held so much anger and disgust that I was shocked to see it, but as soon as she saw me standing next to Daemon, her face brightened up shortly, before she turned her gaze towards Councilman Drake, who has gathered the other Councilmen in the meantime.
"What is the meaning of this?!" Councilmen Drake shakes a little as he hears the ice-cold voice of the goddess. "Why are my children fighting in my very own temple!" Councilmen Drake steps forward. "M-my Goddess, we are here to punish a criminal." He points in my direction. "This girl is scum we have to get rid of in order to stay faithful to our race. We cannot allow her to sully the name of our goddess." He grins a little, thinking that the moon goddes wouldn't object to his reasons. Unfortunatly for him he did't know about my connection to the moon goddess. As the moon goddess starts to smile, it occurs to me that she asked Councilmen Drake on purpose, because he dug his own grave.
"So you are saying that my precious one, my beloved child is the one at fault here?!" She stops to take a breath and calm herself down. "I am the moon goddess, and I see what happens in this realm. I know Alpha Nathaniel kept her as his slave even though I marked her as my own. I know that Councilman Lucas isn't just "sick" or whatever, I already healed him from his nearly deadly wounds." Councilman Drakes face becomes paler ther more the moon goddess speaks. "And I know that my beloved child has done nothing wrong since she was born, and especially not since she met her chosen mate." She looks around us, the other wolves wathing her intently. "So I will say it once: Everyone who continues to fight against my daughter will have hell to pay!" I am taken aback by the moon goddess choice of words. I mean, I was always her "child" and "precious one", but she never called me "daughter" before. A warm feeling spreads trough my body as I think about it.
Hearing the moon goddess speech, many of the opposing wolves quickly fall to their knees to submit to the moon goddess. A few others run away in fear of still being punishe after giving up. But a small force around the Councilmen are still eager to fight, and Alpha Nathaniel is rushing towards me again. The moon goddess already moves towards me, and quickly redirects Alpha Nathaniels jump in another direction, making him crash into a wall. She stops to look at me, and time comes to a halt as a question shines in her eyes. "What shall happen with those ignorant fools? You are the one that was wronged here, I will let you decide, even if I am for just wiping them from the face of this world." Daemon seems to be unaffected by the time pause, and joins my side, Shadow present in his eyes. "I want to take my revenge on them for hurting my mate, but whatever you decide will be fine." I think about it for a bit. "Just kill them already! They wanted to kill you! I am just waiting to slash their throats!" Light seems to be in warrior mode, and I can't deny that she has a point. But would that make me just as bad as they are? What about their wolves? I slowly understand the power that I have, and I could just feel that most of the wolves don't want to fight anymore. "M-Mother, can we just take the wolves of the ones who are in conflict with them and lock the rest up? I think it would punish them more then death could ever." And we wouldn't kill anyone innocent in the process.
The moon goddess sighs, but I see a smile on her face. "I know you are more friendly than those traitors really deserve, but if thats what you want, then it shall be, my daughter." The moon goddess waves her hand, and time continues. Then she slowly raises her hands, a silver glow coming from them. Suddenly, all of the fighting werewolves stop what they are doing, and a second later screams of pain sound trough the temple. When they calmed down, a group of wolves slowly make their way to the goddess, their head low in front of her. "You have all failed me and my child. But I will give you the chance to redeem yourself. Go now, and I will see you if I deem you worthy enough again." With these words, the wolves quickly left the temple, and Daemon and the other are quickly putting the humans and werewolves left in chains. Alpha Drake seems to have retained his wolf, but ALpha Nathaniel is sitting on the ground, in his eyes something like tears. "Lucky for him we didn't kill him. Not acting all high and mighty all of a sudden." It seems my wolf is going to enjoy this more then I do. The other wolves are slowly leaving the temple, and we even saw Daemons Beta helping Lucas outside, until only Daemon, the moon goddess and me remain in the temple. The moon goddess hugs me. "I am so sorry my daughter that you had to live trough all of this, but even I am bound to rules. I had to wait until they tried to kill you in my domain to step in." Seeing that tears form in her eyes, I quickly hug her back. "I am just happy that no one I loved died. Thank you so much!" The moon goddess embraces me for a bit, before she turns to Daemon. "I hope you understand that I will be watching you. Mistreat my daughter..." Damon quickly kisses me before he bows down to my mother. "I understan your concern. But I assure you, I will try everything I can to make my mate happy." My mother smiles at him. "That's why I chose you for her. And maybe someday there will be grandkids I can watch over." Seeing me and Daemon going red from embarrasment, my mother hugs me once again to say goodbye. "I will be wathing over you, my precious child." And with that, a silver light emits from her body, until she just dissappears in front of our eyes. Daemon takes my mothers place and embraces me. He puts a kiss on my lips, and holds myself close to him. "Well, I wouldn't mind some kids" And with that, he takes on his wolf form and runs a bit ahead of me in the direction of our packlands. I quickly change into my wolf too, and Light eagerly follows her mate into the forest.

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