Broken and Found

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Chapter Two

Daemons POV

I was doing paperwork in my office when I heard someone knocking on my door. “Come in!” I grumbled. The door opens and my Jackson, my Beta, comes rushing in. “Alpha! We are having some warriors fighting and we can’t get them to stop! I tried to mind-link you, but you shut everybody out.” Yeah, that’s true, I wanted to be left alone for a while. My wolf Shadow chuckles inside my head. “Serves you right for not finding our mate.” I quickly shut him off. “It’s okay, Jackson. I’m coming.”

As I walked out of my office, I thought about what my wolf said. I’m 21 already and still haven’t found my mate. Normally the latest time a wolve finds his mate is when he turns twenty. If that doesn’t happen, then you either don’t have a mate- my wolf starts to growl -or she died before he or she met you. My wolf starts growling even louder. “We will find her! She isn’t dead!” I feel him fighting for control. “Relax, we are going to find her.” I say to my wolve, which relaxes him a bit. “Of course we will. Never will I settle with that “Luna” the council gave us! I want MATE!”

That is something neither me nor my wolve like. As I am the Alpha of the Shadowwolf pack - Yeah, I know. My wolf just had to name himself “Shadow”, as he has black fur, except for a white patch on his chest. - one of the most powerful packs in the region, the council sent a she-wolf, Charlotte, to my pack, calling her “the replacement for my lost mate.” She was announced as my “temporary” Luna, but I know the council wants me to make her permanent Luna of my pack. Although she never seems to do bad at being Luna, my friends seem to dislike her, and she always tries to bring myself to love her. “As if I would let you.” my wolf says in my head.

I continue to approach the fighting warriors. Speaking of her, where is Charlotte? She is supposed to prevent such fights from happening. She is supposed to keep the pack calm! I think to myself angrily. “What is going on here!” I boom out in my Alpha voice “STOP IT!” Immediately, the wolves stop fighting, bearing their throats to me. Good. At least they know who’s Alpha. “Talk!” One of the warriors steps forward. “I-I’m sorry, Alpha. W-We just were... d-debating on who should g-go with you to the negotiations.” he stutters. I sigh internally. Those damn negotiations! I never wanted to bond with those packs, but Charlotte pressured me, saying it would “help keep the peace”. Yeah, right. “I tell you something. NONE of you are going to the negotiations, and when I come back, you four will get extra training with me to work off that built up energy!” The warriors quickly nod, knowing that it was a small punishment, even though they will probably have to get to the infirmary after they trained with me. But I hated giving out brutal punishments, I tried to avoid them in any way possible.

But that incident remembered me of two things. Firstly, I have to go looking for Charlotte, trying to find out what the hell was more important than her Luna duties. Secondly, I have to get ready to leave for Greysilver pack, one of the less powerful packs, but still influential in the council. They manage to stay mostly away from influence of the council and are pretty closed off, but I know they suggested Charlotte to the council. Another reason to dislike that pack. As I walked back to the packhouse, I tried looking for the Charlottes scent, and I followed it to a room on the top floor. When I opened the door, I saw Charlotte with one of the Omegas, picking out dresses. “No! I won’t wear that dress! Bring me something that fits my beauty!” she screams. Turning around, she notices me. “Hello Daemon, I thought you were getting ready to go to Greysilver pack!” she says with a sweet voice. She steps closer to me. “Do want to pick my dress for the Luna ceremony?” trying to show off her body. My wolf voices his disgust in my head -“She should call us ALPHA, not Daemon! And she isn’t our Luna!“- but I simply say: “Try listening to the Omegas, they know what they are doing. And you know I still hope to find my mate, so there won’t be a ceremony for the time being.” I think I saw something change in her eyes, but she quickly averts her gaze and turns back to the Omega, who flinches a bit. Strange. “Oh, you’re right, but let me wear that dress!” Charlotte says, with a much calmer voice now. I turn around to leave.

As I walk to my room, my wolf keeps grumbling in my head. “She isn’t OUR Luna! Hmpf. Picking out dresses while there is a conflict to prevent. Not our mate...” I quickly shut him off again, but I feel he is getting restless. I try to calm him down."You get to run free when we go to the Greysilver pack this evening.” After I made myself ready, I talk to my Beta, who is going to be my substitute for this trip, gather my Gamma Felix and some of the warriors. I stand in front of them and give them last orders before we start travelling: “Today we are going to the Greysilver pack to negotiate some treaties with them. Try to stay out of trouble when we get there, and NO FIGHTS!” The warriors quickly nod, while my Gamma Felix reassures me through the mind-link: “We will stay out of trouble. But maybe you will find your mate there!” He grins evilly at me, knowing that what he said will rile me up. “Shut up Felix, and concentrate!” But as we change into our wolves, I can’t help but think about what he said. “maybe....” My wolf, bigger than the others, quickly charges off into the direction of the Greysilver pack. Even now he stays restless. “Has the fight earlier worked you up, Shadow?” I ask my wolf, while grinning to myself. ”I don’t think so, I don’t know what it is.” he replies. And with that, we start to run even faster.

As we get to Greysilver pack, a group of werewolves is there to greet us. The Alpha of the Greysilver pack, Alpha Nathaniel, is stepping forward. “Welcome, Alpha Daemon! It’s an honour that you come to visit us in our pack lands. I hope we can come to an agreement in the short time that you’re staying, so that both of our packs benefit!” I scoff. Yeah, right. You mean you hope YOUR pack benefits from it. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Alpha Nathaniel! I’m sorry I can only stay for two days, but I have important pack business waiting for me.” Or rather I want to be gone as soon as possible. “But I hope that everything goes well.”

As we step into the packhouse, my wolf suddenly wakes inside of me. “What is the matter, Shadow?” I ask him. “I don’t know, there is a scent lingering in this room, and it catches my attention!” “But there are no she-wolves in this room...” “Are there any other wolves in this house?” I ask Alpha Nathaniel. My Gamma looks curiously at me. “No, nobody was allowed to enter the house for the last few days.” Alpha Nathaniel replies. Where does this scent come from? “It’s probably not our mate, no wolf was in this house.” My wolf lowers its head. “I don’t know... It is too faint to say anything for sure.” He continues to show us our rooms on the top floor of the packhouse, and me and my warriors go to our rooms. Felix mind-links me again. “What was that question about? Are you afraid someone would attack us?” I quickly replied. “It’s nothing, Felix. Don’t worry.” With that, I lay myself into the bed, and try to get some sleep.

The next day...

As I wake up that morning, two things catch my attention. Firstly, I can hear someone downstairs washing something. But as I start to focus, a beautiful, alluring scent catches my nose. Roses and... honey? My wolf immediately jumps up in my head. “MATE! Go to MATE! She is here!” He starts pacing in my head, trying to get control. I quickly rush down the stairs, and I find myself rushing towards the kitchen. Is my mate having breakfast that early? Strange... “GO TO MATE!” my wolf screams at me. Getting control, he quickly burst down the door to the kitchen. The first thing I see is a small figure. As she turns around, I get a short glimpse of her gray eyes and her beautiful face, before she quickly throws herself on the ground. ”WHY is our mate cowering? I want to look at her. I want to take her!“, my wolf screams in my head. I start stepping forward to my mate, taking in her body. Why does she wear these rags? Is she poor? “She will have everything!“, my wolf yells again. As I get even closer, I notice she has bruises on her arm and is shielding herself, like she waits for a punch. „Why is mate HURT? Who did this! MINE!” I have to fight Shadow for dominance while looking at our mate. She seems to lose consciousness, and I catch her in my arms. “MINE!” I yell out, before I notice that other wolves are approaching.

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