Broken and Found

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Chapter Three

Daemons POV

I quickly turned around to see who was coming. Knowing that my mate was hurt, I was ready to defend her from whoever hurt her. My Mate... The first one I saw was my Gamma Felix. I visibly relaxed, but my wolf urged me to protect the women in my arms. After him came Alpha Nathaniel and his Beta. I think his name was Gabe. "Alpha Daemon, what is the problem?" He looked at the girl in my arms. "Did the slave do something to offend you?" As I heard his words, I started growling. "He dared to call our mate a slave! LET ME OUT!" my wolf yelled inside me.

The Alpha misinterpreted my reaction. "It's ok, you can deal with her, althogh my Beta Gabe would be more than willing to do so." He said, thinking I wanted to punish her. I heard her groan behind me. She is awake. She is fine... But then I see her cowering again, bearing her throat to Alpha Nathaniel and Beta Gabe. I continue growling, but that just scares her more. My wolf whimpers in my head. "Mate is afraid. Mate is scared of us." I immediatly stop growling and pick her up bridal style, just as she stops moving again.

As I lift her up, I notice that she doesn't weigh much - weigh enough. "I am going to take her with me, Alpha Nathanial!" I tell him. He just shrugs. "Although she is my property, you are allowed to take her. See it as a gift for future relationships." As I hear that, I start to get angry again, but I don't want to scare my mate, so instead of getting angry, I just think "MINE.", taking her upstairs. Felix is quick to follow me, eying me warily. He mind-links me. "Is she..." I quickly respond. "Mine!" That's all what is in my head, its like a mantra inside of me. The pull I feel towards the women in my arms is intense. It doesn't help that my wolf is jumping around in my head screaming the same. I walk into my room, giving Felix orders: "Felix, make sure we can depart as soon as possible." "But - But the negotiations..." "I don't give a damn about these negotiations! My mate is hurt! Are you questioning me?" I stare into his eyes. He quickly averts his eyes, but he starts laughing. "I told you I can foresee things!" And with that, he leaves me and my mate alone. "Mark her! Mark her!" my wolf chants in my head, but I know I can't do that now, not when she is hurt. Feeling the need to release some energy, I quickly lay her in my bed, make sure that she is comfortable and dash off into the woods.

As I feel back in control, I make my way back to my mate. Gamma Felix informs me that we can start heading to my pack in about 1 hour. "Our warriors will have packed everything up. If it's okay, I will inform the Alpha of our departure, while you take care of your mate." "Yeah, that's ok." I can't wait to see my mate again! I open the door to my room to see someone rushing into the bathroom. I immediately hurry over, but my mate already locked the door Doesn't she feel the mate bond like me? That thought crushes me and my wolf. "Go ahead and find that out!" I start knocking on the door.


I woke up in an unfamiliar room. That isn't my cell! I quickly looked around, but nobody was with me. Is he still waiting to punish me? But why am I not chained up? But my thoughts get interuppted as I take in the scent of the room. It smells...good? What is happening? I can't help getting calmer as I sit there and breath in and out. Who does this scent belong to? It smells like...chocolate and... pine trees? I thought back to earlier today. That werwolf had the same scent. I shudder. Why am I in a bedroom? Does he want to do the same as...Gabe? But something inside me tells me that this is not the case, which confuses me even more.

Just as I try to check out the room, I hear the door opening. Oh no! I have to hide! I'm not in my cell! I quickly dash into the next door, which seems to be a bathroom, I turn around locking the door, before I search for a way to escape my punishment. I see a window, and immediatly open it. As I look down, I see the room is at the top of the packhouse. Oh no! That means that werewolf was someone of the Shadowwolf pack! I quickly turn away from the window, when I hear someone knocking on the door. Why is he knocking? Is he trying to trick me? I just curl up on the floor, the adrenaline wearing off and feeling the pain of my injuries. But the person on the other side of the door does not go away, I still feel his presence behind the door. I think about my situation. Either I open the door and hope for a small punishment, or he just crashes the door open and punishes me. After a small time thinking, I quickly turn the lock on the door and hurry back to my position on the other side of the room.

When the door opens, I see the man who caught me in the kitchen. When I feel his aura, there is no doubt that he is another Alpha. I whimper. The man slowly comes towards me. "Hey. Please, don't be afraid of me. I-I just want to help you." Even his voice calms me. I look up to him, careful not to look him in the eyes. "I-I'm sorry! P-Please don't hurt me!" The man looks down on me. "I would never hurt you! Please...just...look at me." I fight myself, but I can't help but look him in the eyes. Beautiful green eyes. Just like a forest. But as I look at him, his eyes darken and I hear him growling. His wolf must be angry at me! I quickly look away, but his hand holds my chin, forcing me to look at him. "Who hurt you! MINE!" Oh no... that's why I can smell his scent! Now I will be rejected. Just thinking about it makes me huddle even more. But the wolf just looks at me as he is waiting for an answer. I simply shake my head. "J-Just go ahead and r-reject me, Alpha." I whisper. "His eyes turn green again, and he is looking at me in surprise. "Why would I reject you?" With that words, something inside me breaks open. I start crying and sobbing, and soon two arms surround me. Is he...hugging me? Feels...good. I still flinch and try to get away, but the man just holds me tight, so I continue to cry, until I fall asleep in his arms.

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