Broken and Found

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Chapter Four

Daemons POV

After I stopped knocking, I heard someone moving in the bathroom, but the door wasn’t opened. What is my mate doing in there? But I just stood there, knowing that there is no other way out of the bathroom. Just as I was about to smash the door open in order to see if something is wrong with her, I hear an small *klick* and someone moving in the bathroom again. I open the door and slowly make my way into the bathroom. The first thing I see is my beautiful mate, huddling on the other side of the bathroom. As I start to move towards her, she starts to whimper. Oh no! She is afraid of me! “Try to calm her down, you dumb human!” my wolf reminds me. “Hey. Please, don’t be afraid of me. I-I just want to help you” I say, trying to soothe her. She stops whimpering, but she still looks down to the floor. It kills me not seeing her beautiful blue eyes. She seems to think I would hurt her. “Never!” my wolf barks. I talk to her again: “I would never hurt you! Please...just...look at me.” She tries to keep her head low, but her gaze slowly reaches my eyes. “It seems the matebond affect her too.” I sigh internally.

I look into her beautiful gray eyes, seeing that she cried. That angers my wolf, and he gets restless inside me again “Who made our mate cry! I going to rip him to shreds!” He pushes me back a bit and starts growling out of anger. ”Stop it! You are scaring her!” She start to move away again, but my wolf gently grabs her chin. “Who hurt you! MINE!” I see it in her eyes that she realises what my wolf meant, and she starts cowering again. But what she says then breaks Shadows and my heart. “J-Just go ahead and r-reject me, Alpha.” My wolf gives me back control, and I stare at her in surprise. “Why would I reject you?” Just as these words leave my mouth, tears start to well up in her eyes and she starts sobbing. Not knowing what to do, I quickly put my arms around her. She tries to struggle, but in the end she relaxes in my arms and cries until she sleeps.

I pick her up and mind-link my Gamma Felix. “We are going now!” “But I haven’t explained the situation to the Alpha yet!” my Gamma replies, sounding confused. “My mate is hurt and scared -” I yell at him through the mind-link " - and I have a suspicion who is responsible for that. We are leaving. NOW!” Me and my warriors quickly pack our things. I change into my wolf, and Felix helps me and puts my mate on my back, even though my wolf doesn’t like him touching her. He waves me goodbye "I will find an excuse for our sudden departure. Go ahead and go home, old friend." As I turned around and darted off into the direction of my pack, I couldn't help to thank the moon goddes for my Gamma. "He is ok, but he should leave his hand of our mate. And his eyes. And the rest of his body, too" my wolf grumbles. I can't help but chuckle at his possessiveness. "I can only agree!"

As I arrive at my pack, I notice the pack members staring at me and the women on my back, surprised by my early return. The journey back didn't even take an hour, both because I'm an ALpha and because I hurried because of mate. But I don't stop to greet them, I hurry off to the infirmary, hoping that the pack doctor could help my mate. As I burst trough the door, I see my Beta Jackson standing next to on of the hospital beds. I quickly change into my human form. "Hello Daemon, whats with the early return? Was Greysilver so unbearable that you chose me as the lesser evil?" he jokes. Then his eyes turn serious. "It's good you are back, we had some troubles with rogues who tried to cross our borders, and some of our warriors were hurt." I stepped up to him. "Thanks for informing me, Jackson, but I will have to deal with that later. Where is the pack doctor?" Down the hallway in his office. Why? ANd who is that beautiful girl in your arms?" "MINE!" I growl, and Jackson quickly retracts his hand. "Wow Daemon, I won't hurt her. So she's our new Luna? What's her name?" As he says that, I search my mind for a time where her name was mentioned, but I don't think I heard her name before. Well that's awkward.

"Yes, but honestly, I-I don't know yet. She is hurt..." With that my wolf takes over again, quickly hurrying to the pack doctor, ignoring the stunned Jackson. As I come towards our pack doctors office, James opens the door. "Well hello, Alpha! What can I help you with?" My wolf replies. "Please. Help mate. Fix her!" James, surprised having the Alpha beg him to do something, quickly takes the woman out of my arms and puts her in one of the beds. He does a quick examination. "As I see, she has a lot of bruising, but I will have to make a more thourough examination before I begin healing her. Could you please wait outside?" "NO! She is my mate! I-I just can't!" The pack doctors eyes go wide. "Ok, but I will have to touch her in order to examine her, and I will have to..." He looks a bit nervous now. "I will have to remove her clothing." As he says that, my wolf starts growling again, but I quickly shut him up. "I-It's ok, just help her. I will go out for that time, but call me if anythings wrong!" I glance one last time at my mate, before I start walking out of the infirmary. "Why are you leaving her? Go back!" my wolf complains. "I don't want her to think the worst of us, and if we look at her while she is undressed AND unconcious than that won't help!" As much as it pains me, I go out and wait for the pack doctor to finish his examination. But after a short amount of time I heard my mate screaming from inside the infirmary, so I rush back to her room and break the door open. What I see makes me freeze in the doorway.

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