Broken and Found

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Chapter Five


As I slowly regained consciousness, I heard two men talking before one men left the room. Then I sunk back into the darkness. When I woke up, a man in a white came closer to my bed. No! Not the pack doctor again! I tried to move, but I was soo weak to do anything. The pack doctor must have seen my fear, because he suddenly stopped moving. Why did he stop? That’s when I started to notice that the pack doctor looked different. He reminds me of the Graysilver pack doctor, but his facial expressions are...softer, there is no sign of cruelty in contrast to his alter ego. He opened his mouth. “Hello, I’m Jsmes, the pack doctor. I would like to examine you and make sure that you feel less pain. Is that ok?” i nod at him, still wary of his intenions. Is this a test? Maybe my mate wants me punished. As the pack doctor eyes me, he starts mumbling. “What happened to you?” He turns around with a syringe in his hand. My mind goes blank. “I will give you a injection...”

I quickly dash off the hospital bed and grab a scalpel of the desk next to my bed.I run into a corner, feeling the weakness in my legs. I sit down there, looking at the pack doctor, who is looking surprised. “STAY AWAY!” I start to sob loudly, holding the scalpel out in front of me. “Leave me!” The pack doctor starts to move towards me, and I know I can’t win against him, so I quickly hold the scalpel to my throat. That’s when the door busts open, and my mate is standing there. “Leave me...please.” My mate just holds up his hands and comes towards me. As he comes closer, his scent hits me and makes me calmer. He opens his mouth. “Hey my little mate. Just lower the scalpel, ok? Everything is fine. You are safe.” He quickly glances towards the pack doctor, his eyes losing focus. “Why don’t you want injections? Are you afraid of needles?” He looks startled. I eye him nervously, something in me wanting to answer him. “Silver and wolfsbane hurt.” He looks confused. “What has that to do...?” He seems to realize something, and his eyes get darker again.

I flinch back and hold the scalpel in front of me once more. As he sees my distress he calms himself again. “Mate, the doctor just wants to make sure everything is fine with you. No injections. If you are uncomfortable, just say so. Please, I don’t like you being hurt.” As he continues to stare at me, I feel calmer and calmer, before I lay the scalpel back on the ground and walk towards the bed. My mate starts to talk again. “I will go outside now, but be assured I will protect you.” He leaves the room, leaving me alone with the pack doctor called James. He checks me and my bruises, and even makes some X-Rays. I only refused him to look at my back, saying that it is fine. He seems to doubt me, but just continues. As he is nearing my private parts, I flinch. “Is it ok if I examine you there too?” he asks calmly. I reply quickly, just how my Alpha taught me. “Please don’t, as I am not hurt there.” The pack doctor stares at me. “I know you are lying, Miss. Please, I can’t help you if you do not anwer me truthfully. I would also like to know your name, as I hate to call you ‘Miss’.” I look at him again, not knowing what to say. “I-I am slave.” He is surprised, but not satisfied. “No, I don’t want your status. I want to know your name.”

Now it is time for me to be confused. “I-I am sorry, b-but that is m-my name, as I am a slave and thus unworthy of a name.” I think I saw him being sad for a moment, before he asks his first quesiton again. “And waht about your private areas? What happened?” I look away, sensing a flashback to my times with Gabe. I whisper to the pack doctor what I was taught. “I am a slave. It is my duty to serve and be obedient. My only task is to pleasure my masters.” He seems to notice something is wrong as I repeat those sentences I was taught well by the Alpha and Gabe. “It is ok, Miss. You can stop. It is fine.” I regain focus again, and the pack doctor sighs. “Ok, Miss. you can rest up now. If something pains you too much or anything else just call me.” With that, he left the room, letting me rest on the bed. I still didn’t know what to do, so I sink back into the bed and try to forget again.

Daemons POV

After stopping my mate from harming herself, I step back outside into the night again to get some fresh air. My wolf seems to be constantly on edge when it comes to my mate. “Wolfsbane and silver! That must be why she a dormant wolf! Wolfsbane stops her from shifting. But silver! It’s just to harm her! MY MATE!” Normally I would get annoyed of Shadow, but on this topic I completely agree with him. “The wolfsbane should go away in a few days, but the silver will linger for a bit longer. Then our mate gets her wolf back.” I sigh again. What happened to her that she would harm herself? My thoughts get interrupted when Charlotte comes towards me, wearing a revealing dress. As she walks up to me, Shadows anger is now on her. “She should get away! She is nothing. Our mate...” I greet her back politely. “Hello Charlotte. Why are you up that late?” “I wanted to meet you, going on a date together!” My wolf seems disgusted by that idea. But I know I can’t reveal that I have a mate, or Charlotte would hurt her. As she has the councils backing, they would’nt step in. "We will protect her, and we will make her our Luna! Stupid human." "Yeah, i know, Shadow. But I will not tell Charlotte anything, I don't want her to hurt her. “I’m sorry Charlotte, but somebody was injured and I promised to stay near. And you know I am waiting for my mate.” Charlotte starts to pout, but James saves me. “Alpha, could you come in so that we can discuss something?” I quickly agree and hurry into the infirmary again, hoping the doctor has more details about my mate. I wonder what her name is? “Whatever her name is, it is beautiful!” my wolf says in my head.

As we sit down in his office, I see that James makes a serious face, untypical for the normally very joyful doctor. “What ist it, James? How can I help my mate? Did she say her name?” He just sighs, folding his hands and looking at me with sad eyes. “Physically she is not in a good state. She is malnourished, bruises all over her body and signs of previous fractures who weren’t tended to. I have to say to you that your mate has been abused, and for a long time.” Shadow starts growling again in my head, pacing around. “But what concerns me more is the mental health of your mate. She seems to be very anxious, almost doesn’t speak and has problems with panic attacks. They seem to be a result of her ongoing abuse.” He sighs again. “I am sorry to inform you that your mate has, in an attempt to cope with the abuse, lost every self-esteem.” He seems to get agitated, which confuses me. “Her ‘masters’ deemed her a slave, and they have imprinted that into her mind.” He tries to calm himself down again. All I do is try to control Shadow, so that he doesn’t go to Greysilver pack and kills Alpha Nathaniel. If I would do that, all of the Alphas in the council would declare war on our pack, and we couldn’t fend them off. But as unresponsible as that would be, me and Shadow still consider the option.

I notice that Felix and Jackson enter the office. They mind-link with James, and after a while they pull me down to the dungeons. “What is that about?!” I yell at James, trying to understand. He looks me in the eyes. “I have to tell you something, and Iwe think you will be gracious if we contain you for a while.” They struggle to get me in a silver cell, because Shadow is trying to get out and show them who is Alpha. When they lock the door, Felix just grins, but I see sadness in his eyes. “Never thought I would see you in one of those.” The pack doctor grabs my attention. “I will just get it over with. First thing, it seems your mate has no name, at least not one she can remember. She said her ‘name’ was slave-” he squirms a few times, afraid of something. “and she says one of her duties was to serve her masters not only by serving them and being a punching bag, but also to run tests on wolfsbane and silver. It also appears that she had to please them-” He looks at me, but I just can’t comprehend what he means. He struggles again, but he continues on.

And with that, I cannot control my wolf anymore, and I loose myself in my anger. My wolfs trashes around in the cell, trying to get out, the impulse to hurt, to kill someone immensly high. But then, Felix and Jackson calm me down, saying just one sentence. “Daemon... or Shadow, please calm down, you have a women to care for!” As they say that, my anger turns almost entirely to a sense of protectiveness. ”MINE! My MATE! We have to protect her! We have to fix her. We love her!” I scream trough the mind-link to Felix and Jackson. They quickly cower away. “Yes, she is yours. Only yours. But you have to care for her, and you can’t help her if you are here. We will bring you to her, but you have to be calm. For her, please!” My wolf retracts himself into his mind, thinking about our mate. “We will give her love. We will give her a home. And we will give her a name! She is our LUNA!” I lean against the silver bars, ignoring the pain. I motion my Beta and Gamma to take me to my mate, and when being in her room, I can smell her scent, calming me even further. “I will stay here and protect her, Jackson. You will have to step in for me for a while while I care for her.” Jackson pulls his head back and groans of annoyance. “Daemon, it was bad enough to do this for two days! I always wonder how you can cope with the work and especially Charlotte.” I growl as he mentions her. Jackson then tries to move towards the bed. “She is very beautiful. I would take her as my mate.” My wolf takes over for a second. “MINE!“ Jackson quickly holds his hands in surrender. “Hey, it’s ok. Charlotte won’t be your Luna, your mate is.“ I shake my head, trying to calm myself. “I don’t have the nerves for your jokes right now, neither from you or Felix. Just... leave me for a bit.” They go out of the room, assuring me they will take care of everything. I look into the direction of my angel, my princess, my mate, waiting for her to open her eyes again.

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