Broken and Found

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Chapter Six


I woke up again, feeling better than I have in a long time. My body still hurt. A lot. But somehow I felt more energized and simply...better. I opened my eyes again, only to realize that I'm still in the infirmary. Why haven't they put me in the dungeons yet? I tried to sit up and whimpered in pain. But i continued trying to get into a sitting position. After excruciating long minutes, I sat on the bed, looking around.

That's when I saw him again. My mate. He was sitting in a chair next to my bed, sleeping, with his head on his chest. But as I sat there and stared at him, something inside of me felt...warm I quickly shook my head. Having hope is dangerous. Seeing him here, sleeping in that chair, made me think. Either he wants to keep me as his slave and watches over me so I don't flee, or he wants me to... fulfill his needs. That must be it. Do not have hope... While I thought about other reasons he could keep me here, he moved in his chair, opening his green eyes. He looks at me surprised, before he stands up out of the chair. "Good morning, my mate." I simply nod at him, but even that movement hurt. "Are you okay?" My mate quickly rushes to my site. "Does anything hurt? Can I help you?" He looks at me with his beautiful green eyes, and waits for my answer. "I-I'm ok, master. You don't have to worry, I will fulfill my d-duties. W-Where would you like me to work?"

The eyes of my mate get darker for a bit, before he growls a little. I quickly look down, afraid of having said something wrong. But his eyes quickly get green again, and he looks down at me woth a forced smile. "Please, call me Daemon, little mate." I nod my head. "And you don't have to work anything. Please just rest and get better. You don't even know how it hurts me to see you in this hospital bed." He hesitates a bit. "Can-Can I touch you? It would calm my wolf, and he is always on edge seeing you hurt." I eye him warily, looking for malicious intent. When I don't find any, I quickly nod, surprisingly wanting to touch him too. "Thank you, my angel." He touches my arm, rubbing gently. His body seems to relax, and my I feel pleasurable sparks on my arm, calming me down even more. Is that what it feels like to have a mate? Then my eyes wander off towards his body, and I see that he is well trained. When I look up again into his face, my gaze gets stuck on his lips. Something inside of me changes, wanting me to touch his lips. What is wrong with me? Although he didn't hurt me yet. I try to lift my arm, laying my right hand on his cheek. His eyes light up at that gesture, and he starts to purr.

As I hear this sound, my mind wanders back to whenever Gabe came into my cell, purring at me. But then I feel a hand on my cheek and my mate looking at me with worried eyes. "My angel, what is it? What did I do wrong?" Just now I realised that I started crying. "Please, what did I do wrong? Did I push you too much?" I shake my head again, not wanting to talk about it. "Ok, ok. I won't pressure you. But please stop crying, I want to make you happy!" my mate exclaims. When I calmed down again, the pack doctor came into the room, checking me again, and talking with my mate. Daemon. My heart speeds up when I think his name. He turns around, looking in my my eyes. Strangely enough, I somehow feel safe here. Will he...not make me his slave? A little doubt is left in me, but the rest of my body wants to give in to the hope of being free again. "The pack doctor says that it would be better to get you into the pack house. I-I think it would be better if you...em..-" he looks down. "get an extra room, because I don't think you are ready to sleep in my room." I look up at him, and seeing the adoration in his eyes, I feel my body wanting to touch his. Strange. I quickly hold his hand in mine, and with a confidence I didn't know I had I pulled him towards me. I'm sure my mate could have resisted , but he complied, sitting down next to my bed. "What is it, little one?" I try to find the courage I had only seconds ago, trying to talk to him. "T-Thank you, Daemon. I will try to not dissappoint you." He looks at me for a little while, before he wraps his arms around me. Is that what a hug feels like? It makes me feel calm and...loved. I return the hug, ignoring the impulses of my body to get away, overwhelmed by his scent and the feelings and sparks he makes me feel. "You will never dissappoint me little one. You will be my Luna, and you will be loved." The strange feeling inside me increases, and I let out a sigh. He picks me up, starting to take me to the pack house. I see a lot of pack members eying us, but I simply press my head into the chest of my mate. Daemon starts to growl, but somehow I know that this growl is not directed towards me.

But I have to ask Daemon a question that is weighing on me. "D-Daemon?"" He looks down on me, not stopping to walk towards the pack house. "What is it, little angel?" I try to look away from his face. "Y-You know you can r-reject me? W-Why would you make me your L-Luna? T-There are other she-wolves in this pack. Why-" Daemon quickly silenced me with his finger. "Don't you say anything like that. You are my mate, the gift of the moon goddess. I didn't want anyone except my mate for my Luna and I never will!" He looks at me with his eyes again, and I see he is speaking the truth. "I never had feelings for any she-wolf, and no one will get into my room except my future Luna. That is something I promise you." He presses his nose into my neck, taking in my scent. "And someday, when you trust me enough, we will mate. I promise you I will try to behave myself, even though Shadow is screaming at me to mark you." His eyes get darker, and he lifts his head and looks around. "No one is allowed to look at MY mate." He looks down at me again. "You are MINE!" I quickly nod, and his eyes get that beautiful green back. "I am sorry, little one. Shadow is very protective of you already." Without me noticing we have arrived at the pack house, and Daemon carried me up the stairs to the third floor. "Here are the guest rooms and my office. My actual room is one floor above." I look at him, not comprehending what he means with "his actual room". "What do you mean by 'your actual room'?" He simply chuckles. "I said I would sleep there only with my Luna, and I will keep that promise. Only when you are ready to be my mate I will be sleeping up there. For now we will both sleep on this floor." He opens a door, and shows me a magnificent room, something I haven't seen in a long time. "I-I won't be going to a cell?" He quickly shook his head, his eyes getting darker again. "You will never sleep in a cell again, my love. As I said to you, you will be loved and worshipped just like you deserve." A quick thought goes trough my head. But what do I deserve? I am nothing. Daemon eyes lose focus for a moment, before he quickly steps into the room, laying me down on the bed. "I will leave you to rest again. Feel free to call me whenever you want anything. And- " he looks out of a window. "-if it would be ok for you, my sister insisted to meet you. You will need proper clothes, and it would make her very happy to go shopping with you." He looks at me, eyeing my response. Even though I'm still afraid of other people, the fact that Daemon is asking me calms me down a lot. "I-It's ok, b-but you don't h-have to buy me a-anything." He simply smiles, going to the door. "I will warn you, my sister is very...energetic. Just...tell me if you're uncomfortable or anything, and I will come to y." I nod at him, before he leaves the room. My room. I look around and strangely, I feel at home.

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