Broken and Found

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Chapter Seven


The next time I woke up, I was confused on where I was. But then I remembered what happened the last day, and I calmed down again. In urgent need of a bathroom, i quickly change into a top and some jeans, which were in the closet as I opened it, and walked out into the hallway in order explore a bit. WHile still feeling all my injuries, I realised that they hurt far less than what I am used to. Whatever the doctor gave me must be working. After I walked for a few minutes not finding what I wanted, I stumble across a door with the sign "Alpha's office" on it. Unsure if I would be interrupting something, I gently knock on the door, waiting for a response. After a few moments, my (apparantly) mate opens the door, looking down on me. "S-Sorry if I i-interrupted you..." He quickly shakes his head, and starts looking at me with his gorgeous eyes, signaling me with his hand to come inside. "You have not interrupted anything, just come in and we can talk about what you want." I lower my gaze, and quickly hurry inside the office.

When I'm inside of his office, my gaze wanders around, taking everything in. After a little while, Daemon clears his throat. "What did you want, little angel? What can I do for you?" He looks at me with a emotion in his eyes I can't really place. "I-I didn't know my way a-around here so I looked for s-someone to show me around." Daemon starts to smile broadly. WHy did that question make him happy? He quickly stands up from his chair, opens the door and motions me to follow him. "I would gladly show you around, my angel. What would you like to see first?" I quickly folow him out of the door, thinking about this question. But then my need for a bathroom came up inside me again. "I-I would like to go to a bathroom, please." Daemon looks surprised. "I didn't show you anything, have I?" He mumbles something which I can't understand, and then continues to go to my room, showing me a door which I hadn't seen earlier. "You have a bathroom in your room, because I thought you may...not want to meet other people yet." That's why he was happy that I wanted to explore. "Oh Daemon, as a slave I cannot..." He quickly interrupts me, his eyes darkening. "You are no slave, little angel! You are precious!" He gathers himself for a bit. "I know you were abused for so long, but please, give me a chance to prove you that what you think of yourself is wrong. You are my mate, my Luna. You are no slave!" Something inside me awakens at those words, and I don't know how to react to that. I feel...hope? I lower my gaze. But he hasn't hit me like Alpha Nathaniel, and he seems so nice... "I-I am still a-afraid." I look into his eyes, something my body has learned to fear. "B-But I-I want to be the best mate I can for you." That is something I realised in that moment.

"But I-I am so afraid. I-I just c-can't repeat my mistakes. I-I think-" Daemon interrupts me again. "First off all, I said to you that I will wait for you. Maybe only time will conquer your fears. Like I promised: If you feel ready to be with me, just come to my room at the end of the hallway, and I swear to you, you will be the first and last girl to enter that room. I love you already, little angel, and I will wait for you to do so too." I have to fight back my tears that are about to spill from my eyes. Daemons seems distressed. "What is wrong? Did I say something wrong. I-" This time it is my time to interrupt him. That is something I would never have done at Greysilver, but seeing him distressed is unbearable. It must be the mate bond. "N-No, i-it's ok, it's just-" I swallow. "Nobody has loved me for a long time, and you don't know how hopeful I am..." I see happiness well up in his beautiful green eyes. "I-I will try, ok? B-But I still don't know what you see in me." Damon grabs the hand on his cheek and kisses it. "Thank you, my angel, for this chance." His eyes loose focus again. "My sister is here to take you shopping. I-Is it ok for her to come here?" Before I can answer, a girl comes rushing into the room, coming toward me. I take a step back, but after I moment I find myself in a bone-crushing hug. "AAAAAAAAAH! I can't belive it! My grumpy brother found a mate! Hello! I am Lily! We will be best friends from now on." She lets go of me. "Hmm, you're a bit thin. Did you not feed her, Daemon?" Daemon eyes darken again. "I don't care, we will go eating at the mall. What do you like? Are you ready to go? I will wait outside at our car." And with that, she just leaves. What the hell was that? I look at Daemon, still in a daze. "W-What..." He just smiles at me. "That is my sister for you. She was away for a bit, but I still love her and I knew she would hate me if I would hide my mate." He looks me in the eyes again. "Could I follow you today? My wolf is anxious to leave you." Somehow, this statement calms me. "O-Okay." He wants me to be safe. That is so...sweet. "But please stay a bit away. I-I will hav e to change and-" He looks away with red cheeks, understanding what I mean. "Y-Yeah, that's ok. You will not notice me, okay?"

With that, I make myself ready to leave, and Hop into the car with Lily. Over the course of the drive, she always talks about Daemon and her, and that she was out, searching for her mate. When we arrive at the shopping mall, she immediatly pulls me around, dragging me into shops. She seems to be determined to give me "everything a women needs", and wants to spend amounts of money that I'm just uncomfortable with. She starts dragging me towards the changing rooms, and locks us two into a stall. "Here, you can try this on." She pulls out some kind of underwear, way too daring for my taste. "I-I would like not to." "COme on, you have to try things on. You have to undress for me. Come on, I just want you to undress, we are just girls, and I am sure you will like what I oicked, trust me." But my brain stopped when she said "undress". I start getting images from when Gabe said these words to me, and I start shivering. Suddenly, someone bangs on the door. "Lily! Let me in!" Daemon! Lily unlocks the door. "What-" But Daemons rushes towards me, embracing me. "Shhhh... it's ok, little angel. Calm down. Everything is fine." I feel the memories vanishing, and I stop shivering, looking at him. "That's good, little one. I know you don't want to undress, but would it be ok if you were alone?" I quickly nod, and he looks at Lily. "Out! Now!" He drags her out of the stall, and I am alone now. He would defend me... That means its safe here. With that thought, I change into the different clothes, and even pick some daring items, before going out of the stall. Lily looks at me with a sad smile on her face. "Are you done? Then let's pay!" As we go to pay for my clothes, the cashier asks for 1.000$. "What?! Lily, that's to expensive-" "Nonsense. That is nothing to us. Just let Daemon pay for it, ok?" She hands the cashier a card and we leave the store with a lot of bags. As we drive back to the pack, Lily seems to be unnormally quiet, and I catch her looking at me from time to time. When Lily and I are packing the clothes into my closet, the silence becomes too much. "D-Did I anger you?" Lily seems taken aback, looking at me with surprise in her eyes. "Of course not! I-" She swallows. "Daemon told me what happened to you, and I'm sorry to have pressured you like that. Also I am angry, but not at you. I knew Greysilver was a despicable pack, but now I hate it with all my heart. Please know that nothing will happen to you as long as you are here. We-" As she says that, I feel a wave of relief, and push myself to hug her. Lily quiets down and returns the hug. After that, we chat for a while, and as night approaches, she promises me to meet me tomorrow. I lay down in my bed and think about the day. Two people seem to care for me. Maybe....Maybe it can be different here. What Daemon is doing now...? With that thought, which makes me blush considering the possibilities and makes my body feel hotter, I close my eyes and drift off into my dreams.

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