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At first glance, he looks flawless and proficient. His smile, a reflection of a glistening river whose depths run deep and unexplored. He seems nice but why won't he let me in?? What is he hiding...inside his room?? ~love potion

Romance / Mystery
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He was leading me into the 'approprite room' as he had mentioned earlier, and I couldn't help but wonder how big the building really was. I had heard of the rumors about the place but it had never occurred to me any of them would turn out to be true, or at least most of them.

The halls seemed like confixative mazes bearing no end. The walls were spotless white and the floor a mix of blue and white marble tiles.

As I followed him closely behind-having nothing more than the view of his back, my eyes kept darting from one side of the halls to the other trying to spot viable landmarks I would likely need later in order to find my way back. Just in case.

"We're here." His voice echoed through the empty hallway as he proceeded to halt in front of a locked door. I could tell he was impatient and couldn't wait to get things done with as soon as possible.

How men surprise me. I smile at my thought and knock lightly at the door.

"Come in." A readily familiar voice assented from the other side. I could have sworn my heart did a loopy loop as soon as I heard 'the voice'.

A voice so amiable yet so rigid I could listen to it all day.

Turning the knob I opened the door with a soft click.

"Good morning class...met your new classmate." The teacher who had escorted me to my new class ushered me in.

All eyes in the room had switched their attention to where I was standing with my not so sofisticated outlook.

I had chosen a pair of black rugged jeans, a grey shirt with graffiti writings on the front, my black hair tied in a hanging ponytail, my silver-black bag hanging lazily on one shoulder, my white canvas shoes scribbled by a black marker and finally my plad t-shirt wrapped roughly around my waist. It's not like the school had any legal dressing code anyway. It was a my dress my choice situation here.

"Welcome, young lady." The teacher in front of the class welcomed me with a prominent smile on his face. "Come in, come and introduce yourself." He guestured his arm for me.

My eyes were on this specific teacher all the while. Is he even a teacher!?

He had a black suit on, without the jacket which was neatly placed on the chair behind his desk. He had his sleeves folded up to his elbows giving us a little sneak off his manly toned arms.

"Hi. I'll be here for the time being so y'all can call me Zia." I turn my attention to the class before stealing another glance of Mr handsome teacher in the corner of the class having his arms crossed yet his features calm.

I have a feeling this won't be so bad after all.... I conclude with a smile on my face.

•|Author's note:
Hi, glad you came along. Seemingly this is my first story here and I hope it has sparked a little bit of your interest. Feedbacks and support is welcome. Till next time.


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