Forbidden Territory

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Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Cabin #5

Alexina’s POV

It only took me two more days to recover enough to be sent to live in the cabin that was assigned to me. Chloe ended up carrying me to her car after she got impatient with me limping slowly down the hallway; I was surprised when she actually let me walk to the cabin on my own. By the time I got to the door she was already inside sitting on the couch with the TV on. I took in the cabin as I walked in; the walls were the same logs that made up the outside of the cabin and from the door you could see a small living room, kitchen, and hallway. The living room had two brown leather loveseats and a wooden coffee table. The kitchen had butcher block countertops and light maple cabinets.

“Your room is the one on the left.” Chloe said as I made my way down the hallway.

I walked in the door on the left to find a small bedroom with a queen sized bed, a closet, and a dresser. The closet and dresser were full of clothes already; I’m sure Chloe had somehow found time to put them there for me. It was weird how easy it was for me to get along with her; back in my old pack I didn’t have any female friends. I guess most women are just too bitchy for me; I prefer to hang out with men over women any day, but Chloe was different she was like one of the guys.

“Thanks for all the clothes and stuff. Once I figure out what I’m going to do and where I’m going to go I will find a way to pay you back.” I said as I sat on the loveseat next to her.

“Don’t worry about it I put it on my brothers credit card.” She said with a grin and she punched my shoulder gently.

“Is he going to be mad?” I asked. I wasn’t sure who her brother was but most male wolves had short tempers and I wasn’t ready to go up against one in my condition.

“No he told me to get you whatever you needed to get settled.” She said shrugging her shoulders and turning her attention back to the TV.

“Chloe!” I scowled her. “Getting me settled would have been buying my like three outfits, you bought me like twenty!” She really did go overboard with all the clothes that she bought me; I was only going to be here for two months max.

“I might have gotten myself some stuff too.” She confessed as her smile got wider.

“Chloe you are so bad! You better not get me into trouble for this too; I will tell him he can have them all back and return them.” I said teasing her; but I was serious about giving them back if that’s what he wanted, it wasn’t worth a fight over a few pairs of clothes.

“I doubt he will even notice.” Chloe said getting up from the couch and walking to the kitchen. “Want some meat?” She asked as she opened the fridge.

“Yes please, and a drink.” I said back.

I had gotten use to the texture of the meat now and it wasn’t bad at all. I could tell that it was helping me heal too; I already healed faster than normal because I have Alpha blood in me but the meat was speeding up the process. My face was already healed over just bright pink lines remained that would soon fade into unnoticeable scars. The gashes in my leg were still partially open and it made it hard for me to walk.

Dane came by to check on us; he seemed surprised to see that we were still getting along so well. He didn’t seem to be that fond of Chloe; I wondered why. I was ordered to stay in the cabin until the Alpha returned at the end of the next week. Chloe and I kept ourselves busy playing board games, card games, and chatting; usually ending the nights with a few beers.

Chloe and I had a lot in common as far as our interests in music, sports, and clothes went; as far as guys went we disagreed on a few things. She preferred lighter hair and blue eyes; I preferred darker hair and green eyes. We spent hours one night arguing over who had better taste; no one won, in the end just decided to agree to disagree. I had yet to meet anyone in the pack other than Dane and Chloe; I did sort of meet the Alpha but I was pretending to sleep so that doesn’t really count. I had been locked up in the cabin or infirmary since I had got there; when Dane came to get me to take me to see the Alpha on Friday night I was relieved to be able to go outside for once.

I followed Dane out of the cabin and took in the fresh summer air; it felt so nice to be back in nature. My wolf had been fighting me for the last week wanting to get out; I hoped that the Alpha would allow me to go for a runs now that he was back. I didn’t care if someone had to go with me; I would just be happy to let her out so she would calm the fuck down.

The walk across the lawn to the Alpha house seemed too short; I wanted to just stay outside for the rest of the day. I felt the butterflies in my stomach as we walked in and he led me towards two large wooden doors. The room we walked into when we entered the house was enormous; there was a large staircase leading upstairs and to the right there were several couches, chairs, and tables sprawled throughout the room.

The floors were all hard wood and the walls painted in soft neutral colors; every piece of furniture in the room was either leather or suede, it looked slightly elegant yet still very homey. Dane knocked on the wooden door almost making me jump at the sound. I turned my attention back to the door when the voice from the other side told us to enter.

“Thank you Dane.” Klaus said dismissing Dane from the room; he motioned for me to sit in one of the chairs across from his desk.

“Hello Zena my name is Niklaus Yurik, Alpha of the Mystic Pack, you may call me Klaus.” He said extending his hand.

I reached out to shake his hand while I was raking my brain on why that last name sounded so familiar. I did attend a lot of meetings with my father where they talked about other packs, that may have been where I heard it. I was suppose to pay attention and learn about what was going on in the pack so that when I took over I would be aware of what was going on but I never paid any attention. I knew my father would hold onto the Alpha position as long as he could; I figured I had a good ten years before I would have to start worrying about all that stuff.

“So would you like to explain to me why you trespassed on my lands?” Klaus said breaking me out of my train of thought. Crap, I didn’t have a choice but to tell him the truth; I couldn’t avoid it any longer.

“My name is Alexina Torelli. My pack was attacked the day I was found on your land. My Alpha ordered me to leave and my wolf brought me onto your lands. I am sorry that I trespassed we were not in the right state of mind when it happened.” I said keeping my head down trying to fight back the tears that threatened to escape my eyes.

I had just talked about what happened that day for the first time in two weeks; the memories were still fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday. I didn’t mention that I was the future Alpha of our pack; I didn’t think it was necessary. I looked up when I heard him shuffling through a stack of paperwork on his desk looking for something. He grabbed a folder and pulled a few sheets of paper out studying each one before setting them back down.

“Are you from the Shadow Pack Alexina?” He asked his eyes seemed dark and full of emotion; my heart dropped, if he knew what pack I was from then the attack had to be bad.

“Yes.” I said looking back down at the desk.

“The Alpha of that Pack Ryne Torelli, what relation is he to you?” Klaus asked softly.

“He is… was… my father.” I said choking back tears that pooled at the corners of my eyes. Crying in front of an Alpha shows you to be weak; I wouldn’t allow myself to be thought of that way.

“How did you know?” He asked; referring to my father’s death.

“I felt the Alpha ties break from him while I was running but instead of stopping my wolf just kept going and I ended up here.”

“I am sorry for your loss Alexina.” He said softly.

“Please just call me Zena; no one ever uses my whole name.” I said hoping to end the conversation about my father.

“Alight. I knew something was different about you when I met you. I could feel the power radiating off of you; the Alpha blood that’s running through your veins no doubt. You’re lucky that you have that because it’s the only reason I let you live.” Klaus said leaning back a little in his seat.

“Thank you for not killing me and letting me stay here while I get back on my feet. Can I ask you something?” I added nervously.


“Do you know what happened to the rest of my pack?” I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to hear the answer; but it was something I needed to know to either get closure or know if I had any hope of seeing my loved ones again.

“The attack on your pack was from a neighboring pack the Knight Pack. From what I heard your pack was on good terms with them and the attack was completely unexpected.” He said through almost clenched teeth; I could feel the energy in the room change as he began to get angry; something had touched a nerve with him, I hoped it wasn’t me.

“Did anyone survive?” I asked the question that was really on my mind.

“Once the Alpha… your father… was ki…“ He passed trying to think of a better way to phrase the sentence; it didn’t matter either way it still meant the same thing to me. My father was gone; nothing was going to change that.

“After your father passed the Alpha of the Knight Pack gave your pack the option to surrender and join their pack. If they chose not to they had the option to leave or be killed. I really am sorry to have to tell you all this Zena.” He frowned as he finished breaking the news to me.

The words that he spoke told me that everyone I loved was gone. There is no way that my mother and Nico would have surrendered to another Alpha and they wouldn’t leave their home either; they were both too proud for that. For the first time I hated the fact that I came from an Alpha family; a family that would rather die than to destroy their pride. Because of pride I would never see them again.

“It feels better to have closure than to never have known.” I said gazing out the window at the nearby forest; my wolf stirred inside of me begging to get out.

“Will I be allowed to go on runs while I am here?” I asked hoping that he would say yes and we could change the subject.

“I will allow you to do as you wish while you are here if you promise me that you will not cause harm to any of my pack members.” Klaus replied.

“I promise.” I said maybe a little too quickly in my excitement; I couldn’t wait to let my wolf out.

“I will link the pack to let them know that you will be staying here for the next month and a half. I would recommend that you stay around Chloe or Dane for the first few weeks, especially while you are in wolf form; it will take some time for the pack to get use to your scent.”

“I understand I will stick with Chloe most of the time.” I replied. I was just ready to end the conversation and go for a long overdue run.

“It seems that you and my sister are getting along well; that’s good to hear, she could use someone to help keep her grounded.”

“Your sister?” I asked automatically before really thinking it through. Right after the words escaped my mouth I realized what I had missed earlier; I knew his last name because it was the same as Chloe, how could I have missed that?

“Chloe is your sister!” I said surprised before he got a chance to answer my question.

“I’m surprised she didn’t tell you; normally she can’t wait to brag about all the power she thinks she has.” He said as he let out a laugh; the love for his sister was clear in his eyes when he talked about her.

“No she failed to mention that.” I said a little embarrassed about the late realization. His desk phone rang almost making me jump out of my chair.

“Klaus.” He said answering the phone. “I will be there in a minute.” He said after a few minutes pause then hung up the phone.

“I have to go Zena if you need anything or have any trouble with anyone just let me or Dane know and I will have it dealt with.” He said walking me to the door.

“Thank you.” I said walking out into the large room adjacent to his office.

He walked me to the door and I made my way back to the cabin while he took off in the opposite direction. When I got back to the cabin Chloe was waiting anxiously for me to tell her what happened.

“You bitch!” I said as soon as I walked in the door; the smile on her face was quickly replaced by a frown.

“What?” She asked confused.

“You didn’t tell me that the Alpha was your brother!” I hissed at her.

“Minor detail, I overlooked it.” She said twirling a piece of hair in her hand; I had come to realize that’s what she did when she was lying, I had seen her do it to Dane many times over the last few weeks.

“You don’t just overlook the fact that your brother is an Alpha.” I said sitting down on the loveseat next to her; a smile threatening at the edges of my mouth.

“Oh you’re not mad at me.” She said pulling me into a hug; I wasn’t mad I just wanted to give her a hard time about it.

“No I’m not.” I said returning her hug.

“So what’s the news? Are you off house arrest?” She asked excitedly; my guess is that Klaus already mind linked the pack to let them know I would be around so she already knew the answer to her question.

“The leash law has been lifted.” I said putting my hands in the air in mock praise. She jumped over the back of the couch letting out a squeal of happiness as she grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine she had waiting on the counter.

“Time to celebrate your freedom.” She said handing me one of the glasses after she filled it with the bubbly liquid.

“Cheers.” I said smiling as I tapped my glass to hers before we both took a drink.

Bonus - Chloe’s POV

This is just fucking ridiculous, I thought to myself as I made my way to the infirmary. Why my brother thought that putting my in charge of this rogue was a good idea, was beyond me. I was a little curious about her though I couldn’t lie; all I had heard in the pack since they got back from finding her was how she kicked Tristan and Trevor’s asses.

I felt a little bad that Trevor got hurt but I was overjoyed at the thought of her bring down pain on Tristan. I had secretly dated Tristan for a few months; stupidly losing my virginity to him. The thing about a secret relationship is that no one else knows about it; so it wasn’t a surprise when I overheard one of his friends talking about the girl Tristan had been with while we were supposed to be dating. That fucker cheated on me so any chance to see him in pain was openly welcomed by me; maybe I would like this girl after all.

I walked into the room the nurse said she was in and was stunned when I took in her appearance. One side of her face was covered in bandages; one of her legs and one of her arms were in casts. The rest of her body was covered in a blanket, but she still had smears of blood left all over her body; she really looked like hell.

Once she woke up I found that she was actually pretty easy to talk to. I had brought some fresh raw meat with me to help with her healing and the look on her face when pulled it out was priceless. I couldn’t believe that she had never eaten raw meat before; I personally loved the taste and had it as a snack all the time.

It didn’t take us long to get to know each other and I was surprised to find myself actually starting to like her. I really didn’t get along with anyone in the pack other than my brother and Jayden; especially not other females. Females always brought with them drama and there was nothing more that I hated than drama; unless I was the one to cause it in the first place, of course.

It only took Zena two more days to recover enough to be sent to live in the cabin that was assigned to us. Zena slowly hobbled her way down the hallway trying not to put too much weight on her leg; the leg was only a fracture and would be healed within a week or so but it was still painful for her. I didn’t have the patience to walk behind her so I just picked her up and carried her to the car; I did give her the satisfaction of walking on her own to the cabin; I figured she would enjoy the time outside since we would be stuck in the cabin until my brother returned at the end of next week.

Dane came by to check on us a few times; he was surprised to see that we were still getting along so well. Dane wasn’t that bad of a guy, I could at least stand to be around him; he was pretty laid back and quiet most of the time and I liked that about him, but other than that we didn’t really have anything in common.

Dane came to get Zena to take her to see my brother on Friday when he returned from his trip. I waited in the cabin while Zena went to have her meeting with him. I was excited to see if he was going to allow us out of the cabin for once; I was getting sick of being stuck in here all the time. I was able to leave everyday to do my pack meetings but Zena had to stay inside; I could see that it was starting to get to her and I hoped my brother would let her out so she could meet the rest of the pack.

“You bitch!” Zena said as soon as she walked back in the cabin; instantly my excitement turned down a notch.

“What?” I asked confused.

“You didn’t tell me that the Alpha was your brother!” She hissed at me.

“Minor detail, I overlooked it.” I said absent mindedly twirling a piece of hair in my fingers; I didn’t really overlook it, I just didn’t feel the need to tell her. Every time the fact came up that I was an Alphas sister everyone seemed to look at me different; I didn’t want that to happen with Zena.

“You don’t just overlook the fact that your brother is an Alpha.” She said sitting down on the loveseat next to me; a smile threatening at the edges of her mouth.

“Oh you’re not mad at me.” I said pulling her into a hug; the smile she was trying to hide gave her away.

“No I’m not.” She said returning the hug.

“So what’s the news? Are you off house arrest?” I asked excitedly.

“The leash law has been lifted.” She said holding her hands in the air in mock praise. I jumped over the back of the couch letting out a squeal of happiness as I grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine I had waiting on the counter.

“Time to celebrate your freedom.” I said handing her one of the glasses after filling it.

“Cheers.” She said smiling as she tapped her glass to mine before we both took a drink.

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