The broken boy

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(bxb), do not read if not okay with abuse, smut, rape, bxb, etc High school, living with abusive uncle Kyle how long have I been here... I am not sure anymore. Minutes? Hours? My muscles has started to cramp, I don't know how much longer I can hold on before I pass out. As time went on, Kyle started to feel light headed, darkness started to engulf him. But luck was not on his side, just as he was about to completely enter the darkness, the door opened. Kyle's entire body start to tense, if that was even possible in his position. He started to panic and his body involuntarily started to shake. As the footstep started to get closer... Fear.. he closed his eyes as the figure got closer to him. He heard the sound of disgust his tormenter made. He knows he was disgusting, he knows he was worthless. Zander Beep. Beep. Beep. Zander woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. Its 7 am. He got up, took a shower and went down for breakfast. He looked at his giant kitchen. No one is here as usual he thought to him self. He walked to the pantry, opened it and grabbed a cereal bar. He grabbed a bottle of milk and looked at his phone. Mom: Hi honey, me and your dad will be on a business trip for the next 3 month, I am sure you can handle your self, my credit card is on the counter, have a good day.

Romance / Erotica
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Introduction: uncle Dave


Brown hair Brown eyes (with hint of yellow)

He lives with his abusive uncle after his parents died in a car crash. His uncle had always held a grudge against Kyle’s dad for kicking him out of the family but now he gets to take his revenge out on his brother’s son.

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Dave (uncle)

A knock on my door, who df can it be?! This better be good, I looked into the peep hole and see a boy with a suitcase standing next to a men in a suite.

“What do you want?!”

“HI Mr. Roberson, I work for the city of Grift and I am here with your nephew, I am not sure if you heard, but your bother and his wife had recently been in a car accident and you are the only living recitative of Kyle. Can we come in? ”

Shocked. he slowly opened the door and walked to the couch to sit down. He couldn’t believe this, is this real? All these years, he had wanted to take revenge on his brother, now his brother is dead. He then looked at the social worker and started to act sad and worried.

“it cant be, he was so young, how did this happen?!” Then he looked down to hide his smile

The men seemed to fall for his act, “I am so sorry for your lost, but you are the only relative for Kyle, will you be willing to take him into your home? ”

“of course! Anything for my late brother”

The man took out some papers for Dave to sign, and the deal was done. Before the men left, he said Kyle’s parents wanted him to attend NeverFall High, so he will set that up. Dave smiled and assured the men that he will handle everything.

The men left, leaving the boy behind. Kyle didn’t know it at the time, but Dave was getting 10,000 from his parents will every month until he turns 18, then Kyle’s parents fortune will be his but Dave would never let that happen. Kyle is 14 at this time.

The boy looked at the floor the entire time, he was never loud or a trouble maker, he was always a quite and shy kid. He had been feeling numb the past few days after the car crash, but he didn’t know what is ahead... His hair dripped down over his eyes, he silently wiped the tear that had made its way down his cheek.

When the social worker left, Kyle slowly looked up at his uncle, this men was short and had a greasy old wife beater on, he had a stomach that rolled over to his zipper. He breathed harder then normal. He was looking back at the boy.

“what am I going to do with a brat like you?”

Kyle stayed silent, looking down.


Kyle looked up eyes wide, “I.. I can clean?” He watched his uncle stomp towards him and dragged him up by his arm painfully. Dave dragged Kyle to the supplies. “Make your self useful.”

Kyle looked at the supplies, he reached for the broom and started to sweep.

He cleaned for the next 3 hours while his uncle watched TV. When he started to feel hungry, he walked over to his uncle, hesitated before he reached his hands and taped his uncle on the shoulder, His uncle looked at him with anger. “what?!”

“Uncle Dave, um... I am . um. Hungry.”

“Did you get done cleaning?”

“Almost..I... I just need to um.. wipe the counters and everything will be clean” Kyle down at his uncle in the chair.

Then slap, Kyle wasn’t expecting the force that collided with his face, he fell to his left side onto the floor. He held his right cheek and looked up at his uncle, he was confused. He watched his uncle stand up and then his uncle started to walk closer to him, he scooted back until his back hit the wall. He closed his eyes when his uncle leaned in and grabbed the front of his shirt, he can smell the alcohol and cigarettes coming from his mouth.

“Lets lay some ground rules you little b1tch. One, you should be appreciative I took you in, without me you would be homeless, in an orphanage, where no one will ever want something as useless and disgusting as you. Two, you will eat when I think you should eat, food should not be wasted on dirt like you. Three, address me as Sir, show some respect you ungrateful piece of sh1t. Four, you will only eat, sleep, wash, do anything when I say you can, you are never I mean NEVER to ask for anything or do anything without my permission, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!”

Kyle looked at this man in shock, the man, his uncle, was telling him this.. he didn’t know what to do or say, he just nodded his head.

“I want to hear verbal response! No one would want to look at filth like you!”

“y..Yes sir” Kyle stuttered out, he was still in a state of shock.

“are you even thankful that I let you stay here? would you rather be on the street sleeping with the rats? being the filthy waste of space that you are?”

“No.. sir” kyle looked down as he said that, trying to hold back his tears, but he wasn’t successful, his tears fell like rain, he started to sniffle. This only made his uncle madder. “STOP crying you filthy brat, your getting my floor dirty!” When he saw kyle wasn’t stoping, His uncle grabbed kyle’s hair and started to punch him in the face. “IF” punch, “YOU WANT” anther punch in the eye, “something to cry about!” Punch “ill give you something to cry about” Then he dropped kyle on the ground and started to kick his stomach with his boots. After 20 or 30 kicks he stopped.

“go finish cleaning you ungrateful brat”

Kyle couldn’t move, he had never been hit in his life, he grew up with warm and loving parents, he had everything he ever wanted, he didnt understand how he could end up like this. He just laid on the ground in a fetal position crying.

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