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When destiny plays

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Today...I am gonna make it to that place--a place too close to me, a place where someone I deeply loved used to reside, a place I’d never been to. But today finally after 10 years I am departing for London. Nothing for me is different; the excitement to explore my favorite place and to discover many things. Nevertheless, there is one sad thing. Well, visiting a place after 10 years since we parted ways--of course, everything between the two of us had changed and now I don’t think anything would be like it used to be. 10 years is a big damn thing.

I want to see her for once, in real life, in front of me. I just want to know if she’s doing fine and happy in her life.
I don’t know what destiny has for us. Yet if I have to visit this place today I surely will make somehow to her place.
Well, life is giving me one last chance or maybe it is destiny playing again.

No idea if she is still in London...maybe not. I don’t know it has been 10 years since we had an exchange of words.
I am definitely sure she must have moved on. Pretty sure! You might be wondering “if you knew this, why going there?”

I wanna go there because of our memories. Because of what we had and what we shared. She might not be there with me to explore the things we both once talked about, but obviously, her memories are there to accompany me.

And apart from that, I do have few other things to get done with. So we are quite okay. However, I desperately want just a glimpse of her.

You know, she will never want to see me. Well, never want to because I had hurt her a lot! We can’t change anything which is sad but it is the reality.

So once this plane of mine lands in London--I have a plan to execute.

Yep! I am planning to send her an email asking her about her address.


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