Emily Warner (Damsels Causing Distress Series 3)

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Chapter 2

Emily Warner

“So which is why I kind of wished that spilling beans actually meant spilling milk and vice versa because I genuinely think, I am pretty passionate about this matter. It so close to my heart th-" I pour my heart out as he rubs his ridiculously handsome face, probably wondering how we got to this point in our conversation.

Honestly I don’t remember either.

“No, enough. I can’t do this. I should have taped your mouth instead of your hands.” He says as he unlocks my handcuffs.

“Now listen to me, open the door, take the food and then shut it immediately. Without a word. I will be right behind you, out of his sight, so that you don’t try anything.” He tells me, his face close to my ear, making shivers pass down my spine.

No man smells this fucking good.

“Okay but he will wonder who you are if he sees you.” I say as I take in a deep breath, trying to calm myself down.

How bad is it that I am actually not scared of this guy or this situation?

“I’ll tell him that I am your boyfriend.” He says while removing his shoes, probably to look less like an intruder in my house.

“No one is going to believe that. At least not Fred, he is my personal food delivery guy.” I say as I snort while laughing, after which I immediately stop.

Great. You snorted unattractively in front of the hot villain type guy.

I wish I had one of those cute girly giggles.

Do they have classes for such things?

Should I enroll into one?

OMG I think I am going to enroll myself in a-

“Emily!! You have a personal food delivery guy?” He asks me while waving his hand in front of me to get my attention.

“Yes, they assigned one to me so that my order would be a priority. I am kind of a big deal when it comes to eating take outs.” I brag, feeling pride fill me up, but when I look at his face, his lips were pursed as he shook his head in defeat.

Probably wondering why I am not any other person on this planet.

“Sweetheart, I am not going to repeat myself. Get that pretty ass up and open the damn door.” He growls in frustration, making me jump up from my place and walk towards the door.

On the scale of 1-10, how bad is it that his growl turned me on?

I opened the door to look at a bored Fred, “What happened, Emily? Did you fall asleep in the bathtub again?” He says making my face go red. Only if I had a penny for every embarrassing moment in my life.

“No, I was just…” I pause for a second, wondering how I could tell him that there is a sexy ass intruder in my house. My silence must have given him a clue that I was up to something making him come right up behind me.

I felt his hand snake around my waist as he hugged me from behind, I gasped softly as I felt his rock-hard body against mine.

Oh lord.

“Babe, what’s taking you so long?” He murmurs as he starts laying heavy kisses on my neck. I feel pleasurable shudders shoot right in my core as his big hands roam around my body shamelessly. Fred eyes widen as he takes in the scene in front of him.

Before I could react in any way, he turns me around before peppering kisses all over my earlobe, neck and going towards my chest. My hands gingerly hold on to his muscular broad shoulder blades as I try to process the pleasurable attack on my body.

I hear footsteps leaving, my breasts were smashed against his chiseled chest as my vision blurred when his thigh slightly grazed my mound by mistake. I bit down on my lip hard, to stop an embarrassing moan from falling out as he held me tight, with almost no space between us.

As I was about to give in, everything stops. He steps away from me, picking up the order which Fred carefully placed on the ground before probably dashing away.

I look at him, wanting to say something but I couldn’t form words. I was breathless, my entire body was on fire, I could hear thumping in my ear, that’s how fast my heart was beating.

Okay I need to sit down.

I walk back to my living room like a zombie as I take in his appearance again. He was not at all fazed or even a little apologetic, whereas I could still hear my greedy core throbbing, asking for more.

“Okay.” I say in a heavy voice, “What the hell?” I shout, still unable to shake the incredibly turned on heavy voice. He smirked as he looked me up and down like the smug hot bastard he is.

“Sorry, but I knew you were about to say something to him. But let me tell you this, Emily. The more people you tell, the more fucked up the situation might get.” He explains as he kneels down in front of me, tucking the loose strand behind my ear, making me shudder at his mere touch.

This is not good.

I heard a click noise, my eyes snapped down to look at my handcuffed hands.

“What why?” I cry out while trying to wiggle my not so slender hands out of the cuffs.

“Sorry, sweetheart. Your mind runs wild and I can’t trust it. So till the time I feel like you are a flight risk, you’ll be handcuffed.” He says with the most beautiful smile on his face, making my heart melt into a puddle.

“Now, can I tell you my spilling milk and beans theory?” I ask as I breathe out loudly like I am doing a favor on him.

“No, I can’t do this anymore. You went on about it for 5 minutes, that’s when I understood how long five minutes actually are. No offence.” He groans loudly, making my jaw fall as I take offence to each and every word.

He chuckles at my facial expression before sitting back on the couch, stretching his strong arms out. That were wrapped around me a few minutes ago as he..

Emily, snap out of it.

“It’s been ten years and I’ve never felt sorry for myself but today I actually do.” He says as he continues to chuckle and offend me as I give him my best angry look that I learnt from the movie how to train a dragon.


I feel my conscience give up on me.

“This could have been a piece of cake if you were literally any other person on this planet but I had to get the craziest one.” He says as he opens my food container.

“Hey, you are hurting my feelings.” I complain with an involuntary pout.

“Aww, are you going to cry like a little baby?” He asks is a sweet mocking tone.

“Don’t baby-shame me. Yes, I will cry if I feel bad. There is nothing wrong with a person crying.” I defend myself and all my fellow emotional criers.

Oh my god.

Should I start a community for-

“I don’t understand how your parents ever listened to you for an entire day?”

“Ha! The joke is on you because they didn’t. They would make me write down all the thoughts and narrow it down to top ten which I used read to them before dinner.”

“Maybe we should apply that rule too.” He says as if he is actually considering that idea.

Okay, I can’t be that bad….?

“Okay you already know that I am grieving, can you cut me some slack?” I say as my mind goes back to Hank Simmons and his beautiful fiancée, making that excruciating pain return.

“Break up with your boyfriend?”

“No, worse. The guy I loved just got engaged. I thought he was into me but I was mistaken.” I tell him. It felt nice talking to someone after so long.

“I don’t understand. Why did you think he was into you?”

“Well, we used to talk for hours, literally every day, even flirt a little. And after 8 months out of nowhere he got engaged. I thought he was going to ask me out.” I tell him as I start making weird-ass groaning noises again to express my pain. I looked at his face but he seemed unfazed by my weirdness.

Okay then.

“Let me ask you a question, is this girl, his fiancée very pretty and way out of his league?” He asked me, already knowing the answer. I just slightly nodded, waiting to hear his theory.

“Well, he probably felt insecure around her, so he used you to make himself feel better. A person who was into him and practically worshipped him. Like an ego boost. And come on, do you really think a guy who likes you would wait for 8 months just to ask you out?” He asked me, making me go silent.

“Oh.” I didn’t know what else to say. Till now, deep in my heart somewhere I was still under the impression that he might come back and declare his undying love.

God, I am so delusional.

“Emily, don’t worry. It’s good that you didn’t get involved. I don’t know you but I do know that with a heart like yours, you deserve a man who offers you the world. Don’t settle for crumbs.” He tells me before getting up.

“Now I am going to take a shower. Please don’t try anything. Trust me when I say you can’t escape.”

That’s when realisation struck me that there is a strange man in my house.

He kissed my neck.

He touched me.

Wait I am a hostage.

Oh my god.

I should be freaking out right now.

What is wrong with me?

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