Emily Warner (Damsels Causing Distress Series 3)

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Chapter 3

Emily Warner

“Okay can you at least tell me your name? You’ve been living here for a day now and you have been on that WRETCHED LAPTOP the entire time. See, I am tired and hungry, also I need to shower and change my clothes. Please!!” I yell as I look at him typing away on the laptop, paying me no heed.

This hot jerk.

“Well, you can call me Carter but that’s not my name and yes, you can shower. I won’t tell you my name because I am leaving soon and I don’t want to leave any traces or information. Yes, you can shower and change. I'll cook some food for us.” He says as he finally keeps my laptop aside after hours and heads towards me.

My breathing elevates as I gulp my saliva when this tall strong guy approaches me as I try to not look at his muscles that were prominent through his clothes. Thankfully, I had a few men’s clothing lying around, don’t ask me why.

Fine, I think they are very comfortable for some reason so I bought them.

He was wearing just a track and the large shirt that surprisingly fitted him perfectly.

I held back a gasp as he caught hold of my hand and un-cuffed me while maintaining a steady eye contact. His lips turned upwards at the sight of how wide my eyes were right now. I couldn’t stop the throbbing in my lower region. It was crazy, his touch was driving me crazy.

Emily! He is way out of your league.

Yeah, that’s the biggest problem. Not that he is an intruder, murderer kind of a person.

“So, I can just go and shower? You don’t want to keep an eye on me?” I ask him with furrowed eyebrows.

“Oh sweetheart, I got my eye on you.” He says before walking to the kitchen, leaving me completely confused.

Why is that voice so hot??

I just walk to my bedroom to take a shower, I see my phone lying there but I just head to the shower. For the first time in months, I can’t feel that unimaginably painful stab in my heart. I was too distracted to wallow in my own sadness right now.

I know this might not be my brightest moment but anything seems better to me right now then wallowing in my own sadness.

“Hey, this is not fair, I can be a dangerous hostage. You can’t treat me like I am not a threat, okay? It’s hurtful.” I say in an accusatory tone as I barge into the kitchen making him raise his eyebrows at my words.

“Emily, I am scared of you.” He says in a monotonous voice as he flips an omelet.

“You promise?”

“Yes. I will try to keep a better eye on you.” He says almost trying to hold back his laughter.

“I don’t think you mean it but thank you, I guess.” I say as I plop down on the chair in my kitchen.

“Here. And I poured you a glass of orange juice.” He says as he keeps a plate of the most delicious omelet in front of me. My stomach grumbles at the aroma that entered my nose.

This is the first time a man has made some food for me.

“What about you?” I mumble as I stuff my face with food. This is too good. I hope I can convince him to teach me this before he leaves. This is the least he could do.

“I am not hungry right now-" His voice is cut off as the bell echoes in my ear. My heartbeat increases as I try to figure out who it might be.

Could be anyone from the police, mafia or just a salesman.

What if the salesman is an undercover cop?

“Emily… Emily.” I look up to see him waving his hand in front of my face, “Go open the door. We are sticking with the story where I am your boyfriend okay?” He whispers as I nod and brace myself, “Are you sure you can do this?”

“Of course, why can’t I? Because I am a woman?” I say in an accusatory tone, making him purse his lips and shake his head, almost giving up on me.

“Well, for starters, you are shaking with nervousness.”

“You are mistaken, you are looking at a woman trembling with confidence.”

“Oh my bad.” He says in a mocking tone.

Imma punch the hot guy.

The bell rings again, making me hurry up and open the door. My jaw falls as I look at Hank standing in front of me.

“I knew you would be here. I knew you were not on a vacation. I am sorry, Emily.” He says as he looks at me the same way he used to. My heart fell as the pain came rushing back.

“Okay, so I realized that I might have lead you on a little and now you refuse to talk to me. I was just in this sad phase in my relationship and talking to you helped. Emily, I really want you in my life as my friend though-“

“Yeah of course. We’ll talk over the phone. I am really tired.” I say as I massage my head to show him.

“Please stop avoiding me, Emily. I always viewed you as my friend and I can count on you always.” He says as I try to dodge him but he enters my house.

Can we teach these men some manners?

“I would love to help you out but I am busy right now.” I say as I see Carter’s shadow, he was probably contemplating if he should join the conversation or not.

“Please Emily, what are you doing here alone?” He says as he walks straight to the living room, passing by the kitchen thankfully. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see the entire room was clean. All the wine bottles and tissues were gone and my house looked clean?

Okay, Carter is hot.

“Emily I really want you to be a part of my wedding. I want you to come to all of the events. This way you also can help me out with some wedding stuff. My fiancée wants things a certain way and I could always rely on you.”

My heart stops as I look at the man I was in love with. I couldn’t say no, yeah, I had no backbone. I just wanted to be around him and talk to him.

“I guess maybe I ca-“

I see Hank’s eyes widen as I feel a hand slip around my waist. I gulp as I look up and my eyes come in contact with pair of pitch black ones, “I didn’t know we were expecting company.” He says as his hand visibly tightens around my waist, making me bite my lip to hold back a squeal.

“Umm I am Hank Simmons, umm her friend? She probably mentioned me.” He says as he looks at me surprised and a bit hurt.

What the fuck? People can be such hypocrites. Is he actually hurt that I moved on?

“Right, her boss. I heard you are getting married. Congratulations man.” Carter says and shakes his hand firmly. I was feeling dizzy as I start to think how fucked up my situation is. I rest my head on Carter’s chest as I take in a deep breath.

Great Emily. Now say no to Hank and ask him to leave.

“Hank I would love to help you out. Do you need a cup of coffee?” I say as I freeze in my place when I realize what my dumbass mouth just spilled. My parents were right, I shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

“Wow, you really are a lost cause.” Carter whispers in my ear, making goosebumps appear on my body.

Yep this is not good.

“Um no, I have to leave now. I’ll see you at my wedding.” Hank says as he looks me in my eyes and his hand grips my arm lightly.

Something he always did and it made me happy.

His eyes then go over to Carter’s tattoos and huge biceps. It was clear that he thought Carter wasn’t a good guy. Carter straight up looked like a hot typical villain in any action movie.

“Of course, Emily and I would be there.” Carter says in a not so friendly voice with a small smile on his face as he whacks Hank’s hand away from me. My eyes widen as I look at Hank, who was equally surprised.

He hurriedly leaves my apartment after which I start gasping out my breath as I have a mini panic attack.

“Oh my god. This is horrible. I can’t go to the wedding alone now. It would kill me. Seeing the man of my dreams marry someone else. And then after you, the mystery super-hot villain guy also leaves me. I would look like a lose-“

“Okay calm down. You are not going there.” He says as he holds me by my shoulder and leads me back to the kitchen to my food. I start stuffing my face again as I look at him, waiting for an explanation.

“After what he did with you, you should take revenge by bailing on him at the last moment. Don’t feel bad for him, if he really was a good person, he wouldn’t put you in a position like being there at his wedding and knowing how much it might kill you.” I nod my head as I agree with his points.

He is right.

People are bad.

I am the only nice person.

“So I shouldn’t go?”

“Absolutely not. Lead him on and bail at the last moment. Just the way he did.” He tells me and my heart stops as he wipes away crumbs from my mouth.

“Now listen sweetheart, I need a favor.” He says as holds my chin up and makes me look him in his pitch black eyes. I lick my lips nervously before nodding my head a little.


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