The Bad Man

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Aurora left Raxcer two years ago with nothing, so in revenge, he was back with a cold heart. Raxcer could no longer love Aurora the way he loves her before. Aurora breaks his heart, and now he is back, he will make sure to break Aurora's heart too. Can their love be restored? If the hatred is the only one existed?

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Chapter 1

His right hand were shaken when he saw the woman entering his office. What is this woman doing in his office so early?

He's one hundred percent sure, that she is one of his flings. She is one of the women who tease him.

What he still does not want, is violating his only rule when he has finished what he needs from them.

“Do you remember my rule, woman? My only rule is so simple. I don't want an exemption. One night, and you'll leave. I don't give a serious relationship to a woman like you,” he said firmly, as the woman approached his seat.

He only needs the woman for one night, and he just throws it away like garbage. He's not Raxcer Vorex anymore.

Raxcer Vorex, the good man totally is gone.

He is not, Raxcer, but Ace Vorex— the bad man.

The woman seemed to be crying because of what he said. “You're a cheater! You're just a user!” she shouted at him while slapping him on the cheek.

He just let her punched, it doesn't new to him. That is always the scene that happens to him. Therefore, he was not surprised anymore.

He grinned at her angrily. “I told you already last night. We were just flirting. No love, no money, no honey. So, you have no right to accuse me of being a cheater and a user, because whether you admit it or not, you'll know it from the beginning; that I'm not serious about the relationships you want. Now, you're free to leave my office!” he said angrily, as he looked at her wickedly.

“You'll pay for this, Ace! You will pay! You'll regret what you did to me!” she shouted furiously at him, before leaving his office.

He shook his head and sipped the wine on his table. A woman is always a woman. Woman always wanted money, his flesh and his reputation.

He looked at the door when the man who was taller than him and with the same pair of eyes suddenly entered. His older brother Ramson Vorex. The eldest of their five siblings.

Behind it was their youngest, Zandro Vorex. Zandro smiled at him annoyingly.

He waited for the door of his office to reopen. He was xpecting for his two older brothers to follow but nothing came.

Furthermore, he stood up and made them sit on the sofa.

“You may have a sit, bros.”

They sat down, his older brother Ramson was the first started the talking.

“You're making another woman cry, Ace. When are you going to change?” It annoyed him to smile.

He was suddenly bored because of what Ramson's said.

“I will not change,” he said firmly.

Ramson's shook his head, looking hopeless because of what he said. “Never mind. Zandro and I came here to hand this over to you. What do you need from that woman and you are still keep investigating her?” Ramson's asked while handing him a white folder.

He suddenly smiled, finally, his long wait was over.

“Thanks for this, bro Ram. I will owe you for this and also you, Zaro.”

Zaro smiled at him and greeted him. “No problem, bro Ace!”

“You haven't answered me yet, Ace. What are you up to with that woman? Or, let say, your ex-girlfriend?” It's a tough question. There is an emphasis on the ex-girlfriend in his brother's word.

He stared at the two seriously, “Before, I want her to love me. I want her heart, I want her attention, I want to claim her to be mine as my property. But she broke my heart. So, I need to get her heart again and broke it as she did like mine.”

He just found his two brothers shaking their heads because of what he said.

Yes, he needs to break the whole heart of Aurora Samontes. He'll break her heart like what she did to him before.

No matter what will the results are, he is ready for it. Hell, he does not care.
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