Taken by Thunder

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Clementine Brighton was young-too young for love-when she first met the handsome, immature outlaw, Nicholas Elliot. Their whirlwind romance left Clementine reeling when he suddenly left with an empty promise of return. After five years of waiting, Clementine is forced to move on and accepts the engagement of the rich Carter Buchannan, heir to Buchannan Oil Industries. Everything seems to be looking up for Clementine until Nicholas makes a surprise return with his gang. Unbeknownst to Clementine or Nicholas, the gang has their sights on Clementine for their next meal ticket. Thrown into the middle of an outlaw gang after being kidnapped, Clementine attempts to figure out this new way of life in order to explore the lingering chemistry between herself and Nicholas Elliot. Easier said than done, considering there are countless skeletons-literally-in his past that would do well to stay there. As the threat of being caught by Carter and the law grows, Clementine must choose to abandon a life of comfort for the life of a fugitive in the name of love or to return and marry Carter in order to save Nicholas from being arrested. Or will she discover a third option?

Romance / Other
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Author's Note

Hello readers,

Please note that this story is also on Wattpad. It will be updated at the same time it updates on Wattpad, so that it's fair.

Also, this is a first draft. It has not been edited/revised to its fullest potential! Please keep this in kind as you read (feedback is appreciated, though, so long as it is done constructively and NOT for the sake of being mean).

Okie dokie, enjoy the novel.


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