The way you move

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The way you move -chapter 2

Enola’s point of view

I face palmed myself as I watched him leave, hating myself for longing to know his name, longing to know any details about his life. I shouldn’t do this, I should turn, run, and never look back. He is trouble.

We had been told stories of these cold-blooded creatures ever since we were little. Scary stories were told as cautionary tales meant to warn the pups in the pack that vampires were not to be engaged with. Clearly these folk lore’s had gone in one ear and out the other as I was captivated by the way he moved. It was so gentle, nothing like what the elders had told me about. There were no fangs – that I could see- there were no cloaks or pocket watches. They were painted to have had proper attire and a turned-up chin. Thinking they were better then everything they passed, but here he was in shorts and tee shirt minding his steps to make sure he didn’t step on any flowers or bugs. He was caring for them.

We were told that vampires were heartless beings that would kill us at any given chance. But longer I thought on it, I assumed that they were thought the same about us wolves. We could have claws, sharp teeth, and an uncontrollable hunting erg within just a few seconds. But we too, were kind, looking after one another and never killing unless we had too. We looked after the little ones and brushed the hair of the nana’s and dadi’s in our tribe.

I being to wonder how much of what we were told was true. If you looked hard enough you could be frightened by anything. If you zoom in to close on anything, you won’t see it for what it really is, and you’ll take things out of contacts…. If you only take note of the bad of a group, you could never see that good. These thoughts only drew my closer to him, I wanted to know what he was like, what his favorite color was. If he brushed his grandparent’s hair. I wanted to know it all.

How could someone that gently handled a fragile little butterfly be dangerous?

Steven’s point of view

I was sad to have left William behind, but I knew I had to get home to make a snack for my sister when she got home from her friend’s house. And I sure as hell knew my mother wouldn’t care enough to do so.

I was the one that took care of my family as my mother typically wouldn’t come home until midnight – that was, if she came home- and she was without a doubt beyond drunk every night. I was thankful that she came home so late though, it meant my younger sister and brother wouldn’t have to see their mom hitting their brother and throwing hangers at his head. I was nearly 18 and would soon be able to take custody of my siblings… I just had to endure this a bit longer. And I couldn’t go to CPS becouse they could separate us, putting us in homes miles away from each other. I didn’t think any of us would be able to get through that. So, for now, they would know their mom to come home super grumpy on “angy juice,” and they knew I would take care of her until she went to bed – or as I knew, she would eventually pass out on the couch.

It wasn’t long until I go home, and I was just in time to thank the mom of Sara’s friend for taking such good care of her. We exchanged a few pleasantries and soon said our goodbyes.
“ How was your day Sara?” I asked.
“ It was SOOO fun! Me and Lizzy played dress up and built some towers with her blocks. We also had really yummy pizza for lunch!” she said unable to contain her excitement.
It always made all the bruises I got worth it , just to see such a big smile on Sara’s face. When I opened the door my 14-year-old brother greeted me with a fist bump, and our sister with a head pat. While she was telling him about her play date, I had started to make her favorite snack- peanut butter crackers with grapes and a glass of deer blood.

“Here you go my sweet.” I said while placing her food Infront of her while stealing a grape, which made her give me a shocked look from her little face. “Sorry, ha-ha”.

We had our means of getting blood, and it was one that we did our best to not kill. We had venom that we could use to knock out our prey, after words we take a pint and leave some blueberries for the deer for when it wakes. Most of our kind did this but like with any group there were a few that were not so nice. They would dart through the woods hunting down anything they could find. My mother was like this.
I tried to keep my mind off of my mother as much as I could, they were never good memory’s.

Soon Sara had finished her snack and was ready to go off and do her own thing. This usually consisted of twirling around in her room. Which was the time I got to talk to Elijah, they would usually have their own stories from his day to share with me.

“What did you do today?”

“Not much, just studied form a math test we have coming up.” He said while I could tell they were holding something back.

“ What happened? Are you ok?” I asked.

That is when they fell into my arms sobbing. He couldn’t get out any words, but I had already figured out what happened.

My brother was trans, and not many of our kind were very considerate of this. Calling them things like “ trap” and a “girl no matter what they did”. It hurt to see him in so much pain, but at least they were still open with me. I knew I must be hard being this young and having to figure these things out. But I just wanted to give as much support as I could and practice with Sara what her brothers new name was.
Soon they were able to talk and told me about all that had happened. I hated it when he had to deal with the close-minded people of our town but was grateful that his friends were very supportive.

An hour had passed, and it was time for me to start on dinner. Tonight’s menu consisted of whatever we could find in the fridge, and today it was broccoli, potatoes, and some eggs. This was a bit more stocked than we were used to, so I did what I could to make sure we had good food tonight. And with that, I turned on the stove.

Enola’s point of view

I ran home, now finding It easier to breath as the air had been warm ever since I saw him. I unlocked the door and hurried to my room. I couldn’t get him out of my head. His smile lingered in my mind and his eyes burned in my memory. I collapsed on my bed burying my face into the numerous plushies I had sprawled out on my bed. I needed a way to stop thinking of him, I just needed a minute to get a clear mind and think rationally.

I turned on my favorite song and blared it in my headphones, then I started to move. Softly swaying at first but that soon grew to much more pronounced movements. I felt so free whenever I danced, I liked being able to just close my eyes and get out my emotions. Dropping to the floor and rolling over my shoulders, it was like a breath of fresh air. I leaped up and spun in circles, holding my leg in the air. Turing while balancing on my foot and hand, I fell into a half bridge.

I had never actually been to a dance studio, but I gathered what I could from videos I had found online, and considering I had about an hour a day set aside the essentially say screw you to my ligaments, dancing was easy for me. And I loved not having to put much thought into how I danced, I got to move however I wanted. I was able to set aside every care in the world and spin, even though sometimes my spinning led to me lading against the wall. My mom didn’t quite understand why I liked it so much, but she was always supportive, she even helped me rearrange my room so I would have a little clearing to stretch in. She was always there for me, even when I did some questionable things…

Things like shifting to my wolf form and darting through the woods, she was a bit less lenient with this activity as it had the possibility of exposing our tribe. But she still allowed it as long as I made sure to stay out of site. I was only ever to run when it was raining as no one would be outside. But even thought I always recked after my runs, it was worth it. I felt so at peace when I shifted, it felt like mother nature was giving me a warm hug and welcoming me home.
As I stood in my room heavily panting, I was able to devise a plan, but considering the plan I came up with, I don’t think I danced long enough… I was going to continue watching, but never letting him know I was there. See no evil, do no evil was the kind of mind set I was trying to keep. If he didn’t know I was there, then technically we weren’t meeting up. I was stalking him… that’s not much better, but I think it might be the only way I can drop this feeling.

I thought this was just a small crush, just a little liking towards some cute guy I saw, so I was going to let it ride until I eventually got over it. I think in the back of my mind I knew that I was completely lying to myself, but I had to see him again. Even if I spent the rest of my days staring at my unsuspecting prey, I had to know more about him. I was never going to interact with him, and I was never going to become part of his life. It hurt so much to think that, but It is the only way I can get to know him. I was just simply going to observe not touch, I’m capable of doing that right?… Oh, was I so terribly wrong about that-
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