The way you move

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The way you move chapter 3

Chapter 3:

Enola’s point of view:

I watched him for two days after that. I would leave my house at about 2 pm ( 14:00) and would run to the same tree that I had hidden behind before. I made sure each time to get there before he did, not wanting him to hear me stepping over the dried leaves and twigs. Then I sat and watched. Not moving a muscle in fear of being seen, and I only blinked when my eyes were screaming at me to do so. I didn’t want to miss a single second of him.

Through my watching I did learn that he has a brother and sister. I heard him talking to William about them and how sweet they were. It was very endearing to hear him speak so kindly of his sibling I though, knowing damn well I would be calling my brother a dim Witt and some other… unkind names.

I again found myself beginning helplessly pulled toward him with each deep breath I took. That all too familiar intoxicating smell grabbing hold of me and luring me in. He had the same sweet sent to him- grapefruit and cedarwood, but this time I smelled something more. I couldn’t quit pinpoint it until I heard leaves crunch in the distanced, an animal stepping over fallen debree, and it hit me. Blood. There was blood on him.

I gathered my strength at this point and was able to fight off the pull of his smell and imagined all the ways he might have ended up with blood on him. I was angry at myself for being shocked by this as I knew he was a vampire. This is what they do, it’s how they eat. Besides, I’d seen members of the tribe sneak throw the backdoors of their house covered in alought more. Those all to eager younger members of the pack going out and killing all they could get their claws on. This was not a new sight for me.

With my mind calming down, the pit in my stomach soon faded away into nothing more than butterflies. That lightness I found myself consumed with ever since the first second I saw him. It was as if every second I thought of him, he took an unbearable wait off of my shoulders. And I never wanted to live another day with that presser on me again.

Steven’s point of view:

There it is again, the sound of breathing. A slow deep pattern of breaths from off into the woods… could it be an animal? I soon discredit that notion as I knew I had never heard an animal breath with such peace. Like their lungs were giving in to the harmony around them, it was enough to put someone in a trance.

I had been intently listing to it for nearly 10 minutes when I suddenly realized I was drifting off to sleep. And I was wonder why it didn’t scare me. Why would hearing breathing ( from the woods no less) not scare someone? I thought to myself. I wanted to be worried, I wanted to fear what was creating the sound. But I couldn’t, it was to calming. As if whatever it was, was trying to just trying to spend time around me. It was comforting to have someone watching over you…

Enola’s point of view:

Today is the fourth day I will be watching this unsuspecting man. I felt quality for spying on him when he wanted to be alone, but it also felt like it was my own little secret. It was something I looked forward to, I was always exited to see how he might travel down the hill that day. Would he run down like he did the second day? Roll down it like the third? It was always a guesting game when it came to his mood that day.

I sat and waited, counting the falling leaves to pass my time. I started to grow worried as I looked down at my watch and saw that he was nearly an hour late. I told myself that I would have to wait 15 more minutes then I could freak out. And every single second that passed, I was panting. Worried that something had happened to him, or that he had decided to stop coming. When I started imaging all the horrible things that could have happed, I began to bare my fangs, snarling at my own imagination.

I began to listen intently in hopes of getting any clue at where he might be. After hearing a very cut up sentence from him, I growled “ mine” and took off in his direction. -I think it’s pretty fair to say this is when I fully grasped how much he had taken over my life.

Running faster than I ever had before, not caring who might see me. Thankfully, I had enough control to not completely shift, but it still angered me how much control he had over me. I didn’t even know his name but I’m so worried about him. I’m willing to drop everything to see that he is ok. Why did it have to happed like this, I wondered. If I had just stayed home, if I had just made myself not see him again, none of this would be happening. And I wouldn’t be so scared of losing someone I had never met.

It only took me 6 minutes of high-speed running to find him. Then I found him, He was drinking coffee. HE WAS JUST DRINKING COFFEE! I yelled at myself, I was infuriated that I had let myself get so worked up over him. But still I could help but smile when I saw him bringing a cup to – who I assumed was his brother. It was instantly calming when I saw the way he grinned as he returned to his table. I could finally breath again.

In leu of drawing attention to myself by staring through a coffee shop window, I took a seat under a cherry blossom tree. Its full branches giving off so much shade it instantly cooled me down. I wanted to keep watching him, but my eyes kept fluttering closed. I fought it off as much as I could, but soon my exhaustion took over and I drifted off to sleep.

Steven’s point of view:

I decided to have a day out with my little brother today. He had been stuck in our neighborhood for far too long and I figured it would do him well to venture out. And seeing as Elijah was a fan or this little café on the outsides of town, I knew he’d like to visit it. I sent Sara over to her friend’s house, knowing she’d be more then welcomed, and off we were! Blaring their favorite music in the car – 70’s-90’s. We were both having so much fun, swaying along with the music and scream-singing along.
When we pulled onto the street by the café we both got out to get some drinks.

“ What are you gonna get today?” I asked.

“Hopes and dreams.” He snarkely replied

“ ha. Ha. I think I may order that too.” We both chuckled

Turns out they didn’t have that on the menu, so we both settled for a hazelnut coffee instead. Slowly sipping our drinks, we talked the afternoon away. Talking about his school-work and our favorite soccer teams. I had missed talking with him, it had been a while since it had been just us chatting and it was nice. Laughing at each other’s jokes, enjoying each other’s company.

Before either of us realized it, the time had flown, and we needed to get home in time to hunt a bit. We needed to get a bit more blood, both for Sara’s snacks, and to keep up our strength as well.

Jamie’s mom ( Sara’s friend) was always willing to keep Sara a bit longer when we needed to hunt. She herself was a human, but her wife was a vampire, so she was rather comfortable with us.

We hadn’t yet brought Sara on hunting trips with us, in fear of her telling people about what she is. She knew the importance of not telling others she’s a vampire, but she also loved running her little mouth.

When Elijah and I left the café, I was stopped dead in my tracks. I heard it again, the breathing. This time I could smell the scent that went along with it. An alluring fragrances of rose and Jasmin, I couldn’t help but gasp in the wonderful scent.

“ What are you doing?” Elijah asked snapping me out of my trance.

“ N-nothing, um could you go and wait by the car for a second? I’ll be right back.” I hastily said hearing them replay with a “yeah” as I walked across the street to patch of trees.

I fallowed the sound and smell until I could see her. She was sitting under a fully bloomed tree covered in shade, with only a gap in the branches shining light over her hand. Her skin was a lovely dark shade with undertones of pink and yellow. With dark sleek hair pulled back into Dutch braids, with a few strands falling gracefully in her face, revealing a scare by her hair line.

The olive green pants and floral crop top she had on matched her perfectly. I couldn’t quit describe it, but they seemed to give so much insight on her personality. Like she was both tough and delicate, I noticed her earrings next. They were beaded with a pattern of black to blue, red, orange, yellow and white. The beaded strands creating two loops for each earring. She was breath taking. I wanted to talk to her, more than I’ve ever wanted to talk to anyone. I wanted to know who she was.

I noticed I had been staring at this person for far too long and began to feel guilty. I slipped away feeling bad that I had staired so long, and think how if she woke in that moment how uneasy she would be. I jogged over to the car and hopped in, and before Elijah could question what I was doing, I turned on the radio drowning out any thoughts I may have had moments before.

We got home and soon ran into the woods with a bag filled with fruit and pint bags. I knew Elijah wasn’t fond of taking blood, but it put him at ease that they would wake to find food to replenish their energy. Today they had packed blueberry’s strawberry’s, and watermelon.

“ I swear these deer eat better than we do.” I said as we placed the food on a leaf Infront of the deer’s head.

We both giggled as he handed the pint to me , then we left to find the next deer. These animals could withstand losing much more than just a pint, but we both wanted to make sure they weren’t to dizzy when they woke up. So even thought it was a bit more work for us, it was nice knowing they wouldn’t wake up confused and falling over then selves.

After 9 more stops we had enough blood to get us through about a week and a half. We never kept more than that as our power was not always a guarantee, and we didn’t want it to go to waste. However sometimes our power would cut off only a day after we went hunting, so the bags would be passed to our neighbors. It was annoying to have to go out aging the next day, but Sara drank an ungodly amount of blood.
We went home with our haul and stored it away, all in time for Jammies mom ( Caroline) to pull up with Sara laughing in the backseat. It was good seeing her so happy every day.

Again, Caroline and I engaged in small talk, only this time she asked how the hunt was.

“Good, this time we brought the leftover fruit we had so they will be happy when they come to.” I said smiling

“That’s good, Angela brought home a few pints the other day so she will have to go back out soon. We might get Jammie involved the next hunt by having him pack a bit of food for the animals” She said referring to her wife’s recent hunt.

“Stevie!” Sara said running into my arms.

“ Hey Sara! Elijah and I went out earlier and got some more blood, so you’ll have an even better snack today.” I said cooing.

“Yes-!” she said in victory

Carolina and I waved our good byes and I carried Sara inside.

-The next day-

Stevens point of view

“Hey Elijah, can you look after Sara for a little? I’m gonna go out for bit.”

“Going to see William again?” he said smugly
I didn’t answer, only giving a small playful scoff and slipped out the door.

I was getting there a bit later than usual today. I was finishing up a paper I had due for English and didn’t want to have to work on it tonight. I hoped William wouldn’t mind my tardiness.

​ I walked at a brisk pace for a few minutes until I reached the hill, I was about to run down when I saw her again.

Authors note-
Hi :), wormy here. I hope you guys are liking the story so far. If you do like it, please be sure to like the chapter and comment if you guys have any ideas you want shown in the upcoming chapters.
I’d also be happy to answer any questions you guys might have ( excluding spoilers lol)
I also wanted to mention that if you guys wanted a q&a / a backstory on how I came up with this book, I think it’d be fun to do. It’s a quite interesting how many of these things come from my own life lol. ( p.s yes William is a real grave)
Hope you guys have a good day and remember to drink some water and eat some good food.
Good day lovelies
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