The way you move

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The way you move chapter 4 ( things are spicy)

Chapter 4

Enola’s point of view

He’s late again…
I would have been worried if it wasn’t for the little incident yesterday. I figured he was out with his brother again. I had hoped that he would have been coming today, but I figured id fill in for him. I laid in the grass by Williams grave and shyly introduced myself.

“Hey William… it’s me, Enola, the stalker.” I said trying to make it seem like an ice breaker, but it didn’t seem that way as I was met with silence.

“ I know you probably don’t like me watching him. But I promise I’m not doing anymore then that. Not that that really helps the situation.” Again silence.

“Look. I don’t know what it is about him, but I can’t stay away. He pulls me closer to him by just existing and its tearing me up how I cant even talk to him! I’m sure you’ve gathered at this point that he’s a vampire, but I’m not. I’m a werewolf, and around here there is a strict, no interaction allowed rule. I don’t know what to do and its killing me!” I say, and although I couldn’t hear an answer, it felt like he understood me. Like he was sitting in the clovers next to me, trying to give any advice he may have had.

I laid in the grass for a few moments longer, breathing in the sweet air, not wanting this moment to end while also wishing he were laying next to me. I had so many pent-up thoughts and energy that I had to do something with it all, or I might have imploded right then and there.

Thankfully, I brought my headphones, I put then on and started scrolling through my songs. Not being able to find one that fit for the moment , but then I found it. “ idk you yet” by alexander 23.

“This is the one.” I quietly whispered to myself. I played the song and immediately began dancing. Twirling around trying to figure out to best way to show and get rid of these complicating thoughts. I was moving however I wanted and not giving a care in the world, this is what I was missing. This weightlifting freedom. Pirouettes turned into a body roll leading me towards the ground, I sunk into the grass humming to the final lines of the song. And although it helped, I still felt like he was near…

​Stevens point of view:

​There she was, laying in the grass after having just mesmerizingly spun herself around the field. I could hear her humming the song she was dancing too, and it was one I knew all to well. I wondered who the song reminded her of. A partner, maybe? Or was she just feeling lonely. I wanted to go ask her, I felt a need to know that she was alright. I felt my feet moving down the hill, unable to stop. I took in a deep breath trying to ground myself, only to find her scent pulling me in closer to her.
No, no, no, I can’t do this.

​Enola’s point of view:

​The song was coming to an end, I wanted it to go on forever as it drowned out the rest of the world. I couldn’t hear a single thing out side of the music and it made everything seem so serene. I finally took notice that I had only been taking small breaths since I sunk to the floor, and my body was starting to ache from the lack of air. I inhaled to the point I felt my lungs were completely full, and pressed into my ribs.

​I shot up, I started walking towards the hill, like I had been a marionette doll. Not moving at my own free will, my eyes still shut from shock.
He’s here. I have to get to him. He’s here, I need to get closer. I couldn’t stop my feet from moving, they were dragging me to what I could now see was him, standing only meters away from me. He was walking towards me too, even faster then I was. Neither of us could stop, and we were both wild with hunger with our eyes fixed on the feast that was the other.

We kept moving to each other, know we both had our teeth showing, not to display dominance, But to show a needing for the other. My eyes burned golden know, this is a dead giveaway when someone is about to shift. And I could see him closer than ever before, I could see his eyes closer than ever. He knew I knew he was a vampire, and he knew I was a werewolf. Everything was out on the table, and yet we still went after the eachother. Only know we were running.

We both stopped, mere inches apart, panting, and I even found myself snarling. His arms were straining to keep his hands at his sides. I was fighting so hard to keep my distance but know here I am using every ounce of my being to not grab this guy to pin him to the ground. I needed to be touching him, I needed my mouth on him.
I was unable to control myself any longer, I wrapped my arms around his torso pulling him into me. Our hips grinding against each other, and his hands grabbing -no- clawing at my back. My mouth was now on his, moving at a ferocious rate trying to taste every bit of him. Still grabbing at each other, needing to have more. He sunk his teeth into in the crook of my neck, and I bit into his, sucking so deeply to leave our mark. One that would take weeks to fade, we had claimed each other.

I pulled him to the ground and held is arms above his head. Still grinding against him, felling him growing harder beneath me. I pulled away for a moment to coo at him, tell him how good he tasted. Starring in his eyes; the red had almost completely taken over his iris, and his pupils were beyond dilated. I could tell he wasn’t able to hold back either. His hands fought against mine trying to get free and have his hands on me again. I was having none of it, I gripped his hands tighter, shoving them into the earth below.

I put my fingers in his mouth, rubbing them against his tongue. Going from the front all the way to the back of his throat. His eyes started fluttering, and he began to gag. I held my fingers in place for just a moment more, and then moved them back to give him some relief. I kept my fingers against his tongue and his hips started thrusting under me again. I knew he wanted more, but he was going to have to beg for it.

“If you want more, you’re going to have to ask me for it. Use that pretty mouth of yours and beg me to give you what you want.” I said, resting my weight on him while leaning forward, biting his ear and kissing his neck.

Authors note:

Damn… I really hope my friends don’t read this.
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