The way you move

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The way you move chapter 5

Chapter 5:

Stevens point of view:

“Use that pretty mouth of yours and beg me to give you what you want.”

“mmhm- p- please.” I struggled to form the words

“Please what? Did you want something?” she says mocking me. She knows damn well what I want, but she really is going to make me plead with her.

“ I-I want you, I w-want you in me.”

“ good boy.” She whispers, while grabbing my crotch, Sending a shiver up my spine.

She slipped my shirt off, letting go of my hands just long enough for me to grab around her back and pull her into a deep kiss. But after only a few seconds she gets control back again and she re-pins my arms down. Although I wish I could have kissed her longer, something about knowing she was about to do… southings to me, was enough to make me okay with it.

Enola’s point of view:

Seeing him being so submissive to me was enough to make me loose all reason. I wanted him right now. I wanted to hear him moaning, and breathlessly saying my name.
Oh, right. Names.

“ My name is Enola by the way.” I said, with so little breath, burying my face into his neck and undoing the buttons of his pants.

“Steven.” He said trying to keep his composure as I had started pulling down his boxers.

After only a few minutes of finally meeting him, he was completely nude. IM ABOUT TO FUCK A GUY, IN THE GRASS… AT A CEMETERY! I thought to myself, I honestly wish I had been just a bit more hesitant, but smelling his scent so distinctly, seeing him melting under me, wrapping my arms around him finally. It was too much to deny.
I ran my hands over his hips, up to his chest, slowly kissing down his body. I sucked roughly on his torso causing him to arch his back, Unable to control his own movements. Was turning his hips under me every time I licked his waist. I could feel his member poking into my chest every time I moved, urging me to turn my attention to it.
I reached my hand over his left thigh and grabbed him, earning a moan from his clenched mouth. I moved my hand slowly at first, I wanted to see just how much he would cry out to me. But unfortunately, he was rather good at biting his tongue…. I didn’t want to scare him away, so I settled for hearing him gasp instead.
With no warning I liked from his base to his tip swirling my tongue at a controlled yet fast pace on the end. It worked, he was gasping for air with each of my movements, his moans were filling this previously tranquil space.
Just seconds before I started to suck him, I let his hands free, a dession I was now deeply grateful for. His hands were fixed at his sides as he grabbed at the grass trying to stabilize himself. His legs were twitching underneath me, and tightening around my head and shoulders. It was empowering to see him straining so hard to stay in control when I was only just starting.

“ keep still and ill let you come.” I say brining my mouth to his ear before returning to his waist and working my way up his shaft again.

I could see his legs flexing in an attempt to hold still, looking adorable as he fell apart beneath me at my mere touch. I shifted my hands into claws and started to dig them into his thighs. Pressing them hard enough to leave a mark, but not to draw much blood. This sent him into an orgasm, shaking and gasping for air through the hand he had covering his mouth while he reached release. Having yet swallowed I moved to his mouth and began kissing him, letting him taste himself, moaning in delight with every shift of my tongue or trail of my hand on his twitching body.
I wanted to see just how far I could push him, I wanted so badly to hear him more…

Stevens point of view:

“Turn over for me bunny.”

“What about you? What can I do for you?” I asked

“ You can let me have my fun.” She said giving me an evil grin. I was desperate to know she meant by “ fun”….

Complying with her “request” ( something about her tone and the smile on her face, made it seem like a spell. I was Doing it without thinking.)I turned over onto my stomach, met by the sharp upward pull of my hip leaving my rear in the air and the side of my face pressed against the ground.
She grabbed my ass with a tight squeeze leaving me grunting under my breath. It stung, but in the exact way I liked. I wounderd how this practical stranger had such a hold on me already. Just a minute ago I was walking and then next thing I know im being dominate by someone I had seen only a day before. And why did we mark each other? Who was this girl?
Before I could think any longer, I learned of what the “ fun” was she was referring too. She had started licking my rim, and stroking my dick from under me. My head was so foggy that I couldn’t even hear the sounds I was making, but I could fell the vibration In my chest. I felt so good being touched by her, she somehow knew everything I liked, and did it with no hesitation.
I felt her finger enter me from behind, slowly working and loosening me. Their was almost no friction from her spit, and all I felt was ecstasy. It had been nearly two years since I last had sex, and this was nothing short of amazing. The way she moved was absolutely perfect, both know and when she was dancing before. It was enough o throw all of my common scene into the wind.
She was moving her hand faster now, prodding trying to find were I liked it best.

“ AH, oh god-“ I yelped, bringing my hand to my mouth.

“ looks like I found the spot.” She chuckled draping herself over me to kiss the nape of my neck.

“ I don’t know which would mess you up more? Ramming into that spot over and over again, or teasing you more…” “ although I would love to mess with you more, it seems I no longer have any patients.” She said before pounding into me over and over.

Her nails were digging into my back, making my moan all the harder. Every movement sent a wave of pleasure through me, sending shivers up my back and twitches in my legs.

Enola’s point of view:

“ I want you to scream my name when you come. Can you do that bunny?”

“ mhm.” Was all he could manage to get out
I moved my arm faster and curved my fingers to hit his spot even deeper, sending sweet moans into the air. He had propped him self up on his arms, stretching them out Infront of him, changing the angle my fingers were hitting. It only took him a moment more to come.

“ ah – E, Enola!” he groaned, fallowing my orders

I kept my arm moving for a few motions to draw the orgasm out as long as I could. I flipped him over again onto his, kissing and biting his neck. Hearing him breathing heavily and grabbing at my waist.

“ good boy” I cooed under my breath, still load enough for him to hear.

He started drifting off, laid with my leg intertwined with his, breathing in that intoxication smell.

“I want to do something for you.” He quietly said, struggling to stay alert

“ I’m ok, just go sleep know.” I was more than fine waiting a bit, I had my fix for now.
I didn’t have to tell him twice, and within seconds he was out. I lightly trailed my hand across his chest, soon drifting off to sleep myself.

I woke up to find the sun only a few minutes away from setting. I started to get up when I was swiftly pulled back down. He had his arm wrapped around mine, and showed no sign of letting go anytime soon. I gave in and laid back down, his body was cool, it was comforting as werewolves were normally hot. He felt like diving into a pool on a scolding summer day, I never wanted to leave this moment. I nuzzled my head into his chest, when I felt something warm.
There was a crimson red pool on his chest.

Authors note-

First, I want to say that some details in the chapter I got from the comic “moonshine” by lord Vincent. ( you should read it, its free to read on tapas :)
Words cant express how hard it was for me to write this. Most things having to do with sex make me VIOLENTLY uncomfortable, but I felt it was the dramatic step I needed in this story. I also wanted to add it becouse ( I think you can tell already) I’m trying to incorporate uncommon themes into this story. For example, I’ve never seen a trans person in a story, much less in vampire werewolves one. Its also always the guy who is most dominate and he is always suffocatingly masculine. I wanted to write the kind of book that people never really get to read.
And to give a little backstory, I’m trans myself. And for the longest time I’ve loved reading romance books. But not once have I ever seen any trans representation, and I think only once have I ever seen a book with lgbt+ content. But I will end my rant here, have a good day lovely’s

- Father earthworm
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