The way you move

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The way you move chapter 6

Chapter 6:

Enola’s point of view

“hey, wake up, are you ok?” I said trying to control the obvious panic in my voice

“ mhm~ yeah I’m okay. Are you ok?” he said confused

Stevens point of view:

I was disoriented when I was woken by her clear worry, however, when she pointed down at my chest I was soon caught up. I knew it wasn’t mine by the way it dripped off -not reveling a cut- but looking up to her I could see where it had come from.

She was bleeding from where I had bitten her.

“ It’s the mark…” I said, feeling bad that I had made her bleed so much. However, after looking at the grass beneath me, I could see that she had marked me much harder.

“ Its ok, I’m alright. let me see your shoulder for a second.” I said, seeing the concern in her eyes.
I grabbed her arms gently and pulled her in closer.
I licked her shoulder, healing it.

“Wha- how did you do that?” she asked

“vampires can heal things with our saliva. It’s a pretty cool party trick .” I said trying to lighten to mood.

I had gotten some in my hand and was just about to heal my mark when she grabbed my hand.

“ let me…” she said. Obviously, I was confused.
She placed her hands over my neck and whispered under her breath while closing her eyes. She repeated the words “Possa tu guarire ció che ho ferito, che tu possa annular il doloreche ho casusato” 3 time and moved her hands away, I was beyond shocked to find that the mark was healed, leaving nothing but a small scar.

“ Wait, wait , wait. How did YOU do THAT!” I exclaimed

“haha, calm down. I’m a healer. There are a few of us in my tribe.” She said calming me down.
“ what were you saying?”

“May you heal what I have hurt, may you undo the pain I have caused. I just said it in Italian for fun, it makes me sound like a crone and always confuses people.” She said with wide grin on her face, on the verge of laughter.

“ Alright… that’s pretty cool. But um, could you tell me what happed earlier?” I said, coming back to reality.

“ I- well I don’t really know. All I know, is that when smelled you so close, I couldn’t stop myself.” She said blushing, trying to cover her embarrassment.

“That’s what happened to me. I was coming down here, and once I smelled rose and Jasmin I couldn’t control what my body did, its like it was pulling me to you.” “ Well truth be told, that actually wasn’t the first time I had caught your scent… I may have seen you sleeping under a tree and went to go see you.” I said, trying to make it seems as laughable of a situation as I could. I didn’t think that would be something shed like hearing.

“Actually, I’ve kinda been watching you the past few days. One day I went for a walk and decided to check this place out, and I saw you… You looked so happy, and I just wanted to know more about you.” She said, her confession made me bust out laughing.

“Hey! Don’t laugh, you’re the one that was spying on a sleeping person!” she said letting out a few chuckles.

So, were both stalker hu? This was a rather enlightening turn of events.

“WAIT, was that you I heard breathing?” I asked, nearly jumping up.


Wow… so I was right. It wasn’t an animal. I had never heard anyone so at ease, and that was all just becouse she was watching me? I wanted to know more, I wanted to know everything.

“So you said there are other healers ?” I asked

“Yeah, my Nani and little brothers are all
healers. Were actually the last bloodline of healers in my tribe, but every now and then a new werewolf unrelated to us, will surface that has power.”

“Right… a werewolf.”

“ …A vampire.” She said in response. I could see that she had a “ what did I just do” kind of look on her face. And I figured she could the same on mine.

“ I think we should probably go home now” I said, knowing that we could get into serious trouble if we were seen together.

“ I think that’s a good idea.”

​She got up and held her hand down to me to help me to my feet. Except she drastically mis-understood how heavy I might be and ended up pulling me into her. Our eyes locked, unable to tear them away. We knew that we should leave but couldn’t seem to be able to move a muscle. Taking in deep breaths of each other until I placed my lips gently on her neck, admiring the mark I left with my mouth.

After placing a few small kisses, she put her head into my neck and whimpered softly.
“ I should probably go now.” she reluctantly whispered.

​“ I should too…” I said before kissing her one more time.

Enola’s point of view:

The walk up the hill was one filled both with awkward silence and oddly comforting peace. I truly didn’t know a feeling like that was possible, at least not until I met him. He surprised me every second I was around him. I had never met a guy that would let me be the dominant one. They always felt it was too “ gay” to bottom. It made my blood boil every time. Not that they didn’t want to, but becouse they would say the same thing every time. And none of them knew that it hurt me, none of them knew I liked more than just guys.

Being queer was something that was looked down on in my community, but not in my family. They were always so supportive; my mom wrapped her arms around when I told her and wouldn’t stop saying how much she loved. You would have thought she heard I was dying, but it was sweet non the less. My Nani too, she showed me nothing but support, which was somewhat shocking as she is from a -different- generation. And my brothers just laughed when I told them… they couldn’t catch their breath and kept saying that I would get cooties, it still makes me laugh every time I think about it.

But it still hurts that I can’t wear my colors outside of my house, while indigenous people are very open, our other neighbors are not. When my best friend came out, the neighbors through eggs at her and threatened to burn her. That was the day she swore she wouldn’t step outside with her rainbow flag ever again. However, every time she comes over, she’s free to be herself. In fact, my Nani makes her wear the flag when ever she comes in. It is without a doubt the best part of her day, always with a gleaming smile plastered on her face.
Dang it… I should tell her, shouldn’t I.

( Enola picks up her phone and calls her friend)

“ Hey Laila.”

“Hey Nola’, what are you up to?”

“Not much…”

“ Enola Anada, what aren’t you telling me?” She always knew when I was hiding something, sometimes she would call me and ask me about something before I even told her. It freaks me out every time.

“ I KISSED A BOY AND I LIKE IT! THE TASTE OF HIS CHERRY CHAPSTICK~” I scream-sang into the phone, slightly changing the lyrics of our favorite song. I figured it fit the situation well.

“ * gasp* oh my god, oh my god, who is it. When was it? Did you kiss him, or did he kiss you?” her questions came running out.

“You don’t know him, this afternoon, and I kissed him first.” I said promptly answering her.
“Oh, can I guess?”

“Seriously you don’t know-“


“ Well, he’s actually not from our tribe…”

“ Then who? Is it a guy from school?”

“ Nope, I actually don’t know where he’s from…”

“ I’m sorry? You kissed someone and you don’t even know where he is from!”

“Well actually, I had sex with him too… in a cemetery.” At this point my hands were completely covering my face, the reality of what happened was only hitting me now.

“I’m coming over.” She said immediately hanging up the phone.

Stevens point of view:

After leaving the hill, I looked back at her. She lived on the south side of town and I lived on the north. We weren’t allowed to go into the others territory, werewolf’s stayed in the south, vampires stayed in the north. Even though the thoughts of the grave mistake I just had were engulfing my mind, I couldn’t help but smile.

I marked her, and she marked me. This meant that for the rest of the year, our scent would linger on the other, marking them as the others “property” so to speak. I had never been claimed before, even at the age of 19 no one had ever wanted me to be theirs. But know I was attached to this stranger for the rest of the year.
Enola, Enola, Enola. I thought to myself, what a beautiful name.

I arrived home after a 10 minute walk and was meat by Sara standing at the door, with Elijah’s standing behind her. They waited up for me. I dropped to the floor and hugged them, not wanting to let these sweet little kids go.

Eventually Sara started pretending she was choking and pulled me off of her laughing.

I can’t breathe you big dummy! You’re
crushing my lungs.”

“ sorry~”

I was asking Elijah how his day was and was telling Sara about all the flowers I saw while I was on my walk. I felt Elijah staring at me, his eyes burning into my skin. But whenever I looked over at him, he had a small grin on his face.

Soon Sara fell asleep, half on me and half on Elijah.

“What the hell is that on your neck?” they said softly chuckling.

I had completely forgotten to cover my neck, fuck. He’s going to be so mad; he’ll know it wasn’t a vampire and they’ll lose i-
“So, you got marked by a wolf hu? What were they like! How did it happen?” he seemed exited. I couldn’t figure out why, we were meant to hate them.

“So you’re not mad…?”

“ I don’t care about the stupid “tho must remain separate, lest tho face the punishment.” Crap.” He said mocking the old law. “ I just want the details~”.

Authors note-

When I tell you I struggled so hard about what to name Laila…

I liked the meaning of that name more then my other options, but liked some other names better. I swear trying to decide was ulcer inducing. Also making Enola pansexual was a last second decision lol, I was trying to develop her character a bit more, so I added some spice. so have fun with that information.

Remember to drink your water, and know that if all you did today was survive, then I am beyond proud of you.

-daddy wormy
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