The way you move

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The way you move chapter 7

Enola’s point of view:

~The doorbell rings incessantly~

“Nola, Nola, Nola, Nola, N-“

“You understand I don’t just stand at my door, right?”

She immediately barged through the door, hugged me, then pushed me away to run straight for my room.

“Elaborate” she said flopping dramatically over the side of my bed.”

I told her everything- and I mean everything….
We have known each other since we were in the 6th grade. And in the 9 years since, we’ve never kept any secrets that didn’t need to be kept. We’ve been through some very thick and thin together, and no matter what, she always puts up with me.

“What the hell do you think you’re gonna’ do know!?”

“I- I don’t know.” I said draping myself over her stomach

We laid there with her hands combing through my hair, humming our favorite song~

“I need you now-“

“But I don’t know you yet!” I sang in response.
We giggle for a few minutes after and soon drifted off.

~30 minutes later~

“Enola… where are you?” he said breathlessly with concern in his voice.

“I’m here my love. I’m right here…” I replied with a painful lack of hope rapped around my words.

They knew. Somehow, they knew about us and they wanted us – more specifically, me- to suffer. A group of at least 20 vampires, and the humans close to them, were trudging through the woods hunting us down. Wolfs had the sense of smell on our side, but they had the advantage of sight. However, they were smart and brought hounds with them. And unfortunately, I have a rather… strong scent.

I knew I was the only reason we kept being found, so I made steven run the opposite way of me. We were only able to communicate through whispers, and signals sent through birds.

Thankfully, the birds in these woods are rather found of me ( benefits of healing many of their wounded) so they were more then willing to help me out a bit.

They were leading me towards something. Something I couldn’t quite figure out yet.

“ what are you heading for?” he asked confused.

“ I don’t know, but the crows keep leading me
this way.”

The dogs started barking as loud as possible, they had caught on to where I was and they were leading the crowd right to me.

They had decided to let Stevin get off with nothing more then jail time, but they wanted something grave for me. They wanted my bloodline dead. Without any elders to teach they new wolfs how to heal, werewolves would be whipped out. This is becouse of our pack’s stupidity- Most of our pack doesn’t understand the concept of “safety” so they tend to end up in some pretty gruesome situations.

In little time I was able to tell what the birds had been leading me too… Water.

I could smell the animals gathering around the river, I could smell the crispness of the cool water.

But I could also smell the dogs getting closer and closer, I didn’t have time to wait for the water.

I sharply ran to the left, stripping off my shirt and shorts to place my scent in more than one place. I knew it had worked when I heard on of the hunter’s trip over their own feet when the dogs pulled on them -I’m not going to lie, I may have smiled a bit at his pain. I sprinted as fast as I could to the water, I could see the clearing in the trees. It was so serein, so peaceful, the light hit the water causing everything around it to glisten. It looked like a dream…

Steven’s point of view:

I’d been laying in my bed, trying to sleep for the past hour, but images of her keep my mind spinning, and memories of her face kept playing. I can’t get them to stop! I want them to stop. I want to stop thinking about her for even just a minute. But I can’t. Why can’t I?

“Ugh! Get out of my head.” I couldn’t help but notice I was lying when I said that. I do want to sleep; I want a few moments of a clear mind. But I also wanted her.

I wanted her here, in front of me. I wanted to see her, to hear her. Even if it was just a breath, a single bit of her I would have been satisfied.
I sank into my pillow, letting myself fall into my memories. It was so calming to let myself enjoy this moment, seeing her. I liked it. I liked having her in my mind. And she didn’t seem to be leaving my consciousness anytime soon, no matter how hard I’ve been trying to evict her.
I was only able to enjoy the peace of these thoughts for a few minutes until my conciseness started to fade out, the sounds of the far-off cicada’s soon became nothing more them a quite hum. And the light from the hallway became nothing of any real substance. The whole world simply faded into nothing~

~ Only 10 minutes later~

“WE WANT THE WOLF DEAD! WE WANT THE WITCH DEAD!” They screamed as they marched through the woods, sending any animals running out of their path.

It had only been 8 minutes since she made run away from her. I would have put up more of a fight, but something about the tears she was trying to hold back made it impossible to argue. She sprinted in the opposite direction as soon as I agreed, some how not tripping once on the massive oak roots that filled the woods.

I knew she had this special connection to the earth, but I never knew just what she meant by that. It wasn’t until she told me about the birds that “ owed her a favor” that I learned I would never truly understand it. And no matter how many times I had watched her light a candle with no flame or run into a lake to swim with the fish, I was always as amazed as the first time I’d seen it.

And now she had to run for her life.
One by one, nearly 20 crows started to lead me into a patch of dense vines, it was nearly impossible to find my way through, but I was eternally grateful for the seemingly impossible task.

She was there, she was in the water waiting for me. I couldn’t help but stand there for a moment to stare at her. I didn’t know when id see her again, or if we’d even make it out of these woods. But there she was. Reflections from the water were hitting her face, highlighting her blaring smile.

I ran into the river, minding the rocks that surrounded it. It was much deeper than it looked, making it nearly impossible to stay above the water. But I got to her- she was standing in a shallow part of the stream, not averting her eyes.

We were wrapped around each other in seconds of me reaching her, drowning out the terror that was going on around us. Even in that cool water, she somehow was still warm. I took deep breaths, trying to smell the comforting scent that seemed to emit from her. But I couldn’t.
All I could smell was smoke.

They had found us. And they were close.
We sank under the water, swimming down as fast as we could. But in an instant, I lost my everything. She wasn’t swimming beside me anymore, I thrashed around trying to find her. I was panicking, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold my breath much longer. It felt like my lungs were trying to force their way out of my chest until felt something grab my wrist, pulling me above the water.

The first thing I noticed was Enola screaming. The second was the blood that now covered that previously beautiful place.

Enola’s point of view:

I felt the heat leaving my body as my vison faded out.

Then, something shaking me, violently trying to get something from me.

“Nola? Enola! Listen to me!” Laila cried out.
I shot up in a daze. A cold sweat covered my entire body, and I couldn’t catch my breath.

“What the hell, I thought you were dead!” her voice was stern and angry, but concern filled her eyes

I broke down into tears, hyperventilating. All the fear I felt when I was pulled from the river was now returning to me tenfold. I was shacking, unable steady myself.

Laila pulled me into her with a death grip, placing her hand firmly on the back of my head and her leg over mine.

It took nearly 10 minutes for me to get control of my breathing again. Tears were still streaming down my face as the nightmare still played in my mind.

She didn’t say a word. She was simply holding me. Trying to steady me, and I’m sure trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

Steven’s point of view:

“You need to calm down and tell me what happed.” Elijah said, he had always been wiser than their age.

“I- they got her! She was with me, and then…” my words came out shaky and uneven.

“They. Got. Who?”

“ They got her.” Within an instate he knew who I was talking about.

“ But it was just a dream. You know that.”

“BUT ITS NOT JUST A DREAM. THEY’VE DONE IT BEFORE!” I started getting hysterical.

He hugged me trying to calm me down.

We both knew the horror stories from the days after the law was passed. Families were ripped apart, children were killed, people of all ages were hunted down. Just becouse they knew someone that was not of their own kind. Bonfires filled every street to burn the bodies, and parents were held back from their children as they were murder.

“This has happened before” I said with fear in my eyes. They didn’t need me to tell the story for him to know what I meant.

“I’m so sorry.” Were the last words spoken for the next 40 minutes.

Steven and Enola’s point of view:

In that moment, me both agreed on the same thing. And even thought it hurt to say, at 12:07 (24:07) we both said the words that cut all to deep.

“We can’t meet again” we whispered.

Enola’s point of view:

I swear to god even to this day, I heard him saying the words with me. I heard his voice, his tone, the sadness in his throut. I swear I heard him…

Authors note:

Hii~ I’m sorry I was gone for so long. I lost nearly all motivation with righting, and I could figure out how to carry on the story. But then, it hit me. I have ideas for the next 4 chapters!!!
Although it was pretty enraging when I had to restart this chapter -4– times. It just kept deleting so that was really fun.
Thank you all for your support, and please remember to take care of yourselves.
Good day lovely’s~
Blood-worm Mary

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