The way you move

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This is a story about two supernatural beings finding them selves wanting-no, needing one another. The only problem is, she is a werewolf and he is a vampire. Two creatures that are not allowed to be seen near one another. Enola ( the werewolf) sets her eyes on him first, becoming enthralled within an instant. And Steven ( the vampire) soon finds him self addicted to her as well.

Romance / Fantasy
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The way you move - chapter one

Steven’s point of view:

It was a cool spring day, the wind whipped around bringing a comforting hum along with it. Light filtered through the leaves in the trees and lit up the dandelions that covered the ground. The air was sweet and comforting, the sky a lovely light dusty blue, with clouds that wispily covered it. I had been to this cemetery many times before, but every time it seemed different. Every visit it grew more dreary, as new bodies were barred, I could feel the atmosphere darken.
This has been my escape from life for about a year know, and it was always silent. No chirps, no buzzing, and certainly never a living person was around. But today is different… I can’t quit describe what it felt like, but it was almost as if it were warmer, maybe even a bit brighter. Birds were flying and twirling around one another in the sky, and squirrels were enjoying their leftover winter stash. It was as if every soul in the ground had decided that no matter what, today would be a happy one. It was an odd feeling for me to be at peace without any set reason, but I deiced to let the dead continue with their rain of positivity, and skeptically decided to go along with it.

I was never a big fan of too much sunlight, as it always found a way to burn my eyes and skin, however today when I stood in the light all I felt was warmth. My skin didn’t burn, and my eyes didn’t hurt, worried that this feeling would soon end I decided to soak up as much of this wounder as I could. I ran around this usually dark place chasing leaves in the wind and running through sunlight. I danced in the pattern of the birds in the sky and spun around fallowing the lead of the bees. I even rolled down the hill that separated the playground from the graves. This was something I hadn’t done since I was a little kid, and it reminded me of something else I hadn’t done in a long time….
I found myself enthused to go and speak to my dear friend, William. It had been about 3 weeks since I had last visited him.
Did I actually know William? That was debatable. Was he alive? no. Even thought he could never respond to me; I knew he could always hear me. I have always loved to sit by his grave and talk to him, whether it be about my day or simply telling him how lovely the flowers his family brought were.
Although I was usually put at easy simply talking with him, today I was so thrilled to go and talk with him today that I couldn’t help but jider. I wanted to tell him about the sun’s beautiful rays, and the butterfly’s lovely colors, I wanted to tell him that I was happy. That’s not an emotion that often calls me home, so I was going to tell it to however would listen. And right now, that would be William.

“ Hey, it’s me steven.” I sheepily said, trying to control my tone to pay my respects.

But I couldn’t hold it back anymore- “So I don’t know what has happened today, but I can’t stop smiling. This usually cold place seems so warm today. Hell, I just ran round spinning in circles like a little girl in love.” I exclaim laughing.

“ I don’t know much about being beyond this world, but I hope you can feel this too, I hope that you can see this sight. I appreciate you always listing to my rambles, not that you could really stop me, but I wanted to thank you.” I said acknowledging that for the past few weeks I’ve been depressed and stuck in a house that I am not wanted in. William was my escape, seeing as he was my only friend to talk to. He would always have to listen of my stories from home, and I would forever be grateful to him for that. I also enjoyed coming here becouse I knew he was alone too.

His family had purchased a double plot where he was buried, the kind that you and your spouse can be buried in together. But as the unfished headstone reviled, his wife was still alive. And though I knew that he was happy she was still alive, and I hoped doing well, I also knew that it must be lonely waiting for your love to returned to you.

“ I can tell she loves you ya’ know. There are always flowers whenever I come, and there is a windchime posted in the ground next to you. That’s something only people who love you will do.” I said, finding it hard to say the last part at a normal volume.

I laid down beside the head stone and breathed in the sun light. It smelled sweet, like gardenias and magnolias. It made me smile breathing that wonderful smell, to the point that I could help but laugh a bit at how much things had changed today.

Enola’s point of view

“ Yes.” She said “ Yes, today is the day I leave this house! I’ve been stuck inside for more than a week, only seeing the sun when I go to feed the birds! I WANT MY FREEDOM!” she yelled

“ Okay sweety, just be home before dinner.” Her mother calmly replied.

“ What?”

“ I said that’s fine, but just be home before dinner.”

Enola stood there baffled. Was she not told to stay inside? she thought to herself. She could have sworn it was her mom that was holding her hostage in this house, but her response said otherwise. Perhaps it had just been her own mind keeping her in her room, but none of that mattered now. She was so excited to see the sun again.

Enola began her walk with a deep breath of air, although it was a bit too cold for her liking, she wanted to enjoy this outing as much as she could. With a final deep sigh, she bolted. Moving as fast as her feet could take her, feeling deep-set vibrations from her legs absorbing the shock of her running. She felt herself having the first smile on her face in quite a while.

Enola always knew when she was staying inside to long when she could no longer draw a map of the trees that had bird houses built on them. She had always loved being outside, enjoying the grass and the flowers that would sprout up out of the middle of nowhere. But gasping in the cold air slowly began to take a toll when she finally slowed down to calm her burning lungs.

“ holy… hell… wh- why is it so cold still.” She said gasping

She walked a new rout then she typically did, choosing to go left down the road instead of her usually right. Taking notes of all the animals she saw skerry away the moment she walked past.

Animals never stayed to long in the presents of a werewolf, for good reason too. Werewolves had a long history of hunting in these parts of town, although she was there to simply enjoy their compony. But nevertheless, they didn’t stick around to learn that those were Enola’s intents.

Just as she was thinking of shifting and running off into the trees, she heard him. It was just a soft giggle at first that she soon would hear turn into deep uncontrollable laughter. She simply couldn’t help but go and see what was making this wonderful sound. As she fallowed the sound, she made sure to stay was well hidden by the sorrowing trees, soon she had reached the clearing he was laying in.

It was quite the intoxicating sight to see such a toned and seemingly intimidating man running through the field and laughing to his heart’s content. Seeing him roll through the dandelions, is when she felt the warmth she had been craving, as if it were radiating off of him, a comforting warmth rapped around her drawing her towards him. She took a deep breath trying to saver the sweet smell in the air, when suddenly she could scent a much more appetizing fragrance. And it was coming from him, grapefruit and cedarwood, tugging at her limbs trying to get her closer to him. But she knew if a person just emerged from the woods, any sane person would be sent running. So, fighting her erg to greet him, to knowing anything about him, she forced herself to be content with simply watching him.

She saw him talking to a grave that she could see was engraved with the name “ William.”

Was that his grandfather? She thought to herself lightly chuckling at the vulnerable sight.
All the while noting the tender way, he treated a butterfly that had landed on his index finger. Just ever so gently rotating his had so he could take in the beauty of its crimson wings, watching them shimmer in the sunlight. She thought it quite captivating the way he would chat with William as if he were sitting right next to him, asking him questions, and taking pause as if waiting for a response.

After what seemed like only a few moments of watching him talk to a grave and staring at the swaying trees, he slowly stood up, taking a deep sigh, and waved goodbye to the headstone he had spent his afternoon with. He staggered his way up the hill- I guessed his legs must have been sore from running up and down the field many times- he took his time with a longing look in his eyes. And that’s when I saw it- his eyes. They were a deep blue with streaks of white, but the thing that made my heart stop was the red that surrounded his pupil… this was something that only vampires had. That all too familiar fiery red mixing with the rest of their iris. It made my blood run cold as I realized the horrible mistake, I had made fallowing him…. Wolves and vampires were to never meet in privet, it was starkly forbidden as these beings had gained an undesirable reputation. We were meant to hate each other, be repulsed by the others presents, but even so, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from him.

His brown hair had strands of blond that would shine in the dimming light. And although I hated to say it, his eyes were beautiful. His smell was intoxicating, and smirk tugged at my soul, I knew that this was one of the things that made them so dangerous. Their scent would pull anyone close to them, and could make anyone- man, woman, or anyone in-between, week in the knees. Despite knowing this, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him, and I couldn’t make myself leave his presents until I had to.
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