The Gap Between Us

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Just another normal day on Chloe's life.

She was in her math class, as every Tuesday morning, and as always instead of paying attention to the class, she was on her phone scrolling through Instagram.

She kept scrolling for a few minutes until a picture of a certain girl appeared as a sponsored account.

Said girl was wearing some black combat boots, with fishnets, a black pleated skirt with chains and a bad t-shirt tucked inside the skirt. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she was wearing black lipstick.

One of the things Chloe noticed right away was the black cigarette trapped between the girl's index finger and middle finger. It made her curious about the girl so she just clicked on her profile.

Once it opened it felt like the whole page was in black and white, a direct contrast with Chloe Instagram account that was colourful.

She scrolled through the photos admiring the girl for what felt like an eternity until the school bell rang signalling it was time for lunch.

She grabbed all of her stuff and put it inside her pastel pink with angel wings bag and left to the door where her best friend was waiting for her so they could go to the cafeteria together.

-Hey Chloe, I noticed you were not paying attention to the class again. What's the reason for you to be stuck looking at your phone for 20 minutes straight without caring if Mrs.Levaux would catch you?- Her best friend Sophie asked.

-Oh... It was... Nothing? I was just looking on Instagram and saw this really cute pastel rainbow platforms and was trying to find where I could buy them- She made a quick excuse believing that Sophie would believe her, which she didn't but pretended she did.

-Let's go, I'm hungry- Sophie said grabbing Chloe wrist and pulling her in the cafeteria direction.

-Hungry or horny?-Chloe whispered under her breath.

-What?- Sophie asked since she didn't catch up what Chloe said.

- Uhm. Nothing - Chloe pretended she said nothing.

Once they reached the cafeteria they walked straight to their usual table ignoring the look of the people who would judge Chloe for her style.

As soon as they reached the table Sophie threw herself in her boyfriend's arms and whispered something on his ear to what he agreed by nodding his head.

-Why do I have the feeling you two are talking about me?- Chloe asked sitting down in front of the couple.

-Cause we are?- Sophie said as if it was nothing - About you and your forever alone life.- she said while sliding from her boyfriend's lap and sitting next to him interlacing their hands almost immediately.

-Hey! I'm not a forever alone! - She screamed making the whole cafeteria look in her direction. She lowered her head and kept talking - I'm still young and have a lot to live unlike you. I can already see your white hairs from here, and today I forgot the glasses.- Chloe made fun of her best friend that was a few weeks older.

Sophie pulled her hand mirror to look at her hair not seeing one white hair, releasing the air she didn't know she was holding.

-You know you are not that much younger than Sophie right?- Sophie's boyfriend, Pierre, chimed in, receiving a high five from his girlfriend.

-Still, I'm only 17 what makes of me a baby, so you can go suck Sophie's face.- Chloe replied showing her tongue to the couple.

-Ok, 1st you cannot say you are a baby and them tell someone to go suck someone's face in the same sentence. And 2nd at least he has a girlfriend, and a really pretty one- She flicked her hair - unlike you.

-I already said I don't need a girlfriend- Chloe pouted and hid her face in her arms that we're resting in the table.

-Yet you spent a lot of time looking at a certain girl on your phone during Mrs.Levaux class today.- Sophie brought back the subject with a wink- You really thought you would fool me that easily? A pair of platforms my ass.- She laughed making Chloe blush even more.

Then she remembered that she doesn't even know the name of the monochromatic girl, so she goes on to check her profile again.

-...Alex...- she said, not realising she was talking out loud, what made Sophie look at her and snap her phone out of her hand checking Alex profile.- Hey, give it back!- she screamed once again and once again all the cafeteria was looking in their direction.

Sophie just ignored and kept scrolling through the black and white pictures. Until...

She pressed the follow button and decided to text the new girl.

@ soft_chloe
Hey, I liked your style I
think we could be friends ;)

Chloe almost died then and there but also didn't delete it. She would never admit it to Sophie but she was indeed intrigued by the other girl and quite thankful for her friend's action.

Meanwhile, Alex just finished her classes and was walking home with her best friend Jackson.

They were going to grab Alex guitar so they could go to their practice with the band.

They were just talking about nothing special until Alex phone started buzzing.

-Whoa Alex, is that your phone or you are hiding a vibrator?- Jackson made fun of Alex.

-Yea, Natalie asked me to buy it for her since you are not enough - Alex said back laughing at her best friend face that was as red as a tomato.

Jackson just stood there for a few seconds until he got back to his senses and ran next to Alex.

-That was not fun ok, and I definitely am enough for her.- He replied way to serious but punching slightly Alex arm.

-Sure-Alex said in q mocking tone.

She grabbed her phone and checked why out of nowhere it was buzzing so much.

-Ok... So basically this random soft French girl just started following me, gave me a like spam and texted me out of nowhere.
-Alex explained to Jackson.

-Just reply, we both know she's your type, soft and innocent.-he said

-We don't know if she's into girls or not!- She replied back.

-Oh, I do, and she is don't worry - Jackson reassured her.

-How do you know?

-She's an old friend of Natalie from when she still lived in France.

-Hmmm... Ok... I guess I'll give it a try.- Alex said looking back at the photos of the colourful profile.

She pressed the follow back button and replied to her text

@ hey.its.alex
Hey I would love to be
friends with you.

And just like this, with a simple hey I like your style a love story began


1136 words

Hey so I decided I don't like this story as it is so I'm going to edit it and make sure k like it so I feel motivated to keep going, I also made a few changes but the plot is still the same, hope you all like the new format of the story and I see you in the next chapter 🥰

✩Dupont out☼︎

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