Trusting Grace

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"I've been burned once, who is to say it will not happen again" I spoke quietly watching her closely. Grace confused me like no other she wormed her way into my heart with her easy-going smiles, kind nature, and gentle heart. Feeling her small hands hold my large ones I glance down into her green eyes "You need to trust that I am not Mia have I not proven to you Cassian, I am here to stay you fit with me" she said in a gentle yet firm tone. The smile she sent me held love, comfort and that was all it took after months of breaking down the walls I decided to take a leap of faith. *********************************************** Cassian Grey had been burned once and that was enough for him after sharing a business deal with his four other brothers they opened up The Grey Gull on the coast of Cornwall, England. A fresh start is what these guys needed and a fresh start is what they will get. Grace Bauer is an art historian with her own little gallery where she brings long-forgotten pieces of beauty back to life. She too had been burned so when she hears of this bar and grill opening up she knows her friends are just dying to try it out. What both of these souls don't realize is that once thrown in each other's paths they soon realize that maybe just maybe they are what the other half needs in one another.

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Chapter One;


“Cassian!” hearing my name I glanced up from pouring the cocktail I had just made. Wyatt was making his way towards me a scowl on his face, what had gone wrong now. “Noah needs you in the kitchen he is getting swamped,” my brother says loudly over the noise of the busy bar and people eating in the dining area. Pouring the cocktail into two glasses I slide them gently to the ladies in front of me and grin, turning to my brother I nod my head “mind the bar, get Asher to help you” I mumbled handing him my towel before heading in the direction of our kitchens.

Entering the kitchen I was not prepared for the string of curse words to leave my best friend's mouth, having known him since primary school I knew he refrained from using such vulgar language. “Noah, man calm down,” I say watching as he pins his brown gaze on me, taking a calming breath he runs his fingers restlessly through his hair. Knowing he doesn’t need to say a word to me I jump in and help out my team my staff were treated as if we were all one big close family. If we became swamped like we were tonight then I would jump in I was no longer the boss I was apart of the team and I liked that, once service had calmed down somewhat I left the kitchen for the office.

Passing the bar I smiled at Wyatt “I am just gonna go and check stock and complete some paperwork, you good here?” seeing him nod I placed a hand on his shoulder before stepping away as I allowed two lovely ladies to walk past watching as their eyes trailed every inch of me. I flashed them both a sexy grin before walking in the direction of my office as I close the door behind me and place myself in the leather chair behind the desk, pouring myself a glass of amber liquid known as whiskey.


Stepping back from the painting I squinted one eye closed, the painting was close to being finished. When it had arrived at my little gallery in Truro, Cornwall I had initially analyzed it and after assessing the loss of paint, removing discolored varnish I was able to start restoring it. I was brought out of my thoughts by the shrill ringing on my mobile, placing the paintbrush down I quickly swiped the green button “Hey Aubrey” I say as I start to clean away. “Hey girlie, are you still at the gallery?” I stopped packing away as I stood behind my desk “I am still here Aubs” I say gently as I place the phone between my ear and shoulder.

“Athena just told us about this new bar and grill that has been open a little while, The Grey Gull..” she said trailing off the sentence as if she wanted to add more. Sighing softly I chewed on my bottom lip, if Athena had found this new bar and grill then it was definite that she would drag us along with her to scope it out. “Grace, sweetie you still there?” snapping myself from my daze I heard Aub question quizzically through the phone “I’m still here Aub, let the girls know I will be home within 10 minutes so pick me up in say 30 minutes?” listening as she agrees we both say our goodbyes and hang up.

Quickly packing away my tools I placed the painting in the backroom to keep it safe, grabbing my bag I set the alarm and locked everything up heading to my car. Pulling into the driveway I quickly jumped out and headed inside smiling as my 2-year-old husky Bella greeted me, giving her a quick head rub I headed in the direction of my bedroom. It did not take long to pick an outfit settling on a black crop top and a light tan skirt with black pumps, I was ready well before my friends were due to arrive.

Glancing at myself in the mirror I smiled I was not a girl who was big into makeup and I never had been that kind of girl, after deciding I was done I headed out into the living room before walking to the ensuite kitchen to feed Bella. Just as I placed her bowl down I heard a knock on the door, going to open it I smiled at Aubrey “Hey girlie, I will just grab my clutch then we can go” I turn on my heel and grab my clutch as I say goodbye to Bella. Locking up the house I follow Aubrey to the waiting car noting that Brielle has chosen to be our designated driver for the evening.


Running my hand through my dark brown locks I let out a little sigh, knowing that I should get back out there to help my brothers I chuck back the last of the whiskey as it burns a path down my throat. Standing up I walk out of the office noting that the bar had died down a little not much, but enough to see that Wyatt and Asher weren’t stressed out. Hearing the door I glance in that general direction and I’m pretty sure my brothers would tease me for staring, in walked five beautiful women but one immediately grabbed my attention. Her brunette locks fell in waves over her shoulders, she wore a black crop top that hinted at a little bit of exposed skin with a light tan skirt hitting mid-thigh. The heels she wore made her legs look like they extended miles, shaking myself I placed a warm smile on my face and headed in their direction.

“Good evening ladies, just the five of you?” I flashed them a sexy smile, seeing them smile back I could feel the burning stare coming straight from her. “Yes please” another brunette who was beautiful but was not holding a flame to the brunette who first drew me in, nodding my head I grabbed the menus before leading them to a booth. Once seated I decided to give them some time as I headed towards the bar where I could see my brothers watching the interaction with knowing grins on their faces. “what are you two smirking about” I grumble as I pour myself a whiskey taking a generous sip, locking my eyes on the ladies I watch as the brunette keeps flashing her vivid green eyes over in the direction of the bar.

“Well, the fact that five beautiful women just walked in and instead of serving them right away you decided to gaze at a certain brunette” Asher teased which only earned a towel thrown at his face and a soft chuckle from Wyatt. Deciding not to entertain their thoughts I headed back to their booth “Ladies, may I take your drink order?” I pose my pen ready, smiling as green eyes glance up at me from under her lashes I do my best not to act affected “I’ll have a whiskey and coke please” she whispers even her voice sounding sultry like velvet. Nodding my head I jot down her order along with her friends before saying I would come back for their food order, walking away I cursed silently to myself I could not let her get under my skin.

I had been burned once and I was not going to let someone that close again, as much as I hated to admit it I was a woo them till their panties were soaked and leave come early morning kinda guy. I was always honest with them so they knew from the start what I was giving them and that I couldn’t give anymore, ripping the paper I place it on the counter of the bar as Asher sends me a nod. Turning on my heel I decided to check on Noah in the kitchen before cleaning some tables, “hey dude you all good?” I say loudly peeking my head around the door to see Noah busy cooking his second in command beside him. “Yeah doesn’t worry I’ll get one of your brothers to grab you if I need it” he grins at me as I chuckle before grabbing a rag and cleaner.

As I head back out Asher stops me with the drinks, placing them on a tray I gently lift them and head in their direction watching as they converse quietly glancing in the direction of the bar every so often. “Ladies, your drinks are we ready to order food?” I smile as I glance at green eyes, she smiles softly at me sucking her baby pink lip between her teeth. Feeling my groin tightening I try to hide it as I listen to their food order, “I’ll put that in for you now, enjoy ladies” I murmur softly stepping away. Heading into the kitchen I give Noah the order sheet before heading back out to type it into the register, deciding to clean tables I clean the ones closest to their booth.

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