Devil's Heartless Beauty

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"You are mine." He whispers in my ear. "In your fucking dreams, jerk." I reply with a smirk. "Don't test me, Heartless Beauty. I'll make sure that your heart will beat, but only for me." He smirks back by holding my waist tightly. "You can try, but my heart will never beat for anyone..." Avery Bennett who is Miss Universe 2021, is commonly called as Heartless Beauty because She has never fallen in love. Elijah Veneto, who is heir of Italian Mafia and CEO of Veneto Industries, is determined to have Avery. He will make sure that Avery would fall in love with him. Two people, one who is heartless and the other who is compassionate. What would happen when these two powerful and dominant people will collide with each other? What can go wrong? Will Avery be able to resist Elijah's mysterious charms and Kindness? Will Elijah be able to win the heart of heartless Beauty, Avery?

Romance / Action
Mitali Sinha
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"A little inhumanity does not describe you as heartless, rather, it is a way of telling others that you have a heart that can get angry."
~Michael Bassey Johnson

Life is surely a properly present given to us, humans. We use our existence to enjoy, purpose and love everyone. But, in my dictionary, there is no such word like “Love”. Love is simply a complete bullshit and distraction for people.

They say that I cannot love anyone. They say that I cannot have heart. Furthermore, they say that I am that woman, who solely focus on her aim. Not only that, they say that I do not revel in my life with love. Well, They are right.

That's why, They name me Heartless Beauty.

I had solely one aim, since childhood. That intention is to win the “Miss Universe” title and make my parents proud. So, Here I am....

Waiting for the announcement in this big crowded hall, I was performing like a confident person, however deep down, I was nervous as fuck.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Finally, That moment has come...”

All contestants crossed their fingers in hope to win. My heartbeat used to be going intense. Everyone used to be lifeless silent. Pin drop silence surrounded the entire place.

“So, Miss Universe 2021 is...”

Fuck! I just wanted to kill this announcer so badly. He will supply me a heart attack. But, I was once so close to get a fucking stroke.

“Miss Universe 2021 is... Avery Bennett.”

Wait! What? Did I win? I can't trust it. Is it absolutely me? I have to verify again.

“Miss Bennett, Please come right here and take your entitled crown.”

Yup, it is me...

Hearing this I go towards the stage to obtain my crown. Then, Previous Miss Universe Cortina Gray comes and crowns me. I take my steps towards mic for my “Thank You” speech.

After taking a deep breath, I begin my speech, “ First of all, I prefer to thank my mother and father and my best friend. Their love and help has made me Miss. Universe. As a Miss. Universe, I favor to convey a stunning exchange in this world. I would deliver this aspect as a Miss Universe to see conditions with a silver lining, and to assess the place I could provide something, the place I should furnish some thing as a spokesperson. If I could train also human beings to be grateful, we may want to have an magnificent world where negativity ought to now not grow and faster. Thank you!”

The whole hall echoed with a thunderous applause. Photographers begin shooting my photos. Smiling faces of my supporters was once some thing that I would by no means get bored of. They imply everything to me. My mother, Father and my first-rate friend. I wouldn't be right here barringthem...

“Congratulations again, Ms. Bennett!” The announcer exclaims with clapping. “Please take your first walk as Miss Universe.”

As I did my first stroll on stage, all and sundry begins cheering and applauding once more and again.

Finally, I've performed my fundamental intention of life. I'm so happy. My dream to emerge as a profitable lady has just started...

Unknown's POV

They say that Every King needs a Queen.
The Queen who would take her king's coronary heart and cause to breathe. The Queen who would make a King possessive for her. The Queen who would make her King hard to live besides her. I did not believe these matters until I saw her...

When I saw her for the very first time, I wanted to take her that instant. But, No, I couldn't. I wanted to be aware of the whole lot about her. I wanted to understand her likes and dislikes. Not solely that, however I've been looking at here considering that months.

Furthermore, I do not know if she would be my Queen or not, however one component is sure that she is the female whom I want solely for myself.

So, Here I am in this Miss Universe Pageant ceremony. Now, I'm searching at her triumphing her crown as Miss. Universe. I knew that she would win due to the fact her beauty is out of this world. No one in this universe can compare her beauty. Her beauty, self belief and determination has brought her in front of the whole universe.

Everything about her is best besides these rumors of being her as “Heartless Beauty”.

I imply this is complete bullshit. She doesn't appear like a heartless girl to me. She just looks so harmless to me. Even if she is heartless, then her coronary heart will beat, however solely for me.

I also comprehend that she has in no way had any boyfriend. She had solely informal hook-ups. But, I do not care about any of these matters as lengthy as any man try to method her. Then, he will have to deal with me.

Just wait some time more, Principessa. You will be mine soon, and I'll be yours. I'll by no means let you go. Not solely that, but I'll additionally slaughter these humans who would dare to come between us. No one would be in a position to separate us. I smirk at this thought...
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