Cuff Me, Officer

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He lifted my chin smirking, “I’m going to take you right here and maybe your daddy could watch as I bend you over and fuck you on his car.” —— He’s her dad’s best friend, how bad can it get? A smut and action love story..

Romance / Erotica
Paris Gill
4.1 10 reviews
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1~ Nellie

!Warning!- this novel contains sexual descriptions and strong themes. Reader discretion is advised!


I put on a high waisted green pleated skirt and a black top. I looked in the mirror the hem of the skirt reaching my upper thigh. One bend and my ass cheeks would be on display...


My phone buzzed and I swiped, “Nellie’s phone.”

"Would you hurry up before all the hot babes and drinks are gone?” My best friend Nathaniel complained. We were going to Caleb’s party tonight at his older brothers cabin. He said his brother let him have it for the night. His brother was a cop at the same station Steven—my father—worked at. Considering how much alcohol Caleb’s party usual have, his brother must be turning a blind eye.

“Hold your horses womanizer I’m coming.” I headed downstairs and Steven was surprisingly still here, “Stev aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

Steven wasn’t my biological father hence the reason I call him by his first name. Ten years ago when I was only 8, my parents died in an unexpected fire incident. Steven was one of my dad’s best friend and ultimately became my caregiver. He was also a detective at the time but soon after became Cheif of Police. “Yeah I’m just—what are you wearing?”

I smiled, “I’m going to a party with Nat.”

"Your dad is still here, oh wait is that his car.” There was some ruffling on the line, “How did I not notice?”

Steven sighed, “Where there will be underage drinking and horny teenage boys.”

I frowned, “Steven stop being a Dad.”

He held up a finger, “No sex Nellie.”

I flushed red and Nat laughed loudly on the line. “Steven!”

He headed towards the door, “Also it’s father daughter day at work tomorrow.” He turned glaring, “You better be there.”


“Or no party Nellie Roberts.” He finalized

I huffed, “Fine I’ll be there Cheif.”


Nat handed me a drink, “To finals!”

I rolled my eyes hitting his cup against my own, “To finals.” I said wearily

He gulped down his drink, “Uhh the lack of excitement is infuriating Nell.”

I smiled and Caleb came over, “Nat I found some hot chicks that wants to dance dude!”

“Excuse me, hot chick sitting right here.” I offered wanting to playfully dirty dance with the boys.

Nat scrunched his nose, “Ew Nellie we don’t want to dance with you.”

Caleb rubbed his nape smiling at me, “Speak for yourself Nathaniel.”

Nat hit Caleb in the back of his head dragging him off. He looked back shouting over the music, “No sex Nellie!”

I rolled my eyes hopping off the stool. I danced around before heading upstairs for a bathroom break. I roamed the hallways stopping in front of a door, wonder what’s in here.

I opened the door to be met by a shirtless man in a dimly lit room. He had his laptop in front of him. He looked up, his brown eyes meeting my green ones. His hair was jet black and a stubble beard covered his chiseled jaw. He titled his head to the side, “And you are?” His deep voice mumbled

I closed the door behind me pressing myself against it, “Caleb’s friend.” Why did I trap myself with a hot stranger?

His eyes roamed my body the blue light from the laptop illuminating his face, “How old are you Caleb’s friend.”

“18.” I said lifting myself off the door, I was about to chart into unknown territory. “What about you old man.”

He held up a finger, “Do not call me old man young lady, 35 is not that old.”

“What’s a 35 year old doing at a high school cabin party?” I asked the fine older man in front of me.

He closed the laptop setting it down on the nightstand, “It’s my cabin and I don’t want my shit head little brother to destroy it.”

I chuckled remembering the times Caleb would entertain us about the fights he had with his brother. “Aren’t you a cop, shouldn’t the underage drinkers get arrested.”

He got up readjusting his slightly aroused member in his black shorts, “Would you like to be arrested?”

I couldn’t help but to let my gaze drop to his pants subconsciously licking my lips. I’ve never been with a guy who was almost the same age as Steven. But it couldn’t hurt to try.. “Maybe.”

He chuckled shaking his head taking a seat on the bed pulling out his phone, “Alright young lady out.”

“Do you really want me to leave?” I teased

He looked me up and down his gaze holding my chest before coming back up to my eyes, “Yes.”

Liar. I turned around and looked at the door. I brought my hands to the knob, “Are you—.”

“Come here.”

My front pooled with wetness at those two words and I turned around. His eyes seemed different, darker, hungrier. I slowly walked over to him, “Yes?”

He sighed, “I don’t usually mess with anyone under 20.” He got up towering over me, “But you seem desperate.”

Desperate?! Why I ought to—, “Then I’ll take my desperate ass home.”

I turned away and he clasped onto my wrist, “Wait.” He spun me around pressing me against his bare chest. He looked down at me before taking my lips with a deep kiss. His hands lifted my shirt and I wiggled out of it revealing my black mesh bra. He trailed his hand over my see through nipple, “Fuck.”

I shivered under his touch and he sucked my nipple through the thin material. I moaned slightly causing him to groan. “Tell me your name.” I asked his tongue rolling over my hard nipple.

He lifted his head tugging at my skirt. His long thumb rubbed my thigh underneath it and I bit my lip, “Gale, what’s yours?”

“It’s—.” I choked down my words, I’m sure Steven talked about me at work. From my first name alone he would know and stop. I really didn’t want him to stop, “No name.”

He released me stepping back crossing his arms, “Why not.”

I walked up to him trying to pry his muscular hands from his chest. “Please Gale.” My front was already throbbing with a need. His arms fell wrapping around me once again.

“Fine.” He ran his fingers through my hair, “Baby will do just fine.”

I let out a small sigh of relief the throbbing more intense as he rubbed my rear. I traced his toned body with my fingers. He shivered slightly, “Touch me.” I whispered looking up at him.

He spun me in a flash pinning me against the nearby wall holding my arms above me. His hard groin pressed against my rear and he whispered in my ear, “Do you want it?” I nodded my front aching as he massaged my boob, “Say it.”

“I want it.” I spoke my words full of need. He trailed his hand down to my soaked front. I began to leak even more by his mere touch.

He rubbed my panty covered slit and I pressed my back against him. He nipped my ear which caused a soft moan to escape from my lips. He continued to rub my covered sex but I so desperately wanted his long hard fingers inside me. I tugged his hand, “Mmm patience.”

He kissed my neck leaving my soaked front and returned to my boob. He pulled back the bra and my boob came bouncing out. He played with my nipple till it became hard and turned me around. I looked into his dark brown eyes and he brought his head down licking the hard nipple. I bit my lip as he mouth continued to play with it. He let go of my wrist using his free hand to play with my boob as his other hand returned to my front. “Gale...” I whispered softly

He lifted me up straddling my legs around his waist my back against the wall. He slipped past my underwear and rubbed my soaked inner folds. He gripped my boob tightly, “You’re so wet baby.” He slipped in a finger and I moaned against the crook of his neck.

He used his thumb to rub my clit as his lone finger played in my heated sex. “Please.” I moaned wanting more than just a finger. He slipped another one in pushing more forcefully than before. I shook at the wave of pleasure which caused a third finger to slip in.

I yelped softly at the pain and he retracted his fingers, “I’m sorry.” The three fingers were new but something I was willing to try.

I clutched his bare shoulder small scratch marks appearing soon after, “No, put them back please.” He hesitated before working my soaked front again. He pumped two fingers before bringing back the third one. I sunk my teeth into his shoulder before moaning in his ear at the soon met pleasure.

I couldn’t stop the moans that was getting louder. If there wasn’t music blasting downstairs I’m sure we would’ve been caught. He rubbed my hard nipple then taking a fistful of my chocolate hair. He pulled my head back as he continued to pump my front. He stared at me his eyes full of hunger, “Come for me baby.”

A tsunami of pleasure from his fingers and his words caused me to thrust against him. He groaned softly and I closed my eyes taking in the beautiful sound of his own pleasure. He pressed my clit and I cried out feeling myself on the verge of coming. He let my head fall against his chest as I melted, coming onto his fingers.

He continued to pump his trio into my hot dripping sex and I came again. He slowly let me down holding me upright by my hip. I looked up at him as he sucked his fingers wet with my juices. I clenched my thighs at the sight in front of me. He put his other hand on my rear squeezing pulling me forward against his erection. I could feel his length grow larger, “Now I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

He brought me over to the bed removing my underwear as he laid me down. I lifted my legs, from my view my skirt covered my front. He brought his hand down caressing my hot sex, “Why won’t you tell me your name.”

I moaned softly against his touch as he began to undo his belt, “It’s better this way.” Once he finds out I’m Steven’s daughter it’s over. If tonight is all I get then that’s fine.

He took out his hard member and my eyes widen, what the hell is that! “Don’t worry.” He began rubbing the tip of his bulging monster cock with his fingers glistening from the wetness from my sex, “I won’t hurt you.”

I sat up, “You’ll tear me in half.” My front ached at the idea of him in me, but I wanted to walk straight tomorrow I promised Steven no sex.

He pushed me back down and I exhaled, “I won’t.” He rubbed his large hard tip against my inner folds and I had to stop myself from pushing it in. We had to go slow otherwise I would actually rip open.

“Condom.” I blurted out remembering the dumb protection song we had to learn in health.

He retracted away groaning, “I completely forgot, you’re not on a pill?”

I sat up his hard member hovering below my chin as I looked up to him, “It takes a while to kick in, I only started on it recently.” He sighed pulling up his pants running his fingers through his hair. I motioned for him to come down and he did. His upper torso was between my legs, “Can we wait?”

He brought his mouth to my boob causing the nipple to harden once again. He kissed my chest, “Of course we can, I’m not letting you go stranger.” He brought his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. His hands rubbed my back as he lowered into a deeper kiss. I brought my hand to his jaw feeling his stubble beard against my fingers.

I only then noticed the music from the party had died down. I pulled back, “I have to go.”

“No.” He groaned, “Tell me your name please.”

I softly pushed him off of me putting on my underwear and my shirt, “Next time Gale.” I looked back at him he was now laying on his bed.

He smiled at me his hands behind his head, “When I find out I’ll punish you hard for sure.”

I felt my cheeks heat up and I opened the door returning back to the party.

I really hope so.

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