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This is a story of romance and suspense. This story is about Lily who suffers from depression .She lost herself trying to impress others, she lost her best friend ,she lost her parents ,her siblings ,her crush eventually she lost her happiness. Fate had other plans for her now she's different .After year of torture she refound her heaven untill she thought so it's all because of him he created hell for her .Now she has to suffer again .Untill one day everything changed . . . Her best friend is killed every body suspects Lily but did she really kill her ?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Lily's pov:

Hmmm....what should I wear today to college , I am gonna be valedictorian today I need to look perfect after what feels like 100 years I finally got what I want to wear finally oh my god I look so good and perfect but still something inside of me tells that its gonna be a long day .

I invited my parents but I don't think they gonna come they never cared for me but I wish they love me and care as my sister Amy . But I hope Nate comes . Nate is my brother but for me he's more than anything I love him so much only he cares about me I don't know what I would do if he doesn't care about me may be I might not be here graduating

After getting into my Audi A6 I hope today it goes well with out any disturbances and all and Blake would be there but what's the use he never likes me cause he have a girlfriend who is none other than my best friend .

I'm basically an introvert but I am close to Sara I consider her as my best friend grabbing my phone I call her but she's not answering might be busy though with her gang . Her gang well I don't talk to them much because they are kinda bullies but I consider them as my friends cause they are good to me atleast .

I love to sing and dance they are kinda my passion but I am more Interested in business than dancing and singing I wanna be something of my self .

coming out of my thoughts What's happening oh god my breaks are not working damn it !! oh my god I hope I don't cause trouble to others. Ugh!!! how should I control this damnnn thing !!! finally I jump out of this car thank god ,otherwise I would have died here. I need to take a taxi now .Its already pretty late ugh! I hate this day .

Finally I reached my college after 2 hours Instead of finding People I am seeing something else its only Blake , Aria, Rebecca, Noah, Rachel and they are looking directly into my eyes with different expressions anger ,regret ,teary eyes which I couldn't understand .

"Hey guys !!! what's happening and why are you here and not dressed? isn't graduation day ?"I question them

"Look who's talking" aria scoffed .I look into Blake eye's to say something but before that happens Rebecca slaps me .I couldn't understand anything what did I do?

"You killed Sarah "she yells . Am I dreaming? what's happening how can sara died and how on earth I killed her never in my life I would do that "You bitch I don't want to see your ugly face" Aria yells behind .

"Blake you have to believe me I didn't do anything" I cry .

"You slut we know you have feelings for Blake and you wanted to be in Sara's place and Blake doesn't give a shit about you and you killed her" Aria yells and slaps me again.

"Get out "Blake yells with so much anger and regret in his eyes .

I couldn't control my tears "she's my best friend and why would I kill her even after having feelings for Blake I know he love's her and I want him and my best friend to be happy I would never do that , I didn't kill her okay "I yell .

"You Whore get out" Rachel throws me to ground .

"No I am gonna be here for her funeral .I am her best friend I want to be for her please " I plead them .

Blake comes and drags me to my car and he holds my neck with so much hatred in his eyes .I don't want this much hatred from him .Even if he can't love me its okay but at least I dont't want this hatred.

I yelp in pain his fingers are printed on my neck ."Leave this place you slut I don't want to see your face ever again". Before I could say something a loud voice interrupted .

Nate and my sister Aria and my parents were coming towards me .Blake releases me .

"Nate at least you have to believe me I didn't do anything". I cry reaching my brother .

"sorry lily , I can't help here cause all evidences are against you .The last call was yours , she left her apartment because of your call and near her body your finger prints were found".

I was shocked I don't know what to say now even my brother is not believing me .

"See father I told you she's not in proper condition long back look where it got us now . "Amy yells

"Your a disappointment in our lives lily I wish your never born" my mom yells at me .

I couldn't take this pain that I am going through . No one are believing me and I don't have anything that I can prove myself innocent .

"Please believe me I didn't do anything I didn't kill her okay some one belive me atleast you nate "I cry in pain .

"No one's gonna believe you sis u know I always know about your intentions but I didn't know you would do that "Amy scoffs

"You need to leave this place lily there's gonna be police interaction and they might arrest you and I will try to get bail but it's not completely in my hands cause it's attempt murder "Nate whispers in my ears

I couldn't look at him he's not believing me and I just can't believe sara is no more .I just simply nod my head and move away from everyone

I leave that place with out looking at people i know that Sara' s parents are there and even Blake's I just couldn't take it I don't know where I am going before i could say something I yell in pain when something is injected into my neck

" I couldn't attend your funeral Sara I am so sorry "I mumble in my brain

now blackeness consumes me I hope I die

|| After 3 hours ||

I look around I don't see anything its all black , I fell dizzy ,I couldn't walk cause I am tied both my hands and legs ,oh my god I have been kidnaped does my family noticed that I am gone oh my god please I want to die .

At least until today I had Sara ,Nate for me now Nate doesn't believe me and your are dead Sara. Blake is angry at me he believes that I killed you. where I am?

"Hello? Is anybody there ? please help me "I yell


"Don't shout bitch boss told me to keep you safe ,If you yell I am gonna stab you "a green eyed man yelled at me

"Yes boss I got here ,yes "I hear some voices

"Hello welcome to my place love" a grey eyed person says me

"who are you?" I question him

"your boyfriend baby" he answers .I remain in utter shock.

"No u can't be my boy friend what are u saying ? Are you dumb "I question him

"Iam not dumb baby u gonna be here for
long time "he retorts

"Please leave me alone please I won't say anything to you I will give you money if u needed please leave me alone "

"Baby you know now you have a police charge on you and Iam the one who saves you here "he says

Iam in shock "How do you know about that ?"

"Baby I know everything about you baby "

"You had a hand in this didn't you ?"

"Absolutely no baby but I kept a cover on you I wanted to grab you since a long time but I never got a chance and when I know this happened so why not use this opportunity ?"he says with smiling

"I don't believe you "I scoff

"You will believe baby once when you know the whole truth .Now I need something from you I wanted since long time but i got perfect opportunity "

"What you want from me ?money ? I can give you,how much ?"

"Baby I don't need money you know who I am ?

"no I have never seen you before "

"Oh baby you will see me more in future cause you never gonna leave me "

"First dont call me baby ,iam not your baby and I will not be here for one more minute "

"Fiesty I like it and no one will come for you
baby every one hates you now "

"Yes baby every one hates you even your lover boy what's his name yeah Blake "

I cry just I don't know what to say

"Now baby fresh up and we gonna have a
long romantic night "he says and leaves

I don't understand what's long romantic night ?oh no I don't think that's what he meant please god save me from my misery I cry out loud and blackness consumes me

Blakes pov:

I can't believe she did that I just couldn't control tears I am crying for the first time in my life, sara is my girlfriend I like her but love I dont know if it's love or not .

I can't believe I had a crush on lily when I am 8 she's a monster who killed my girlfriend I was happy with her and she ruined it .

I knew she's not what she displays but I didn't know she was a murderer .after what happened in that year I know shes a bad chapter for me but never thought this is gonna happen .

I will make sure she get arrested and suffer like me for rest of the life

Authors pov:

Please give me feedback if you like my story it gives me inspiration .well this is my first story ever I hope you like it .

There's so much more to this story .every day you gonna get new updates .This is my hobby actually to write stories and dramas .

Well I'm not pro at this but I will try please be patient with the story and enjoy this journey with me 😊.

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