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Chapter 2

Lily's pov :

"God jake hurry up we need to create this costume for Veronica you know how she will be pissed if we make it late "I was yelling

Veronica is famous Victoria secret model our agency is in London and she always comes for us if she require any new costume I don't want to mess up this I just love how ground to earth she is she's funny , smart and she has a great family I want her to be Jake's girlfriend I know he has a crush on her like that but I wanted them together since long time and no one realises anything that they like each other god they are stupid
"Ok ok calm down we will make it don't worry you know you always get on my nervous sometimes " jake says

"Okay if you mess up its on you got it ?"

" Yes mam" he replies annoyingly

"Okay so what do you think about today's investors who would it be ? I have no idea it better be a good one " I faced him with a serious face

"Offcourse he's a big personality in USA I have read about him in tabloids I know for sure that he's a good one " jake commented

"Well then I hope very things goes well with the meeting tommorow " I say drinking my black coffee

"Well then I will leave now get some sleep you like a zombie right now with eye bags and all I don't care how you look but tommorow is a big day get some rest hope you know you can charm our investor and all "he says while facing me

"Oh I don't have any intrest in charming any one you know and he's here for work and we will be professional and that's it And most importantly I don't care what other thinks about me " I say and continue

"The day I met you was the best thing in my life , your are my brother that I never had and you have seen me worst I want you to know that because I will be zombie every day "I laugh

"Okay my girl now get some rest we will tomorrow but I want you to be healthy and don't forget your medicines and still your getting your nightmares and panic attacks ?" Jake questions me

" know they never end I some times think that I'm cursed or something or else why would my life would be like this with nightmares, panic attacks and all "

"Your not cursed lily you know I'm so happy to be with you your the sister that I never had you know that right ? and you see one day everything will be normal you will find some one for you who shows you the world "

" I don't think that day comes jake I don't belive in love and shit any more and most importantly I want to be happy for once in my life "

"You will be happy lily now good night's it's getting late now come on sleep "

// *Flash back * //

"Hey baby girl taste soo good "he moans

"Please leave me alone please don't do this I don't want to do this please leave me "I cry

"Shut up you slut your gonna be my meal for tonight don't spoil my mood " he roars

After he finish everything I just lie down like a deady body I know he's not finished yet

"What's this ?" I question him

"Oh baby it's gonna give you pleasure baby see " he says and starts beating me

I couldn't control this pain please god please save me what did I do ?is this my punishment for the crime that I didn't do ?

"Please please leave me alone"
I sob

"Shuhssshhh its okay lily it's night mare wake up don't cry he's not here wake up " jake says

"Jake "I cry into his chest all the pain and everything that happened is infront of my eyes the torture I went through the mental and physical pain is infront of my eyes

"It's okay lily I'm always here for you no one can ever touch my baby sis you got it I won't allow any one near you "

"Thanks Jake lay beside me jake I don't wanna wakeup and cry again "
"Okay "jake nods and lay beside me

I cry and slowly close my eyes sleep takes over me

///////////////////Next morning /////////////////////////

"Wake uppp lily "jake coos in my year

"Ughhh jake not now please let me sleep "I say still in a sleepy tone

" No no today is big day common get up"
he says

"Ugh fine "I am up

"Good now get ready and come for breakfast " he says

"Okay "

********After fresh up ***********

" Wow you jake pancakes umm...they are so yummm I can just live with this " I say while moaning

"Oh god lily don't moan I wanna eat too "

"And thanks I can always make it for you don't worry " he says while eating

"Thanks Jake "

"Common let's go we need to fetch our investor today with good impression"jake says

"Yes common let's go I'm done "

////////////////////////// J&L inc. ////////////////////////

"Okay let's do this jake "I say to him

"Yeahhh"he says

We made all our arrangements for our investor

"Okay what's his company name ?"

"It's gray co. " He says with so much of admiration

"Oh nice "

Okay here he comes

The person just entered and I couldn't breathe anymore offcourse it's gray so it must be him god I can't face him my past is something I would like to keep it in past but no why can't god leave me alone our eyes interlocked he's eyes are burning into mine with shock ,hatred ,anger

I just couldn't say anything jake greeted him I just stood there doing nothing

Jake stormed my hand to say that I need to greet him I come out of my world and looked up to him with no expression well I mastered it after what happened in my past.

"Hello mr.gray " I greet him

He just looks into my eyes with so much hatred and the next think he says broke my heart again

"Well well what do we have here ms.williams or ms.anderson? I see you got another male here for you as a puppet and stil playing games I see didn't know I would see you here nice seeing you ms.williams oops sorry my mistake ms .Anderson "

"Is it him ?"jake asks me

I just nod

"Oh so you know what the devil in deed did back in past I don't know what you see in this cheap whore and criminal"Blake says with hatred

"Enough don't talk about her like that you don't even know anything "jake yells

" Huh !!! You don't know anything I bet this bitch lied evrything to you "

"Please stop shall we continue this meeting or not ?"I ask them diverting the topic

"Sure ms .Anderson "Blake says

"Okay I will definitely invest cause this is your company ms.lily so I need to take revenge for what you did "

"Oh no way I am gonna make that happen "jake yells

"Oh do you think other investors will invest in you company if I didn't ? No one will I will make sure of that " Blake comments rudely

"No you can't do that "jake yells

"Oh I can mr.anderson and I will if you won't accept my condition" Blake says with a smirk on his face

"What's the condition?"I ask facing him

"Well you have to be my personal assistant sorry it's a professional word you gonna be ny slave actually " Blake says with smirk

I hate his smirk ughhhhh

"No she won't be your personal assistant "jake yells

"Oh she will be other wise you gonna face consequences "Blake commands

"Fine I will do it I don't wanna make people loose their jobs jake " I calmly says to them

"Oh you kill people saying those innocent things won't help here "Blake says rudely

"I didnt kill anyone this is truth if you believe me its good or else I don't really care cause I'm not here to convience you that I didn't kill her or something even if I try no use you wouldnt believe me so yeah waste of time for me and for you so move on "

He looks stunned by my answer and anger radiates from him

"Well get ready to experience torture and pain it's pay back time "he says and goes away by signing the deal

"Why did you agree ?"jake yells

"Cause I know what he's capable of and I don't want to hurt you jake ur the most important thing in my life you know " I reply calmly

"I can't trust him lily and I can't do anything about it "he says tears falling from his eyes

"It's okay jake I will be fine you see I went through hell this is nothing so yeah let's get back to work " I say

"Take care lily I will be here for you no matter what just talk to me please okay "
He says still crying

"Yes jake thank you for everything "

What did I into myself god please save me

I decided that I will never get on his nervous so that I can be safe yeah that's the best thing to do








Author's note :

I hope you are all safe and happy

Happy Sunday ☺️
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