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Chapter 3

Blake's pov:

She's here well I wanted revenge since a long time and I'm gonna do this I'm gonna make sure what's his name yeah jake leave her and she will be all alone I will definitely torture her and make her suffer all the pain

Call interrupted my thoughts offcourse it's non other than Amy she's a bitch who clings with me all the time she doesn't love me well she uses me for her own needs well I use her too

"Hello"I say rudely

"Hey baby why are you so moody when will you come back to New York " she says in a seductive tone

"Well it definitely takes time "I say simply to avoid her

"Baby I miss you I want to hold you and have you in my bed "she says

Oh god when does she leave me alone

"Bye I'm busy right now "

I cut her call before she say something

Some one clears throat

I look back and I see none other than the devil itself she looks pale and dull I hope she's okay ugh why I am thinking nicely about her she's a murderer get a grip Blake

"Yes "I say rudely

" your coffee and you have a meeting with mr.anderson in half and hour " she says politely

I nod wow this coffee is so good but I'm not gonna say that

I though this coffee on her face

"What's this coffee I need black coffee with one cube of sugar and you brought this with 2 cubes of sugar go and bring me an other one "I roar

Tears fall from her eyes but she controls it somehow I feel bad for her but this is for sara I tell myself

"Yes sir " she says with so much of hurt and sadness

*After 10 mins *

"Sir heres your black coffee with 1 cube of sugar "
She says politely

Not bad....she's good at acting

She whispers something to her self

"Sir is that it can I leave ?"she questions

"No ms.anderson you need to come with me to meeting after all your my assistant I need you there "

"Umm...okay mr.gray "

"Lily I need you to bring all the files of latest collection , and your agency details and all the finance details now "I say rudely

"Yes sir " she went and brought all the files which are required

"Make all the list of them and make notes I need them today itself I don't want to waste time because I'm pretty sure you don't know anything but I hope you can do this small work you useless "

She just nods

"Answer me Anderson "I yell by reaching near her we are separated by an inch gao now her heart is beating heavy and mine too god what I'm feeling and I grab her hands and press them towards the wall and hold them tightly, she may get a bruise on her hand

"Yesssss sirree" she said and collapsed on to the floor I don't know what I did why did she fell off

"Hey wake up you idiot wakeup don't play games with me "

She's not waking up what should I do now ? Why is she not waking up ?

I should call jake he might do something
And I grab my phone from my pocket

"Jake something happened to lily she collapsed on to the floor " I say

"Shittt !!!what did you do you idiot ?"he yells

"I'm coming don't touch her you fucker "he yells

I cut the call and wait for him

"Lily oh my god "Jake's comes into my cabin

"You fucker what did you do haan? I wanna kill you right now you triggered her something that's why she collapsed you dumb fucker "he punches me on the nose .

Oh god now nose is broken

"Whattt I did nothing I just grabbed her hand and pressed them against the wall that's it "

"You I will kill you fuckkkk"he yells

"I need to take her to the hospital "he yells


"Is she okay ?do we need to increase her dose ?"jake questions the doctor

What is he talking about dose ?what happened to her

"'s not required yet but I have to warn you guys don't trigger her you see if it happens other time I can't say anything about it again high dose may effect her health conditions if she doesn't talk about it to me I don't know I can't really do anything she just trusts you jake you need to take care of her "

"Umm..yes I will not let any fucker touch her " he says clenching his jaw

He turns to me and says "you fucker listen here you are just an investor she will just do her work for you as per her conditions you will touch her and talk to her other than office related "

"If something happens to her I won't hesitate to kill you "

"You got it ?"

"No you can't do that I will talk to her and I need to know what happened to her what triggered her "I yell

"Look here bastard you don't need to nay everything your just our investor do you job and get the fuck out of here "

"Leave her alone and by the way she didn't kill your pretty girlfriend sara is that her name what ever get this in you fucking brain " he says grinding his teeth

"Don't believe her you don't know anything "
I say

"Oh fucker I know more than enough to say she didn't now get the hell out of here "he says clenching his jaw

"I'm not going anywhere "I yell

"Stop it you guys, jake she's awake she's asking you " doctor says with sadness in his tone

Jake rushes into the room

I just stand there offcourse she called him why would she call me oh I don't need to be this soft for her she doesn't deserve my b
Good side

She deserves the worst

"Your the one who triggered her I better say this to you she went through a lot if any one would have gone through it they wouldn't be alive I must say so please don't trigger her " doctor says to me and leaves

What does that mean ?

What does she went through ?

What happened in this five years

I need answers

Iam not gonna go with out answers

"I'm so sorry jake I made you sad please don't leave me like others I don't have any one other than you "lily cries

What does that mean ?

"No lily I will never leave you no matter what I will protect you from every one even it might be him or this Blake "

Him?who's him now ?

"Jake "she whispers and cry into his chest

What's happening to me why I can't like them together

Oh well she killed my girl friend now she's having a boyfriend and being this close offcourse I wouldn't like it

" May I come in" I ask politely

"What the hell I told you to leave you fucker get out "jake yells

"Look I'm here because I need answers "I say

"You need nothing just get out "jake yells

"No I won't leave" I say looking staright into Lily's eyes

She looked shocked

"Well she's none of your bussiness she just got triggered that's it now you can leave "jake says clenching his jaw

"Look I want to say something "I say

"What ?"jake yells

"Umm....I'm sorry okay for triggering you "I say looking into her eyes

"Oh good you realised now leave "

"I told you I need answers what triggered her ?"I question

"Look I don't want another panic attack to happen here I will talk to you tommorow you may leave now "jake says holding Lily's hands

I clenched my jaw

"Fine but I need answers "I say and move out

Oh I definitely need answers

And I will find out soon

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