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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Logan runs his hands through his shoulder length hair in frustration looking at his computer screen. He wants to work on the cars, not sit behind a desk ordering parts, calling clients to come get their car, taking care of the payroll of the employees, and paying bills. Maybe he just might take Jade’s offer on doing the business part of the business while he works on the cars.

“Logan I need a favor,” he hears Jade’s voice from the doorway of the office. Speak of the devil and it shall appear Logan thought.

“I can’t right now I’m busy running a business,” he replied not even bothering to look up.

“If you do me this favor I’ll take care of everything tonight,” she bargains.

Finally looking up he notices that she has her long curly red hair that she got from their father in a high ponytail and is dressed in long black yoga pants and a bright pink sports bra, a yoga mat under her armpit and a bottle of water in her hand.

“What is it?” he asks cautiously.

“Take me to my yoga class and wait for me there and bring me back here and I’ll take care of the problem in the office and you’ll take care of my car problem, deal?” she cocks her head to the side her brown eyes taking him in. Jade thinks that Harmony and Hunter will make a nice addition in Logan’s life and she thanks her lucky stars that her car broke down today.

Battling with himself a little he agrees, “Fine, but if one of those hippies tries anything I’m out.”

“It’s not like that Logan sheesh open up a little,” she watches her brother put his wallet in the back pocket of is dark blue one piece that all the mechanics wear but his were clean meaning he’s been in the office since he got to work this morning. Like all the mechanics he wears the top half down while showing off his white wife beater.

“Let’s go,” he said grabbing his keys and leading them to his Chrome black American muscle car that he worked on himself, when it starts it purrs like a cat in heat. He smiles at the sound while his sister just rolls her eyes.

Pulling up in the studio’s parking lot Logan shoves his aviators and stealing his sister’s ponytail holder from her hair and putting his up. Jade glares up at him but he just smiles back as he holds the studio’s front door open for her. Getting inside he notices a bunch of people in groups talking. He instantly got the attention of all the females in the room, male spouses put an arm around their wives. Ignoring them he looks down at his sister and whispers, “This is a yoga class.”

“Yeah, 15 minutes before and after class the teacher lets us mingle with each other so we are not complete strangers,” Jade replies taking the ponytail holder from her wrist and puts her untamable hair in a ponytail.

“So where is this teacher of yours,” Logan asks looking around not noticing anyone in the room to teach yoga.

“She’s coming through the door right now,” she jerks her head towards the door in front of the class.

At the moment he looks in that direction all thoughts in Logan’s mind disappears, all he see is smooth olive tan skin, athletic slender body in yoga pants and sports bra and kinky, curly, midnight, black hair trapped in a ponytail-his fingers itched to let all that magnificent hair out. He also notices a white lotus flower around her belly button where she has a belly piercing.

As she smiles as she gets closer to their small huddle, full pink lips, high cheek bones with a button nose and her eyes are a stormy grey. The scent of vanilla and lavender assault his senses causing all the blood roaring in his head, head down south.

“Hey Harmony,” Jade hugs the beauty that has captured his attention. “This is my brother Logan. Logan this is Harmony.”

“Hello Logan welcome to my class,” Harmony said smiling putting out her hand. Looking down at the hand offered to him Logan grasp it in is much larger calloused hand and watch her small nibble hand disappear. Bringing it to his lips and taking his sunglasses off to stare into her eyes he forced out his Spanish accent that his mother at drilled into him and answered, “It’s my pleasure.”

He watch in satisfaction when her pupil dilate and hear her breath hitch the slightest. Unnerved by her body’s reaction Harmony tugs at her arm and glad he let it go and smile politely at him and turn her attention back to Jade who watched the whole interaction with fascination.

“Will you be able to Nate and me after class today for coffee?” she asks trying to ignore the sex on legs next to her.

“Aww sorry I promised this bozzo right here,” she points to her brother. “That if he drove me here and back then I’ll do some work for him.”

“That’s okay, tomorrow? Wait no I have lunch with Meredith and some errands to run how about tonight over dinner.”

“Yeah totally and I’ll bring the wine and chocolates.”

“Nice, got to get ready 5 minutes until class starts,” Harmony hugs Jade waves at Logan and continues her round of the groups.

He was rewarded by a gorgeous firm bottom and a tattoo of a dragon taking flight with the wings on her shoulder blade, it’s head on the base of her neck and its tail ending right above her ass. Smiling he looks at his sister who is looking at him with her eyebrows raised.

“So who is this Nate character?” he asks casually crossing his arms across his chest.

“Jealous?” Jade taunts.

“No just need to know who my competition is,” Logan replies.

“He’s gay, doesn’t matter anyway because she doesn’t need you causing trouble and she already has a kid and she doesn’t need another one.”

“She’s a mother.” The surprise was evident in his voice. “But she doesn’t have a ring in her finger.”

“Yeah his five and the bastard of the father even after her taking the paternity test he refuses to believe that the child is his. Thank goodness his grandparents still want something to do with him, that boy is the cutest thing I’ve seen in my entire life. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get to spot before someone decides to steal it.”

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