HaLo Effect

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Harmony didn’t have to look at the back of the class to know that he was looking at her. She could feel his eyes perusing her figure throughout class and it took everything in her not to look back because God knows she likes what she saw. Natural tan skin from his mother since Jade say something she wish she had her mother’s skin tone that her brother have instead of her dad’s, blue-green eyes with blue flakes around the iris, broken nose, full pink lips, long brown hair past his shoulders, angular squared jaw covered in a beard and sleeve tattoos all over his muscled bulky arms and those broad shoulders that lead down to a tampered waist and muscular thighs that one piece jumpsuit didn’t hide very well. Or the bulge at his crotch.

Sleeve tattoo on the left arm with a skull with roses on the shoulder and leads down to a half-naked girl on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, an American muscle car and a pin up girl in a shift laying upside down. And from what she can tell tribal marking tattoos on the right arm that starts on pectoral. His hands oh my goodness those calloused hands, a working man hands. She can imagine those hands sliding down her body bringing her pleasure she never felt before.

When class was over Harmony couldn’t been more relieved she could feel his eyes caressing her body like a lover’s kiss throughout class. The nerve of him to pretend he had bumped in to her while he brought his body flush against her back feeling all hard muscle and one very impressive organ poking her backside. Just that simple contact had her body sensitive to the slightest touch. She couldn’t get to her fast enough to meet Nate at Café Nuit.

Knowing Nate will be late-or fashionably late like he likes to call it-she orders for him to save time. She got herself peppermint tea with condense milk and Nate a caramel chocolate chip frappe. He arrived as soon as their order arrived at their table.

“Oh thanks honey you are a doll,” Nate took a sip out of his drink as he sat down. They met 3 years ago when Meredith gave Harmony a spa day pass to enjoy herself while she spends with her grandson. “So spill what have the Spawn of Satan has done now.”

“Last night Hunter asked me why does his dad hate him and it has to do with the dinner at Jeff’s parents’ house. Before he graces us with his presence everything was going fine then he shows up cursing me out and how I’m only there to get money from his family when Lord knows I barely asked for money and the only thing I ask for his for him to acknowledge his son and spend some time with him and that’s it. Then he brings along a bimbo trying to get a reaction out of me because he knows how much it had hurt me before when I thought he had changed and wanted something to do with his son’s life. And you know I could care less if he directed his angry or whatever towards me-I can take it but Hunter was affected since he is getting to the age that he start understanding some things.”

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to teach him a lesson, I know some people who can take care of him for you free of charge,” Nate asks after a moment of silence. Harmony chuckles, “Yeah I’m sure.”

“I’m surprised she isn’t here, wasn’t she in class today?” Jade never missed the chance of coming to Café Nuit because of their many delicious pastries and very edible pastry chef.

“Yeah she was but her car had problems so her brother drive her there and back because she promised she would do some work for him,” she supplied drinking her tea while looking at the outside traffic which isn’t much at this time of day. A gasp from across her made her look back at Nate with worry. “What, what’s wrong?”

“You. Saw. Logan. Fucking. Green. Sex. Incarnated. And you say it in nonchalance like you see him every day. If he would bat for the other team just for a second I would totally tap that. I’ve heard stories of his prowess in bed and boy are those stories juicy, I could just orgasm from hearing the things he could do in bed,” he lean in, “The main thing going around is that he is almost as long as a Subway sub with a Jacob’s Ladder or is it a Prince Albert, oh it doesn’t matter just know that it is long and pierced.”

Harmony nearly chocks on her tea from the information that he just thrown at her, “Nate I don’t need to know any of that information.”

“You never know, now that he has seen you there is no doubt he will be knocking on your door. I mean look at you no one would know that were are a mother with your fit body smooth of stretch marks, if I weren’t gay I would totally tap that,” taking another sip from his drink.

“If I didn’t see you pleasuring a guy behind a bar once I would question if you are actually gay and not bi,” shaking her head in laughter, “And you are exaggerating about my looks. Cocoa butter took care of those stretch marks with a side of yoga and laughter from my wonderful friends.”

“You are welcome I mean what would you to without me,” Nate sighed.

“Have a stress free life,” Harmony raises eyebrows.

“Ha you wish,” he said looking at his watch, “Ugh I have an appointment in like 30 minutes with Krystal, I’m surprised her hair haven’t fallen out with all the chemicals. It like girl you are already blonde as they come how much blonder do you want to get and the chemicals are making you dumber. Well I have to go but you’ll definitely see me at dinner tonight and I’ll bring the good liquor.”

Entering her office at the studio Harmony finds her mother Sakae Yumiko-Knight a strong Japanese woman who followed her heart to be with the man she loved her father Zacheriah Knight a veteran when he met her mother in her homeland Japan. Things weren’t easy for them especially since her dad is Black and her mother is Japanese and some people thought that was wrong but they made the best of it.

“Mommy,” Hunter run towards her before she can brace herself and wrap her legs into a hug. “Can I stay with nana and papa please? I miss them and they promised me that I can go to the zoo and see all the animals and later we can get ice cream and I really want ice cream.”

She looks down at her son and smile, “Sure buddy you can stay with your grandparents this weekend, and do you want Rex with you?”

“Mommy you know I can’t take Rex with me, he’s going to get jealous that I’m going to see other animals and make sure he doesn’t get lonely.”

“Silly me, I’m sorry and I’ll keep Rex company while you’re gone,” she said ruffling his hair.

On her way out Sakae lean into her daughter’s ear and whisper with a slight Japanese, “I know what’s bad things are going on but in good time everything will fall into place.”

It was always hard to hide anything from her mom her whole life but she was always there without judgment when she needed a shoulder to cry on.

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