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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Harmony opens the door to her house to be greeted by Nate and Jade on her front porch bearing gifts. Inviting them in Rex bounced around them because he knows that they bring him treats whenever they come for visits. And like magic they both produce big bag of treats and gave him two treats each then gave me the bags and I put it with the others that are still there from the last time they came here-last week.

“I made my famous Swedish meatballs so I hope you guys came hungry because I think I went overboard on the amount I made so you can take some home,” she said leading them to the kitchen. She was rewarded with cries of joy.

“I told Jade everything she needs to know about the leech so we can just focus on Logan fucking Green,” Nate said perching himself on one of the stools that surrounded the island.

“Can we not talk about my brother please?” Jade ask pouring herself a glass of wine.

“I have to agree with Jade on this one,” harmony said putting a plate of food in front of Nate. “He’s just a guy nothing special about him.”

“Finally a person immune to his charms,” Jade rejoiced. “But he already has his sight set on you, he wanted to know if Nate was his competition since you mentioned you were to meet him today. I told him forget about since you already have too much on your plate with that bastard and you have a kid.”

“He wanted to know about me,” Nate sighed, “I have a feeling that is the only time he’s going to say my name and it wasn’t even the way I wanted him to do it.”

“We are eating here Nate,” they complained.

“I’m just saying.”


Logan watches as a car pulled up to the garage and every guy stops what they are doing has they see two feet incased in 4-inch sex kitten heels set up and goes up to long legs, a black pencil skirt, soft pink silk blouse and Harmony.

Harmony knows that every eye was on her as soon as she got out of her car but she ignores them all closing her door walking towards the garage she smiles seeing Jade running towards her in full speed. His heart tripped when she smiled at him but soon realize isn’t him she was looking at but Jade who ran towards her to her back seat and taking out a large platter full of sandwiches.

“Guys Harmony made lunch for you guys so I don’t have to go and get food for you fat asses,” she said the flock of men in the garage following her inside leaving Logan alone with Harmony.

“Um I guess I should be leaving now,” she starts walking back to her car but Logan caught her wrist before she can move away.

“Go out with me tomorrow night,” he demands and she raises her eyebrows at him.

“When a man wants a woman to go on a date with him he asks not demand, so my answer is no and I already have a guy in my life,” Harmony replies freeing her wrist from his hold to cross her arms against her chest unconsciously thrusting her breast at him.

“Who Hunter?” he asks mockingly knowing she doesn’t have a man in her life.

Scoffing she looks at him straight on and replies, “I know that you know that Hunter is my son and I would never do that to get out of going on a date with someone, I would simply say no. Rex is all I need in my life and he loves Hunter and Hunter loves him. As a matter of fact he is at my house waiting for me to return from my lunch.” Harmony is lying through her teeth but is hoping that Logan can’t see through her lies.

“What kind of name is Rex? What is it short for?”

“Just know that is his name is Rex and don’t tell Jade she hasn’t met him yet because I was waiting to see if the relationship was going somewhere. Anyway I have to hurry up before I’m late, see you around Logan.” Turning towards her car Logan watch in fascination how the skirt is fit snug against her derriere and he knows that image will forever be etched in his brain. Jade came out just in time to see the brake lights of Harmony’s car turn a corner.

“Hey, you know of a Rex?” Logan asks his sister turning to her to gauge her reaction to the name.

“Yeah, Harmony’s 3 year old Great Dane, the gentle giant, why?” she questions him.

“Harmony just told me to bring something for Rex when I pass by her house tonight and she also told me to get her address from you since she didn’t want to run late to her lunch,” he lies keeping his face straight not to alarm his sister.

“Really Harmony agreed to see you,” she asks disbelieving.

“Yeah, I told her if she agrees to this one date and if she doesn’t like it I’ll leave her alone, if not I’ll keep asking until she says yes,” he replies smoothly without a hitch.

“Of course,” Jade rolls her eyes at Logan’s answer, “I wouldn’t want you bothering me all the time either, fine I’ll give you her address later and here I saved you two before the animals you call your workers ate them all.” She pushed two sandwiches to his chest and walks away missing the smile from her brother’s face as he takes a bite out of one of the sandwiches.

Across town Harmony seats herself in front of Meredith a second mother to her since the fiasco with Jeffery. Meredith insisted that she and Harmony meet every two weeks to have lunch at her country club and go shopping. Even though she doesn’t feel comfortable with the Williams spending so much money on her or Hunter but she knows it’s a way to pay for Jeffery’s lack of parenting. No matter how many times she tells them that is financially off they still insist on doing thing for her and Hunter. They even started Hunter’s college fund which he will have access to once he hit 21.

“Hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of ordering for you,” Meredith said taking a sip of her tea. Of course she didn’t since she ordered the same thing every time a Pecan cranberry salad with cranberry vinaigrette and lemonade. She noticed Meri saw wearing one of her two-piece suits again this one a light pink complimenting her pale skin tone.

“Have you been seeing anyone?” Meri asks casually sipping her tea looking at Harmony closely.

“Umm no I’m just focused on Hunter, I don’t want him confused with man coming and leaving out his life I want to make sure it’s someone that will be willing to settle down if need be.” The bustle at the country club soothes Harmony’s nerve a little, smelling the mix of expensive perfumes the wives like to wear and a faint smell of cologne from the males. Waiters and waitresses move around table expertly avoiding chairs being pushed back unexpectantly, pouring wine into glasses without dropping a single drop and placing the meals in front of their customers in a flourish style.

“But you’re not getting any younger honey live a little and have fun,” Meri says shrugging her shoulders.

Narrowing her eyes at Meri Harmony replies with, “You and my mother have been talking.”

“We are just worried about you dear. Thank you,” she thanks their waiter when he puts her club in front of her.

“Thank you so much,” Harmony smiles at him and he smiles back saying, “If you need anything, just wave me over and I’ll take care of it for you.” He winks at her and walks away from their table. She raises her eyebrows and look across at the women looking at her with a ‘Well what are you going to do’ face.

“Did that really happen?” She asks in a whisper leaning into the table.

“Well what do you expect honey,” Meri raises an eyebrow, “You’re a beautiful young attractive woman Harmony what do you expect. How can you be so oblivious to your beauty, when you walked in here you had every guys attention.”

Harmony looks around and found many pairs of male eyes on her and one guy at the bar with an expensive black suit-probably Armani-crisp white shirt and blue tie, angular jaw with a five O’ Clock shadow with slick back black hair and a very expensive Rolex on his arm raised his tumbler of amber liquid in her direction when she turns his way. Dropping her gaze on her salad trying to hide her burning cheeks. Looking across at Meredith under her lashes, “Oh my gosh, do I really attract that much attention no wonder Jeffery acted so possessive when we went out and thinks I cheated on him with other guys.”

“Oh honey my son is idiotic to think you slept around with other man. When you guys were together you had stars in your eyes like the world revolved around him. You owe him nothing Harmony live your life, find a guy who appreciates you for who you are and acts like he you’re his world like you did with my son. Don’t hold bitterness towards all man thinking they are going to treat you like Jeffery did. Trust me I have been in your shoes before I met Jeffery the love of my life even if the marriage was arranged. It was in high school and the boys on the football team made a bet to the quarterback to see if he can get in my pants. I was a nerd as they call it nowadays and getting the attention of the hottest guy in school and a senior. It only took half of the school year before I almost gave it up. But Jeffery knew about the bet and stopped us and boy was I mad at him but he told me, I was embarrassed and shocked. The next day I decided that I wanted to be homeschooled but Jeffery told me not to give them the satisfaction of breaking me and I continued to go to school with my head held high. You should see those same people that brought me down falling over their feet to talk to me or donate to their charity. Of course I’m not a selfish person and I can be nice to people who weren’t nice to me. And you be happy that even after having a child and men still find you desirable and we both know that you’re not dating because of Hunter but because you’re afraid to let anybody in like you did with my son. Oh look at the time let’s go shopping and forget this dark cloud over us, Harmony be a dear and call that young gentlemen over to have our lunch to go.”

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