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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Harmony is sitting on her couch with a big white shirt that reaches her knees with shorts under and with her hair in braids under a silk cap watching the season finale of Sons of Anarchy on TV with a wine glass half full with sangria. Looking over at the kitchen she notices the take out box that has the salad wondering if she should eat it or not but she feels like getting something else. While contemplating she hears the doorbell wondering who it might be but she doesn't know since Nate or Jade will call her before they come over. Slowly getting up and putting her glass on the coffee table she slowly unfolds legs under her and walks to the door looking into peephole. Seeing Logan at her door she opens the door were only her face can fit.

“What are you doing here?” she whispers looking at him.

He smiles and says, “I brought dinner I have sushi, beer and gummy bears I heard it's your favorite minus the beer.”

Narrowing her eyes at him she looks at him up and down noticing his attire. He’s wearing a white V-neck shirt that clung to him like a second skin and if he breathe too fast it would rip to shreds. The white of the shirt brought out the different colors of his tattoos on his arms. Thigh hugging jeans shows his tree trunks that he call thighs, how could she have missed those bad boys the two times she has seen him face to face, she has no idea. A gust of wind blew lightly outside, the smell that assaulted Harmony’s nose made her close her eyes in bliss he smells that he came out of an Axe factory. Opening her eyes she looks at him noticing that the wind is blowing his hair making him look like Fabio on a romance book cover, he’s smiling at her causing a dimple in right cheek to show. There are two reasons she was contemplating to let him in 1 he has sushi and gummy bears and 2 he smells divine. One of her many weakness to men beside intelligence is the way they smell. If a guy can make the effort to dress well and smell good it's almost a guarantee that he can get a date from her. Just when she was about to open the door to let him in what he says brings her back to reality.

“Is Rex here and you don’t want to send the wrong message,” like he can hear his name he comes running from where he was hiding under Hunter’s bed, his nails making a lot of noise on the wood floor. Logan cocks his head to side with a raised eyebrow, “I thought Rex was a guy you were seeing and you didn’t want Jade to know about him, can you believe my surprise when she said it’s your loveable gentle giant family dog. So I went to the pet store and bought him a big bone with some meat still attached to it.”

Rex manages to get in between the tight space of the door and wall and start sniffing the bag on the left of Logan wagging his tail in his excitement that he’s getting a treat once again from a visitor and is oblivious to the tension between his owner and the new man standing on the porch. Grabbing a chunk of fabric in his mouth Rex drags or attempts to drag Logan inside the house to get his treat and Harmony has no option but to let them in, Logan smiles at her as he passes.

Taking in her living room from what he can see since the only lights are coming from the TV and kitchen, a beige couch with a matching sofa and loveseat with decorative throw pillows, dark cherry wood coffee table with a vase of fake flowers in the middle on top of a multicolored rug that matched the different throw pillows, an entertainment center matching the coffee table with movies on the left side and games on the right side with a PS4 and Wii console under a 72 inch flat screen TV. To the left was a hallway that led to the bedrooms and bathroom and straight ahead is the kitchen/dining room. On the walls a many pictures of a little in different stages from newborn to 4 to 5 years old. The house smelled of vanilla and lavender.

He left another tug on his jeans looking down he notices Rex sitting on his hind legs and tilts his head to the side. No action from Logan and he barks to get his point across for his treat. Taking the bone out the bag he puts it in Rex’s mouth, as soon as the bone is in his mouth Rex made his way to the doggie door to go bury his treasure in the backyard.

“Thanks a lot for that, he’s already spoiled as it is and now he’s going to dig another hole in the yard,” Harmony pass him walking to the kitchen with Logan trailing behind watching her hips sway side to side. “And I have dinner already as you can see.” She points to the salad that had the waiter’s name and phone number on it, she was surprised when she saw it and has been debating with herself if to go ahead and call or forget the whole thing ever happened. He had a frown on his face looking at the name Vince and his phone number written on the cover.

“As you can see I already have dinner so you bringing sushi and gummy bears here is for nothing.”

Logan looks at her with his head to the side and said, “You don't look that kind of girl that eats only salad for dinner you look like more of a steak, baked potato and green beans kind of girl to me.”

Harmony bit the side of her cheek let it not letting him know not letting him know that he is right about that she shrugs said, “Well I have to watch my figure.”

“From where I'm standing your figure is alright to me”, he says.

Tilting his head towards up take out of salad and ask, “Who's Vince?”

She looks up at him and ask back, “Why does it matter to you who Vince is?”

“It doesn't,” he replied, “Well I guess I'll just take my leave.”

Before he could take the bags that he put on the kitchen counter Harmony put her left hand on top of his right hand stopping him saying, “Since you're here already I guess I could eat sushi and gummy bears.”

Smiling from ear to ear Logan takes out two medium containers of sushi and a big bag of gummy bears.

“This doesn't change my feelings towards you, you know that right,” Harmony says dragging one container in front of her opening it and eating a sushi.

“But that's okay,” Logan reply, “has long has I get to have to be in the company of a beautiful lady.”

“Flattery gets you nowhere,” Harmony retort.

“A guy has to try right?” Logan asks.

Harmony roll her eyes, “let’s take this to the living room I need to finish watching my show. Following her to the living room with his container sushi and a big bag of gummy bears Logan can't help has his eyes slowly travels down her body has she walks.

Putting her hand to her forehead she ask, “Oh my god I forgot I'm such a bad host but I have such a rude guess it completely slipped my mind would you like something to drink?”

“Yes I would like something to drink water if you have any please,” he replied nicely. Leaving him in the living room she goes back to the kitchen and get a water bottle from the fridge.

Sitting in the car in a comfortable silence you do watch the season finale of Sons of Anarchy by the last episode Harmony had her legs on Logan's lap and he was rubbing her feet gently. It was orgasmic for her, his rough calloused fingers rubbing all the right spots. Moaning softly she slumps into the couch even more spreading her toes from the wonderful foot massage she’s getting.

“That feels wonderful, don’t stop yeah right there yes-ahhhh,” she moans softly, her other feet that’s on his lap starts to rise a little and she can tell it’s because of a little happy buddy in his pants. Wanting to put an end to this-whatever it is-now Harmony yawn and stretch, gently takes her feet off his lap and give him a silent thank you, “Well it's been a nice having you here but I think it's time for me to hit the sack.”

Walking towards the door Logan turns to her kisses her softly on the lips and says, “Thanks for the wonderful night darling” and open the door and leave.

Harmony stood there staring at the front door and shocked thinking he just kissed me, he is lucky I had no time to retaliate since he already left. Thinking to herself she will get him the next time they meet. Picking up the containers from the coffee table in the living room she goes to the kitchen to throw them out anyway and wherever Rex was hiding he came out trolling after her. Looking at her dog with narrowed eyes she said to him, “You betrayed me no treats for you tonight.”

Rex the whines softly named his head down and covering his eyes with his paws in shame. Yeah you better be harmony replies and she goes to Rex secret stash of treats and give him one she knows she can never stay mad at him. She said she wants to her room good night sleep.

Logan smile to himself as he closes Harmony’s front door just has he thought her lips are as soft as they look. Walking to his muscle car he drive home to his loss thinking about how he could get her to come to their second date. Of course he knew she didn't know tonight was their first one but it was all part of his plan to get her to be his.

Throwing his keys on the table next to the front door he slowly starts to take of his clothes has he walks towards his bathroom leaving a trail behind him. Once there he turns the shower on cold, that’s the only type of shower he’s been taking since he met Harmony. The cold water runs down his body has he stand under the shower head thinking how sexy Harmony looks without even trying. Grabbing his hardened member he quickly bring himself to release but it’s not satisfying enough as it would be if he had Harmony here with him.

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