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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The next morning Harmony woke up refresh and does her daily routine of taking a shower prep her face for a light makeup and slowly takes out her hair getting to her ends she noticed that she has some split ends and if thinking is time to go to Nate’s salon for a trim. Donning on a pair of light blue skinny jeans a green blouse in black flats with her aviator glasses she gets in her sedan and tries to late so long and drives to Nate’s salon. Opening the door to the salon she is greeted by Ashley Nate’s receptionist.

The receptionist desk in the middle of the spacious salon and marks the end of the waiting room where on the wall on the right side are hair products and on the left nail products and many different pictures of clients that give Nate the permission to post their pictures. On the right side the top half is covered in mirrors but the button half has everything a stylist needs for his or her client like the sink where she/he washes her clients hair if need be and a has a cover for it when not in use and that is where everyone gets their manicure and pedicure done and on the left is where you get your hair done. In the back is the spa where everyone gets their waxing and massage done and it’s concealed by a frosted opaque glass.

“Hey Harmony how’s my boyfriend Hunter,” Ashley fell in love with Hunter the first time she saw him because she said he is the cutest little thing she’s ever seen.

“Oh he’s doing great he’s visiting his grandparents this weekend so I decided to come in for a trim it’s that time again,” she replies, “Is your highness busy?”

“No he just got done with a client and just go ahead back.”

“Ok thank you next time I bring your boyfriend around for you.”

“I can’t wait, I have something for him I’ll give it to you on your way out.”

“You spoil him too much,” she narrows her eyes at Ashley playfully.

“Who me,” Ashley says innocently, “Would never think of doing that, ever.”

Walking to the back Harmony is greeted with hellos and his by Nate crew.

“Hello darling,” Nate said with his freaks fake British accent. “How was your day yesterday, so I heard you had a visitor?”

Harmony looks at him and says, “What visitors.”

“You dirty whore or she going to tell me that Logan and visited you last night?” Nate looked at her with his eyes narrowed.

She scoffed and said, “He came unexpectedly even after I told him I had I was in a relationship with a guy named Rex I wonder how you even know where I lived. And how did you know he came over last night?”

“Unlike you Jade told me how you agreed to let Logan have one date with you if he left you alone. And you told him to ask Jade for your information.”

“I’m going to give that man a piece of my mind after you’re done making me prettier, like you always do,” Harmony sits down on Nate’s chair.

“Girl you don’t need me to make you pretty you do that all by your lonesome self,” Nate gently gathers her hair back.

Logan is in the office which the walls is covered in posters of females posing next to cars and motorcycles or motor bikes trying not to pull his hair out from the paper work he has to do and he’s thinking about taking Jade’s offer of taking care of the office while he just have to fix cars. In his reprieve he didn’t notice the angry steps that was coming towards his office. The door slammed open and he looks up at angry brown eyes and they are not just any brown angry eyes but Harmony’s smooth chocolate brown angry eyes. He leans back against his chair smiling and says, “What do I owe this surprise visit?”

Harmony narrows her eyes at him and hiss, “You know damn well why I’m here. Don’t you know the definition of ‘no’ or ‘nor interested’. I don’t have time for games I have a son to take care of and he doesn’t need to see men coming and leaving out of his life Logan. I know you’re not looking for a committed relationship and that’s what I need for my son. He comes first so whatever you’re planning to a stop to it now, I won’t be one of your conquest or a notch on your bedpost.”

While she gives her speech she walks over to where he’s sitting and pokes his chest with her index finger to emphasize her point. Logan looks down at the finger still on his chest smiling down at it and looks back up at her. Standing to his full height Harmony slowly looks at him up and down noticing his worn jean clad legs, fitted black tee and boots, he grabs both of her wrist to keep her in place when she tried to move away. Pulling her towards his body he traps her harms between his and cup her butt in his hand, in this position all he has to do is bring his head down and they are face to face.

“I like how you charged in here telling me off, it’s sexy and it’s turning me on even though you were hoping for the opposite effect,” he squeeze her butt and brings her closer to his prominent erection. “Your eyes have this fire in them that just makes me want to bend you over my desk and have my way with you in every possible way.”

Harmony stares into his hooded lust eyes at lost for what to say. Smiling down at her he slowly bring down his lips to her coaxing a response from her. Damn her lips is as soft and sweet as they look he thought flicking his tongue against her lips. A small moan escaped her giving Logan the opening he needs to deepen the kiss. Squeezing her butt one last him he cups her face gently with both hands and tries to get her to respond to his kiss. She couldn’t believe it she was expecting the kiss to be hard, sloppy and revolting but it was the exact opposite, she found herself responding to the kiss and her eyes fluttered close in ecstasy.

He hand travels up his body and under his shirt scraping her nails against his skin causing him to shiver in delight and lose the last bit of control he had left. Pushing her against the wall he picks her up by the back of her thighs pinning her to the wall by his hips against hers. Taking her hands from under his shirt he pins them above her head with one hand while the other travels towards her breasts.

“Boss I’m down for the day see you tomorrow,” a voice calls from the other side of the door bringing a halt to the steamy kiss that Harmony and Logan was sharing.

Harmony froze like a deer in headlights, “Oh my gosh no out me down right now Logan, this shouldn’t have happened how can I be so stupid.”

“So let me guess you just going to completely ignore what we have,” Logan says almost dropping her out of anger.

“Of course it wasn’t meant to happen I have a son to think about I can’t just be going around kissing guys Logan,” she fires back at him.

“Dammit will you stop using your son as a clutch for you not seeing any guys,” he roars hitting the desk with his palm. Harmony jumps from the sound shocked form his anger. “You’re just afraid to let what that bastard did to you to happen again, not every guy is like that. More importantly I’m not like that and for you to put me in the same category is frustrating. I know I have no right to say that since before I met you I slept around and we barely know each other. But don’t you dare judge me until you have gotten to know me Harmony I’m telling you this now I’m not giving up even though any other guy would have given up already.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you felt that way,” Harmony says quietly, “I’ll agree to at least one date and we’ll go from there but I can’t make any promises.”

“Okay I want to take you and Hunter out this Saturday,” he says looking at her for her reaction and he isn’t disappointed. Before she can say anything he holds up his hand and says, “I agree with you on Hunter not needing to see man come and leave from his life I think he should be part of our date to see if his precious mommy should continue to be in her life. They say animals and children are a good judge of character, I already have Rex’s approval all I need now is Hunters. I won’t take no for an answer.”

Reluctantly Harmony agrees, why do I have a feeling I’m going to regret this she thought as she drove to her parents’ house to pick up Hunter.

“Mommy,” Hunter runs into his mom’s arms, “You won’t believe what I got nana brought me to the bookstore and we bought a big book that has all the animals in it before we went to the zoo. I saw monkeys and snakes and hippos and a rhino and elephants and lions and a polar bear and many other I can’t remember but it was so cool and nana told me stories of each of them and I also took pictures since I can put them in my big book of animals like a scrapbook and”

“Hold on there buddy take a breather, why don’t you go get your stuff while I talk to nana for a bit, honey.” She watches as he runs to get his stuff ready.

“I have some tea ready in the kitchen for us,” Sakae says to her daughter who she can see she has something she wants to get off her chest. Harmony has stopped asking her mother how she knows since she hit 7th grade when she used to be bullied because she was mixed. “What happened?”

“Well there’s this guy who wants to go on a date with me and Hunter and I agreed and I was just wondering if that’s the right thing?” she takes a tentative sip of her steaming tea.

“Honey,” Sakae sooths her accent apparent, “You’ve been punishing good guys for Jeff’s actions and you can’t keep doing that. It shows he’s not like Jeff if he wants to take you guys out but I’m more surprised he got through that thick head of yours. You’re just like your father so set in your ways, so stubborn.”

“Who you calling stubborn woman,” Zacheriah Harmony’s father asks coming into the kitchen from the backdoor.

“You and you’re daughter she has finally let a guy get in from that stupid barrier that she has up for no reason,” Sakae scoffs at her husband.

“She doesn’t need another man in her life she’s perfectly fine,” he defends his daughter.

“Papa are you serious or just saying that to get mom riled up,” when she lived with her parent’s her father would always disagree with her mother just to see her get mad. Zacheriah looks over at Harmony and winks at her with a smile on his lips. She shake her head at her father’s antics.

“Well I want more grandchildren Zacheriah, why don’t you go help Hunter pack his stuff and let us women talk amongst ourselves,” Harmony’s mother says sipping on her tea.

“Yes dearest,” he kiss his wife on her head and then his daughter.

“I swear your father will be the death of me.”

“Like you won’t die happy mother you love him too much.”

“Mommy I’m done,” Hunter enters the kitchen. Harmony kiss both her parents on check has she makes her leave.

“Honey let me know how it goes?” was her mother’s parting words.

After tucking Hunter in bed Harmony pours herself a glass of red wine and puts on some jazz music. Hallway through her glass Nate calls asking how it went down with Logan.

“So what happened?” Nate says as a greeting.

“Hello to you too Nate my day was great,” she replies sarcastically.

“Oh boo stop stalling and ’fess up.”

“Well we have a date this Saturday so my plan went to shit.” She takes a sip of her wine.

“You bitch you got a date with Logan you should be jumping with joy not sounding like someone ran over Rex. But don’t think I didn’t notice how you dodge my question, what happened to lead to this date?”

Damn she thought she can’t pull one over him. “Wekissedandit’sthebestkissIeverhad.”

“What honey speak up I don’t think I heard you right you guys kissed and it’s the best kiss you ever had,” Nate repeats back to her.

“You’re an asshole but yeah,” she down the rest of her drink.

“My baby has grown up so much it seems like yesterday I was just changing your diaper, tear, the memories.”

“Oh shush.”

“I’m coming by Saturday morning to help you prep for your date.”

“Hunter is coming with us Nate.”

“You do you cockblock the dude Harmony.”

“Hey it wasn’t me that suggested it, it was all him and I even try to say no but he wouldn’t.”

“Oh the sly bastard he’s trying to show you he’s serious about being in a relationship with you Harmony, this is great. Oh Ben is telling me to let you go party pooper but I’m still coming Saturday morning, night biatch.”

“Night Nate and tell Ben thanks for me.”

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