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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The week went by too fast for Harmony's liking she kept thinking of excuses for not going but none were good enough and she felt bad since she promised to give it a try. What the worst that can happen right Harmony thought, it's not like I'm going to have sex with him get pregnant and denies the baby is his since he wad my first everything right?

She came to the realization that she does judge every guy she met like Jeff. Thinking history is going to repeat itself but she can also learn from past mistakes and not give het heart so willingly to a guy's that gives her attention. She has friends and family that will help her along the way if she ever needs it.

All week she has been getting calls and text from Nate, Jade, Meredith and her mother about where is he taking her and if she needs any assistance. The only person that she has been waiting to hear from has not contacted her. Maybe he realize it won't be so easy to date a woman with a kid and is sleeping around right this minute she thought to herself. Tossing back the rest of wine she hears a ping from her phone alerting her she has a text message.

Staring at her phone she stares at the unknown number flashing across her phone. Unlocking her phone she reads the text message: Get ready at 12 and dress casual we're going to have fun.

Harmony looks at het phone in confusion on who it might be and one name comes to mind-Logan. She texts back.

Harmony: Logan?

Unknown: Who else would it be sweetness?

Harmony: Don't call me that -_-

Harmony adds Logan to her contacts as Gigolo.

Gigolo: What sweetness?

Harmony: Yes that

Gigolo: Nope can’t do that it’s how you taste like

Harmony looks at her phone in disbelief at his response what is he, in high school?

Harmony: What are you, in high school come on don’t tell me that pick up line worked on the girls you used to be with

Gigolo: No you’re the first one I give an endearment

Harmony: Lucky me, note the sarcasm this have to be goodbye not everyone can stay up all night like you

Gigolo: Did you just compliment my prowess and stamina in bed?

Harmony rolls her eyes depositing her wine glass in the sink and is on her way to her room when she gets another text.

Gigolo: Good night Harmony

Harmony wakes up to the smell of coffee.

"Wakey wakey eggs and bacey" Nate sings in her ear. Rolling over she sees him holding a big steaming mug of coffee that smells like French Vanilla-her favorite blend.

"You're a godsend what would I do without you," she grabs the mug from his hand, inhaling the scent before taking a sip-just how she likes it coffee with her coffee. She's surprised that she hasn't gotten diabetes yet with the amount of sweets she eats on a daily basis.

"Child let’s not talk about how horrible your life would be without your beacon of light-me. I took the liberty of getting breakfast from McDonald's and picking out Hunter's outfit and is currently eating breakfast before he has to take a shower now chop chop we don't have all day. Did he tell you where you guys are going for this date?"

"Nope" she takes another sip, "He just said to dress casually so I was planning on wearing jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers." She shrugs her shoulders while Nate is having a mini heart attack from her choice of attire for the date.

"Umm no friend of mine is going to a date dressed like a hobo. He might have said dress casually not let yourself go, thank goodness I decided to help you out I would be an embarrassment of the century I would be a laughing stock to all gay people everywhere."

Harmony rolls her eyes at his antics, "No you're not stop being so dramatic and I'm not trying to impress the guy he is trying to impress me which won't work since I'm not interested."

"So, that doesn't mean you have to dress like a hobo. Dress like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie that just came out of the oven and he have to wait until it's cool down before he can touch."

"You're a goof you know that Nate but I love you, now leave me alone so I can get ready."

"Of course tell me something I don't know, I'll get the little angel ready then I'll come back choosing your outfit and doing your hair and make-up."

Sticking her tongue at Nate's back and took another sip from her coffee signing in contempt.

Harmony sat at her vanity table shoveling pancakes drowned in maple syrup with hash browns, bacon, eggs and sausage with another fresh cup of coffee, while Nate fussed over how he is going to do her hair before he decided on a simple side braid. She loved the outfit he picked out for her but she will never admit that to him or she would never hear the end of it. He picked out a beige high waisted pants, denim shirt and beige flats.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Nate asked shyly causing me to turn around and give him my full attention, "Yeah go 'head."

Taking a deep breath he lets out, "I think Ben is cheating on me. He has been distant lately like coming home late, going out with the boys, getting random calls when we're together and when I text him he replies in one word answers and you know how much I don't like that. I don't know what to think, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt but it's killing me. Do you think it might be a woman and he realizes that he doesn't want to be with me anymore?"

She looks at him with a smile on her face, "Come on you know Ben loves you he wouldn't do that. He might be bisexual but he wouldn't just up and leave like that Nate you guys been through too much with each other for him to change his mind."

"You remember that 3 months ago was our 6 year anniversary do you know he forgot it when I called him at work to see if we had anything planned. I know he was working on a big case I understand he has to be focused but it didn't matter before because he would send me flowers or a mammogram or something. And the past month he would take out large amount of money from our account and he buys nothing like where does it go. He's done it before to buy gifts he doesn't want me to track it when it's Christmas or my birthday but there's nothing. I'm going crazy here."

"I'm pretty sure there's a reason give it a couple of weeks to see and if he's still acting the same talk to him or hire a private investigator. But don't hire a private investigator unless he doesn't answer your questions and avoids you or something. And it might be he's doing something to apologize for forgetting you guys’ anniversary."

"You're right but I'm just scared you know, he's my life. Also, we haven't had sex either I'm deprived of him I'm pretty sure my ass hole is so tiny now you'll need a microscope to see it."

Smiling sadly at him she rubs his arm up and down she tries hard not to smile at his last comment and reply, “Just give it time and see."

At that moment the doorbell rang and since Ben was in the living room watching Saturday cartoons with Hunter, he opened the door for Logan. Nate clap excitedly all the sadness from before gone. He pulled me to the living room while she drag her feet to delay seeing Logan again. Nate lets go of her hand and saddle up to Logan putting his left hand in the middle of his chest and leaned in getting close to his face, "Hi I'm Nate, I taught Harmony everything she knows in the bedroom but if you feel like dealing with the original I'm always available. Always."

Throughout this whole interaction Harmony paid close attention to Ben since she knows that he is the possessive type and don’t like Nate flirting with other guys whether the guy is gay or straight. Nate would purposefully flirt with other guys to get Ben riled up when he doesn’t get his way or when he wants angry sex-she knows her friend is mental but she loves him. She watch has his body tense-chest expanding, muscles bulge, jaw tightening and fist clenched. Ben would be described as the All-American boy type with lustrous blond hair, crystal blue eyes, squared jaw that seemed to have a permanent 5’ O clock shadow, lean muscular build and a permanent tan that made it seem he spent his days at the beach. Whereas Nate was 5’5” Ben was 6’2”, they were the cutest couple.

“Nathanial,” Ben growled.

“Benjamin,” Nate threw over his shoulder looking at Ben sideways.

Logan watched with surprise and curiosity, he knows Officer Benjamin King since he has a contract with the county to fix police cars but also he knew Ben since Junior High-they were on the football team together. On his way here he did not expect to be propositioned, he was trying not to smile. He moves away from Nate slowly and makes his way towards Harmony and watch the lovers face off to each.

"Nice to see you again Logan and I'll see you later Harmony" Ben said over his shoulder not looking at them. "Nate and I have to be going now."

"No we don-" Nate started to say but was cut off by Ben barking his name and he rolled his eyes at us and wave bye as Ben guided him outside. Logan felt a tug on his pants and look at a scowling kid.

"Who are you?" Hunter ask.

"Hunter", Harmony scolded him. Logan looked at her letting her know it's alright.

"I'm your mommy's friend."

"Never seen you before."

"I'm a new friend and I want to get to know you and your mommy more but that's only if you want me to if not I understand."

Hunter looks Logan up and down and finally ask, "So you not going to make mommy cry or mad like my daddy."

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