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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Harmony has been looking out the window thinking about back at her house the shock she felt from Hunter's question.

Logan looks up at her with a questioning gaze then looks back at Hunter and replies, "No buddy I will make your mother cry."

Hunter looks at him for a moment longer deciding what he says is true then looks up at her when she ruffles his hair a bit and said, "Honey when do you ever see me cry."

Harmony always try to keep things like that away from Hunter. He turns to her and replies, "Whenever we come from visiting Grandpa and Grandma and Jeffery says he is not my dad. We come home and you go to your room and talk to Auntie Jade and Uncle Nate crying and you say you are mad even though you did a par-tu-nity test saying he is my daddy. I know it makes you angry so I don't talk about it."

"Oh honey don't worry yourself about that mommy is ok, I have you and that's all I need to make me happy," Harmony smiles at her son and kisses him on the forehead. "How about we just go have fun today with Logan. Okay?"


Logan looks across the car at Harmony staring out the window in deep thought and check his rear-view mirror and finds Hunter engrossed on the Nintendo that his mother gave him to keep him occupied on the way there. Looking back to the road he hopes this date will go smoothly and take Harmony's mind off whatever she is thinking.


"Wow this is awesome," Hunter exclaimed when they neared their destination. The multiple rides scattered across the park like the Ferris wheel, Carousel, Dream Catcher, Air Flyer and other spectacular rides. Off in the distance three small red flags blow in the wind on top of the circus tent and the smell of deep fried food and sweets traveled in the air along with the excited screams of children, game noise and celebratory cheers from people playing said games.

They made their way towards the tickets booth with a jumping Hunter who can't wait to go on rides and eat as many junk food as he can.

Harmony goes to take out her wallet when Logan stops her with his hand.

“What?” she questions him.

“I’m paying for everything so put your wallet back where you got it.”

“Umm, no I would rather pay for my own stuff then have you pay for it for me.”

“Well I guess you’ll have to endure it for today because I’m not letting you pay for anything while I take you out,” Logan puff out his chest.

“Fine but I’ll pay next time no matter what you say,” Harmony puts her wallet back in her pocket.

Logan smiles at her and says, “So there will be a second date after this.”

Harmony looks away from him and says, “We’ll see.”

Logan bought them a Tyvek wristband-the ones when in Elementary school you would wear to field tips and it will take forever to come off if you don't cut it with a scissor- that says all access pass and 3 tickets to the circus show later that night.

“Alright buddy,” he crouches down to Hunter’s level, “What do you want to do now?”

“Rides, games then food.” Hunter jumps around barely containing his excitement. “I want to go on this first.” He said pointing to a rocket ride that goes in a circle in the distance.

Harmony watch Logan pick up her son and places him on his shoulders, Hunter has the look of utter joy on his face has he wraps his arms around Logan’s head and throw his head back laughing without a care in the world. Women in ten feet radius look at their direction-women there with their kids or with their dates look Logan with Hunter like they could eat them whole then they look at her like what she’s doing with a guy like that and what did she do to trap him with her.

Harmony had trouble keeping up with Hunter and Logan running around getting on rides all over the park, they’re on a pirate ship that goes side tis de and gets higher each time and she refused to get on with them and opted to buy them some drinks since they have been here for a couple of hours. The sky darkened and the lights on the rides and games booths light up. As she waits on her son and Logan she spots the group of girls that have been following them since they got here. Harmony can hear them talking about Logan and how he is so hot and how she got to bag a guy like him. If they want him, they can have him-she’s been trying to get rid of him but he isn’t getting the hint convinced he can change her mind. She wouldn’t mind dating Logan but she is a mother and her child comes first no matter what.

The ride ends and Logan is holding unto Hunter’s hand with a smile on his face but it slips when he sees Harmony with drinks in her hands. Of course she will completely ignore him and spend her money-he should have taken her wallet from her or made her leave it in his car.

When he reaches where she is standing waiting for them he says, “I said I would pay for everything but here you are with drinks I didn’t pay for.”

“You were on a ride so I took the liberty to get you guys some drinks.”

“You sure you didn’t buy them to show that you don’t need me to buy you guys stuff and you can provide them for yourself,” he says narrowing his eyes at her.

She looks up at him all innocent like that says ‘What do you ever mean’ but he isn’t buying it one bit. He felt a tap on his shoulder and he looks back to see a girl with too much make up and too little clothes.

“Hey I’m Ember and my friends and I wonder if you would like to hang out with us,” she said pointing to her group of friends behind her. Looking around her he sees a group of girls just like her and cringes mentally-they are old enough to be his sister but they are hitting on him.

He smiles politely and says, “Sorry but I’m on a date with my girlfriend and her sons, thanks but no thanks.”

“Fine it’s your loss,” she says while trailing her hands down his chest and he tried so hard not to flinch away from her hand, “But if you change your mind call me.” She slips a piece of paper in his front pocket. Logan nods his head not knowing what else to do, looking back at Harmony he sees she’s trying not to laugh out loud from being hit on by a girl half his age. That wasn’t even the worst thing that happened to him that night-while standing in line for the last ride he had a woman old enough to be his mom grab his ass and grope him from behind.

“Oh you think that’s funny,” he playfully glared at her. Harmony shakes her head while silently laughing behind her hand and tears coming out her eyes. Logan rolls his eyes at her and takes the drink she offers him.

“I want to play now.”

“Ok buddy we went to all the rides we can now it’s time for the games.”

“Yay games,” Hunter exclaims, “I want a lot of toys.” He grabs Logan’s hand and start to drag him to the nearest game booth. “Come on let’s go play.”

Harmony has never seen her son this happy and carefree since he was a baby and her hearts constricts how fast she sees him attaching to Logan. They came across a ring toss game and Logan challenges Hunter to a game and Hunter wins. She’s not surprised since he is always throwing a ball or Frisbee to Rex when they play. Logan ask for the best 2 out of 3, Hunter wins again but the third time Logan wins and he gets a plush ring that fits around the wrist as a prize. He gets on one knee in front of Harmony and says, “I know I’ve only known you for a while now but it feels like I’ve known you all my life and I was wondering if you’ll do the honor of accepting this ring and officially be my girlfriend?”

A crowd has gathered around them giving them encouragement and telling Harmony to say yes. Tight-lipped she nods her head once and glares down at Logan as he slips the plush ring around her slim wrist. Looking at her face and he knows he is going to get it and the thing is he can’t wait he loves seeing the fire in her eyes when she’s angry. Her cheeks get all flush and rosy while her lips pouts and it takes everything in him not to grab her and kiss her senseless until she forgets what she was mad about. Logan kisses her on the lips but Harmony doesn’t recuperate but mumbles against his lips, “Just you wait when we don’t have an audience I’m going to rip you a new one.”

Logan smiles and replies, “I can’t wait.”

After playing around 10 games Hunter starts to hop around, “Mommy I need to go to the restroom.”

“Of course honey let’s go,” Harmony started guiding him towards to women’s with her when he shakes his head.

“I’m a big boy mommy I can go by myself.”

Harmony smiles and says, “Ok there’s one right there.” Harmony guided him to the men’s room. As soon as Hunter is out of sight she whirls on Logan that is next to her.

“How dare you do that in front of an audience, I can’t believe you had the audacity to do that. Are you insane? You must be to do that. I’m telling you this now Logan Green I don’t care who you are but I’m not going to be another notch on your bedpost. I’m pretty sure you have a black book somewhere so you better call on of your little groupies to satisfy this need you have that you have decided I’ll take care of because I won’t. If you need excitement go to the next town over on unmarked territory of something. I don’t have time to play games with you and if your intentions are not pure-well of course they’re not pure you’re Logan Fucking Green-it would be best for you to get out of my life right now.”

Logan smiles down at the finger pointed at his chest, he’ll admit the first time he saw her all he was thinking was getting her underneath him but he can’t say he’s totally and changed man and would like to settle down but he does want to get to know Harmony and her son better. Spending time with them like this made him realize that and he wouldn’t mind being in a monogamous relationship with Harmony because she is the only woman besides his mother that keeps him on his toes and don’t let him have his way. Yes he likes a challenge but that’s not why he’s pursuing Harmony and if he is being honest with himself he doesn’t know why he’s pursing Harmony but he likes she’s not afraid to speak her mind if she doesn’t like something and she doesn’t like the other women he has been with.

Before he can get a word in Hunter exits the men’s room showing his mother how much of a big boy he is from using the restroom by himself. Instantly Harmony’s frown turn into a smile as she congrats Hunter on a job well done. He checks his watch and sees they have a while before they have to go see the show before the circus show starts.

“How about we get something to eat,” Logan suggests, “The show starts in about an hour or so.”

"Where are we going to put all these things?" Harmony ask lifting a bag filled with stuffed animals.

"I can hold it for you or I can go put them at the holding center for you?"

"Holding center?" she raise her eyebrows.

"Yeah for when people have too much stuff and they don't want to go back to their car."

"I have to say this is the fanciest carnival/fair that I have been to."


"That was awesome with the fire and the tiger and they were flying in the air the clowns were really funny and the guys walking on the line was so cool," Hunter jump up and down swinging his arm around animatedly. "Mom I want to join the circus when I grow up and walk on the line and play with a tiger and fire."

"Sure honey, you can do whatever you want," Harmony pass her hand over his head smiling down at him.

"If you really want to be in the circus you should join the ones where they have motorcycles and they do flips and tricks. They jump through fire." Logan got down on one knee getting to Hunter's level to talk to him while gesturing with his hands. From where she was standing she can see stars in her sons' eyes. He turns his head back to her, "I want to do that instead."

Harmony feeling like she just lost 10 years from her life just smile and say, "We'll see."

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