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Marcus Rouge is a struggling intern with a problematic roommate, a secret night life, and an attractive, but cold, boss. Marcus needs rent money somehow, he just didn't expect it to be from his boss—outside of working hours. | (Written a long time ago, cringe warning.)

Romance / Erotica
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Are you actually reading the introduction? Congrats! You’re an author’s dream reader!

I’ll keep it short and sweet—this is a short story that started as a request from someone on Wattpad that I expanded on. I owe the general story concept and base characterization to @/mychemicalmachine on Wattpad!

This is a short MxM story, for the kinky spice lovers. It is essentially spice with a bit of plot mixed in for context. Again this originated on Wattpad, but has since disappeared from my account, so I welcome all readers, new and old, to BYOP.

Final disclaimer: I wrote this years ago, so cringe warning. Thanks :)

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