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Spooky Sex [Halloween Bonus Chapter!]

Lucas comes up behind me, his devil horns shining blood red atop his messy head of brown hair, frowning as I snap another photo in the mirror.

“What are you doing?” He mumbles.

“Spooky selfies,” I reply, snapping another that shows off my tainted angel wings. ”Duh.”

As I pose again, Lucas aligns his front along my back, tucking his head to my bare shoulder and sinking his teeth in.

I laugh, jerk away in surprise, but not before I’ve taken the picture.

He smiles wide, but looks nervous. “She’s anxious, she knows we’re leaving.”

I frown. “She’ll be okay, she’s old enough to get a little taste of independence—after all, Miss Rochelle is watching her tonight.”

He pouts, throwing himself on me so that I stumble to catch him. “I don’t want our baby to be miserable without us.”

I snort, but admittedly, my nerves are going just as crazy as Luke’s. I try to hide it, though—for his sake at least.

“Babe, we’re gonna have fun tonight and she will be in good hands and that is that, okay?”

He pulls away, still frowning, but nods.

“Alright,” I say decidedly. “Let’s go.”

He frowns, stopping me with a hand on my bare chest. “You’re going to freeze, hon. Summer’s over.”

I frown, looking down at my sexy, but admittedly underdressed appearance. The only thing covering me is a shit ton of golden body glitter and some black leather shorts.

I huff. “Well, you’re the one who said I couldn’t wear the leather pants—”

He rolls his eyes, pulling me along. “Just put a jacket on and let’s go, Magnus and everybody have already texted me wondering where we are.”

I scowl. “How am I supposed to put a jacket over my wings?”

He doesn’t reply—I win.

As we descend the stairs, Lucas walks over to the kitchen to double check the note we’ve left for Miss Rochelle.

"Ba-abe,” I whine, throwing my shoulders back loosely in exasperation. “Let’s go, she’ll be fine.”

He frowns as our sweet little spotted pup walks up to his left side. He kneels down to pet her, avoiding her slobbery tongue and pressing his forehead to hers. ”Be a good girl,” he demands, before ruffling her fur, standing with what looks like more effort than necessary.

As he walks toward me, I give him a reassuring smile. It works for half a second until Polka sees that we’re heading toward the door, whining pitifully with her tail wagging nervously.

Damn it, she’s good at the puppy dog eyes.

It’s just as hard for me to leave her, but I drag a protesting Lucas out the door anyway. The walk to the car has me breaking out in visible goosebumps, yanking at the door handle because Luke still hasn’t unlocked it

“Lucas come on!”

He gives me a wide grin, before entering the car by himself.

I laugh, but whine his name again. This time he relents, and I’m already shivering as my skin presses against freezing cold leather seats.

I take it upon myself to turn the heat up as high as it’ll go, bouncing in my seat, already singing along to the song that happened to be on the radio.

Five minutes into the ride, I’m bored . . . and horny.

“Lucas, why do you go to a club that’s so far away?”

He shrugs. “It’s where all my friends go. I used to live further this way, but moved up here to work for my uncle.”

It was a rhetorical question, but okay.

Another two minutes of fidgeting and Lucas finally takes notice. “You alright, sweetness?”


“You’re cold, aren’t you.”


His eyebrows do the I don’t believe you wiggle. “Okay,” he says, and turns the heat down.

I squint at him, turning it back up. He takes his eyes off the road long enough to follow up his expressive eyebrows with a mocking I told you so look.

“I’m not cold,” I insist, totally and obviously lying, but I like to be right.

He shrugs in false indifference.

The car ride is calm and quiet for another ten minutes, and while Lucas has been driving, I’ve finally been heating up.

In more ways than one.

Lucas has always been super, super hot, but it’s the moments where you just take a second and really look that you realize just how sexy he is.

I’ve been inching closer, taking in his leather jacket and pants, all black and perfectly accenting his otherwise naked torso.

“Lucas,” I mumble.

It captures his attention easily—he turns to me for a second before returning to the road, and then back to me again. He knows something’s up.

He clears his throat, attention on the road once more. “Yeah?”

“I’m horny.”

“I—wait, what? Now?”

I shrug. “You’re just that hot.”

This makes him smile. “I know, but we’re already almost there, we can do something about it tonight.”

I frown. “But I want to get off now,” I insist.

He frowns, glances at me again just long enough to give me a once-over. “You been hanging out with Emery?”

I pause. “Yeah, so?”

He’s quick to shake his head. “No reason.”

I huff. “Can’t you pull over somewhere?”

His head tilts back to rest against the seat. “No babe, that’s illegal.”

I pause, the ideas forming in my head until I’ve made a decision. “Are your windows tinted?”

“Well, yeah, but—”

I lean forward and under his arm, his legs spreading a little in surprise as he realizes what I’m doing.

“Babe no—”

I jump straight to kissing and licking at his bare chest, wasting little time before descending to the skin shamelessly showing above the too-low waist of his leathers.

The car swerves, and I wobble in my seat, my weight resting on my knees. I’m unbuttoning his pants when he pushes at my head.

I scowl as I sit up.


I don’t bother trying again, and instead lick the palm of my hand with wide strokes of the tongue, never looking away from him.

His jaw ticks, his face is flushed. “Marcus I am driving—”

“And I’m horny so relax and enjoy the ride.”

He shakes his head, but that’s as far as he gets protesting. I lean forward a little, pushing my slick hand into the open flap of his pants.

He presses himself against the seat, hips bucking slightly into my hand as he covers mine with his own, makes me press harder.

As much as I want to suck it, I know he won’t let me, so I make do with my hand, gripping him tightly to get him hard fast.

He jerks again at my impatience, glaring at me with dark eyes. It’s almost enough to make me stop.


I stroke him quickly from base to tip, grip tight. The feel of him definitely has me heating up—I can’t let go of the seat with the way he’s driving, so I move my other hand so that I can at least roll my hips against it while holding on to the seat.

The friction is sweet relief, a breathy moan falling from my lips as I hurriedly buck against my hand, body starting to shake with the sudden sensations.

It’s not enough.

I retract my hand from his pants, earning a slight hiss in response, Lucas watching me turn in my seat and looking confused.

“Marcus you better not leave me like this, not when you started it—”

I pull the glovebox open and clumsily retrieve the travel sized lube I hid in there . . . you know, for such occasions.

“For fuck sake Marcus . . .”

“Finger me,” I plead desperately, turning in the seat until my ass is in his face.

I don’t even get the chance to pull my shorts down before he’s slapping my thighs with an open hand. I wasn’t expecting it—it’s the best that way—burns five times hotter.

I moan into the leather seat, using both hands to drag my leather shorts down. “Come on, do it.”

He reaches around my closed legs as I fumble with the lube, gripping my cock tightly and tugging with rough strokes.

"Fuck,” I moan, a flush taking over my body. ”Yes, fuck . . .”

“Keep going, Marcus,” he demands through clenched teeth.

I nod, pour the lube into my hand before messily applying it with my own fingers. I only manage for a few seconds before the car swerves again, and I have to save myself from falling off the seat.

“Lucas, stop swerving—”

He keeps me in place with a hand on my hip. The moment the car is steady again that same hand takes over what mine had been doing.

He presses shamelessly against my entrance, gliding over it with slick fingers but never entering for real.

My heart flutters when he presses hard, prepare myself for the intrusion, but still he doesn’t enter me.

I look back with a scowl. “Lucas, just do it—”

“That’s Sir to you.”

My entire body stills. “Yes, Sir . . . please put your fingers in Sir.”

He smiles, eyes flickering back and forth between the road and my ass. “Good boy, Marcus—see, that wasn’t so hard.”

I whine, push my hips back toward his fingers. “But I am, Sir.”

He allows a full smile to grace his lips. “Yes, you are. So am I. When we get there, I’m fucking you in this car and I don’t give a damn who sees.”

Shit, I’m in for it.

He takes a second to spread me open, then pushes his finger in as far as it’ll go. It goes in easily, quickly, leaving me recklessly unprepared for what I’ve brought upon myself.

I feel my body weakening, the heat that travels through me like molten lava relaxing every muscle, allowing me to fully mold my body to the seat.

"Look at you—tell me you like it, babe.”

“I—” I’m cut off with a hard slam of his finger, the breath knocked out of me for that one moment. ”I love it, Sir. Please, give me more . . .”

He adds another finger, forcing the breath from my lungs once again, never relenting, never for a second allowing me to adjust as he delves deeper, loosening me up. His fingers scrape against my walls and leave me shaking, my jaw slacking as a loud moan escapes me.

I grit my teeth, fists curling against the leather seat, fighting to keep still and not push back against his fingers like I want to.

He pauses, only resuming his work with a third finger added. I jerk against his hand, against the pain it brings and the pleasure that follows.

His voice is wild, deep and harsh with passion. “We’re almost there, Marcus. I’m going to fuck you so hard, my beautiful angel . . .”

And I can’t wait for it—my excitement causes me to tighten on his fingers, prompting him to press further in, as deep as his hooked fingers will go.

This time, as my mouth opens, nothing comes out. I attempt to spread my legs wider to accommodate, thighs trembling with the strain when suddenly a jolt of white-hot pleasure consumes me in a single second.

I gasp hard, hips rocking back against his hand so hard that they cause his fingers to leave me with a slick sound, the feeling of emptiness an irritating anchor to reality.

I hear the keys jingle, turn back and see Lucas click the key so the engine shuts off but we still have the heat. I expect him to move me much closer, but instead, he pushes me away.

I turn and frown, a sliver of doubt piercing me as he moves himself over to the large backseat. He kneels in the space between the front and back seats, removing his black jacket and effectively leaving himself shirtless. I notice the colored lights from the club flashing—they’re diluted by the car windows, casting themselves against Lucas’ skin in an ever-changing fashion. First, the harsh blue across the curves of his abdomen, then a faint red accompanied by a split-second of yellow—it all just helps make me feel wilder.

The doubt in my mind disappears as quickly as it came—I can’t help but smile as I clumsily make my way over the center console and into the backseat area.

Lucas pulls me to him immediately, our chests pressing together and my knees resting at either side of his hips. He leans down for a kiss, doesn’t hesitate to tongue me with sensual abandon until I’m a wet, quivering mess.

I pull away after only a moment, lick my lips as I duck my head to taste his chest. I draw paths along his smooth skin with my teeth, leaving it red and throbbing against my lips. As I reach his nipple, I let out a soft breath. His muscles tense, goosebumps rising to meet my lips.

I tease him with my tongue, my lips, my teeth—

He doesn’t wait long until he’s curling his fingers tightly into the hair at the nape of my neck, tugging me back. His other hand gropes hard at my outer thigh, fingertips digging in hard, so hard it’ll bruise, and I love the thought of it.

“Turn around, baby.”

It’s said in a hushed tone, one deep and sharp with desire. I move easily around the backseat, leaning over the center console. Just as I do, Sir’s phone, abandoned in the front seat, begins to vibrate. I frown, and pick it up.

Sir sighs, barely paying attention to the phone and instead palming my ass like it’s the last time he’ll ever see it. “Who is it?”

I snort. “Maggie.”

He spares a small smile, but it fades as soon as it appears. He takes the phone from my hand, his other hand creeping down to the inside of my bare thigh, igniting something in me. His touch is soft, gentle.

“Are you really going to answer that, Sir?”

He nods. “Yeah, why not?”

It continues to vibrate.

“Well . . . we’re fucking.”

“Babe, he’s waiting in the club right now—a kink club. This isn’t exactly out of the norm.”

I blush. “Okay . . .”

He raises a brow, preparing to answer it. “Okay?”

I nod in assurance, remembering suddenly that people literally have sex in places like this and it’s not even out of the ordinary. So what if we do it?

Sir finally answers, tucking the phone between his cheek and shoulder as he pulls my disheveled leather shorts down to my knees. “Hey Magnus, we’re right outside.”

“Where, I don’t see you?”

Sir shoves his fingers inside again, and I yelp—I can’t quite stifle it with my arm, and Magnus hears.

The man pauses, and when he speaks, I can hear the suspicion clearly laced in his voice. “What are you doing?”

Sir smiles a devious smile, one that looks even more so with his little devil horns. “Just a little pre-game—”

And as he says those last words, he pushes hooked fingers into me as far as they’ll go, forcing another surprised moan from my mouth.


I look back with a glare, face flushed red, but am quickly subdued with one challenging look from Sir.

Magnus laughs. “Nice, how long will you be?”

Sir shrugs, to himself, looking as if this were the most casual conversation, but pouring the lube on his hard member and pressing it against my entrance like a true tease.

I push back against him, ready to be full of him, ready to be taken, but he holds me back with two hands on each ass cheek, spreading them for a better view and at the same time preventing any movement from me.

“Five, maybe ten more minutes.”

Magnus acknowledges this, and then seems to be speaking to someone else. “Stand up . . . sit on my lap, baby boy—”

But Emery interrupts. “How come you won’t let us do it in the car? I wanna have spooky car sex too!”

I hear a loud slap echo off the car walls, and flinch, assuming it was for me, but I feel no pain.

Magnus, again presumably speaking to Emery and not Sir, growls deeply, startling even me a bit. ”I did not permit you to speak, boy.”

“Sorry Master.”

“You will be.”

Lucas presses his tip against my hole again—I fight the natural instinct my body has, and try to relax instead.

I’m burning up, and Sir is just as red as I probably am as he finally enters me. His face lifts in ecstasy, free hand coming around to grip my upper thigh and pull me further onto his dick.

I can’t hold it back anymore, don’t care about anyone else but Sir when he rocks his hips, seating himself further inside me, stretching me in a way that hurts so good I tear up.

“More, Sir—more, please!”

I look back at him pleadingly, craving the feeling of fullness that only he can give me.

The man looks wild as he tosses the phone into the front seat ahead of me—I notice it’s now on speaker. I’m still trying to catch my breath when he reaches under my bare chest, my skin covered in gold glitter, and pulls me upward while still impaled on his dick.

I wince, the new position making me feel completely full—I love every bit of it.

He grips my hard, leaking member in his hand, fisting my length in time with his thrusts.

With every upward jerk of his hips, I’m forced to let out embarrassing sounds, gasps and whines as he fucks hard into me. His hips make loud smacking noises as he shoves himself into me to the hilt, only accompanied by the slick sounds of his hand on my aching member, pushing me closer and closer to the edge.


My hands rest on his thighs, but my weak attempts at slowing his devastating thrusts are futile—he pushes them away, and curls his hand around my throat, pulling me even closer to that every inch of his chest is aligned with my back, my false angel wings the only barrier between us.

His hand takes advantage of my open mouth, sliding his fingers in and pushing gently against my tongue.

“Master, let’s have sex now—Master Lucas and Marcus and making me horny . . .”

“You’re always horny. You’ve spoken without my permission, remember? If you want to get slut-fucked in front of everyone in this room, be my guest.”

A moments pause, and my foggy brain is finding it difficult to keep up. Sir’s friends are listening to us fuck?

Sir’s fingers expertly stoke my tongue, a little saliva falling from the corner of my lips as I try to keep up. He fucks me hard, relentlessly, breathing hard but never breaking stride.

"Fuck—yeah—hnn . . . Sir . . .” I can barely manage the words the tumble out of my mouth and past his fingers between thrusts, Sir forcing my whole body to jolt with the force of it.

“Fuck,” he breathes, tucking his face into my shoulder, his breath hot against my already burning skin. “Tell me you like it, baby.”

"Yes! hah . . . love it—love it, Sir—”

His hand jerks faster on my cock, my mind numbing with pleasure, my voice growing louder, my hips rolling back against his with abandon.

"Yes, yes—”

He breaths the words into the crook of my neck and shoulder—“Gonna come?”

"Fu-uck, yes . . .”

“Ask nicely, baby.”

"Please . . . Sir, may I—ahmay I come?"

"Yes, Marcus, such a good boy—”

His final words send me off the edge—I’m coming so hard my vision goes black, and it hurts—it hurts but it’s nice, and Sir’s skin is burning hot against mine. I’m too sensitive when he holds my hips down against his so that he’s fully seated inside me, his dick pulsing inside me as he fills me with his come. It forces my orgasm to go on longer, his hand softly milking me through my climax too much

"Emery stop moving like that—Lucas, I’m going to have to let you go.”

My lover leans back against the backseats, still holding me down on his cock. My limbs shake with exhaustion, my ass tightening uncontrollably on him.

The only sound now is that of our breathing, heavy. He takes a moment to come down from his high, before gently lifting my hips. I arch my back to help him, but he doesn’t seem interested in letting me go. I tremble weakly, head stuck in the clouds as his pleasure begins to leak out of me.

I moan in complaint, but he shushes me softly, before pulling me back down onto him. I moan louder, still too sensitive from the brutal car fuck to handle the flood of intense sensations that he brings.

He quietly shushes me again, hands massaging my hips and thighs as I lean back against him. He lifts a hand from my thigh, only to caress my face. He turns me toward him, and I let him—my head’s too fuzzy for me to do much of anything.

He kisses me slowly, deeply, soothing my tongue with his own, the action making slick sounds as our mouths meet.

He’s getting me excited again—my overly sensitive body stirs to life again. His mouth, his cock still in me, it’s all too much—

“You high, baby?”

His voice is so nice, so deep and soothing—his chest rumbles comfortingly against my back with every whispered word.

“Hm . . . thought so.”


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