Omega Mated to the twin alphas

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Ace and Cash De' Lon are firstborn twins of the Silver Moon pack. Identical to look at, personalitys are from the same. Seen as the popular kids in school who bullie and torment their victims. Ace and Cash are both tall muscler tattooed covered bad boys with hot tempers and bitchy girlfriends Stacey and Rebecca. What happens when they are mated to a shy little omega. Invisible to most, will she gain their love or rejection or will they lose her to another? Second book Finding my second chance mate

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one. Lana


The feel of his strong muscular hands sliding along my thick smooth thighs sends tiny tingles all over my body. The feel of his skin touching my bare skin is so overwhelming.

My lips have never touched another. I've always kept my body for the pleasure of only my mate.

Through the shock of his sparks along my skin, my mouth opens to release a small moan. He takes this opportunity to softly glide his tongue into my mouth. My tongue is shy against his dominating touch. I try to copy his movements, gently stroking my tongue along his.

My breath soon turns into small pants and moans against his lips.

I try to pull his body even closer against my own. Clawing my nails at his shirt, I need to feel the weight of his body pressed against me. The heat that his body is releasing increases my need to touch him.

My hand's release his crisp shirt and slide into his thick black hair. My fingers ruffly tug against the roots, gaining a deep approving growl from him.

My body shivers with excitement. My inexperience doesn't matter anymore. Cash doesn't even seem to notice or doesn't care. I can feel myself starting to let go. I give myself over to him completely, body and soul.

Cash has one tattooed muscler arm wrapped around my waist. His strong arm holds me in place. His other tensed hand glides over the front of my wet lace knickers, pushing them to one side. My breath hitches as the cold air touches my wet lips.

His lips never leave my own, taking my breath away. He slowly slides a thick finger gently through my wet folds to find my little button. His touch is both dominating and gentle at the same time. He's taking his time to learn my body.

His finger starts to move in small circular movements. I've never felt pleasure like this before from someone else. Of course, I've touched myself, but it's never felt this good. My hips start to grind against his hand, chasing my orgasm.

My little pants are becoming less controlled the faster his fingers move. Cash starts to push a little harder against my little button.

Using my own wetness, Cash glides another thick finger along my folds. He stops at my untouched hole.

Slipping that finger inside me. I start to wiggle in discomfort at the new intrusion. Sensing me being uncomfortable, his tongue slides deeper into my mouth, pressing me harder against the wall. His lips start to eat my soft moans. The discomfort soon turns into pleasure.

My hips start to grind harder and faster. Through my lust-filled haze, I start to feel a hardness press against me through his jeans. This excites me even more, the thought that I did that to him makes me feel good. I can feel myself getting wetter.

Releasing my lips to catch a breath, he glides his tongue down my neck. Finding my marking spot straight away. He lightly licks and nips at my skin.

I can feel the pressure build up in my lower stomach. Suddenly, I explode it's like fireworks going off. My body starts to shake uncontrollably, his fingers begin to slowly slow down. He keeps just enough pressure to prolong my orgasm.

After a while, my breath starts to even out as the orgasm comes to an end. The second I calmed down, my nerves started to slowly creep back in. Upon opening my eyes, I see the most beautiful set of dark brown almost black eyes staring intensely back at me.

Cash slowly places me back on the floor, keeping his arm firmly wrapped around my waist. He holds me right until I can stan unaided on my own. I can feel his minty breath hit my face as he rests his forehead against my own.

My eyes can't help but focus on his lips, as he slowly slides his fingers through them. I watch hypnotised, as his tongue runs over his fingers as he sucks off my sweet essence. As his fingers slide out of his mouth I brave a glance at his eyes.

Sadly I see nothing but pure frustration and regret.

He takes a quick step back and just leaves, not even looking back. As his heavy footsteps become quiet, I feel my body just give out and slide down the wall. I completely give up and let the tears fall.

My mates don't want me

Let's rewind a little.
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