Vile Madame Crimson: Long Live the Queen

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Elena Mariani grew up a woman fascinated by American lore. Born in Castelmola to a timid Italian father and a strict, bipolar American mother, she was not raised, but practically abused. Homeschooled on everything, but not what she desired, it became clear that if she did so much as ask a question her mother would snap. She did...

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Chapter One: The Vile

It was March. The 5th, I believe to assume. I was asleep in my bed, my body still sore from the after-dinner ‘correction’ from my DEAR mother, Lucille (Apparently, one single speck of pasta e fagiol on a paper plate that can only be best seen through a microscope was considered something wrong, and thus punishable by leather flogging). It was quiet in our village, spared for the faint sounds of crickets and peepers trying to out-chorus each other.
Then, out of nowhere, I felt this quick - this-this quick pulse of pain throughout my entire head, as if someone had just swung a blade into my skull. It was safe to say that my mother let down the executioner's ax into my head. The only issue? SHE was the executioner...

She leaped from atop the thick pine trees, clad in nothing but what her mother made her wear inside of her casket that evening. Just a long, black gown, embroidered with dark grey lace on the bottom of itself and the sleeves, the neck of the gown invisible to the light underneath the rows of pearls sewn on top of it. She didn't know where she was, or when it was, but she remembered what happened to lead her here: she was only 16 then. She's 20 now. Her mother declared her unsalvagable — unsuitable — a failure — with an ax. Her silky auburn hair, braided and placed in a bun, began to slowly twirl its way out of the tightened ball on the back of her head, as she sped up to keep up with the man below her.

But it wasn't her he was running from. It was the other man behind them, catching up to him as he tripped and fell hard on his head - leaving him unconscious. This masked man - many call him ‘Masky’. Few, call him ‘Tim’.

She watched from the trees, her opaque, daring emerald green eyes observing every hint of movement below where she stood. The man wakes up, tied and gagged, the one chasing him wielding a crowbar, taunting his latest catch, his latest victim. Again, another approaches, one with a deep voice heard well from underneath that hood of his, his face hidden in a veil of black fabric, with a red face of sorrow sewn into it. Then the third one, the one they called ‘Toby’, a man who Masky enjoyed to jab at over his - affliction. Then he showed up.

No face...

Elena chuckled to herself. She reminisced the day she'd behold the acts of Living Lore, but with these four — this Slenderman and his — Marble Hornets-his proxies — witnessing the three of them argue over their ranks like this, it humored her greatly. Like watching three teenage sons arguing over who was Father's Favorite.

In the end, they left. And she followed them home.
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