Wait For Me

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Kyra : He is what you call a dangerous, destructive, can't forget TOXIC man. He is the VP of the Hell Razor motorcycle club. Everyone fears him but I crave him like I am junkie and he is my fix. The most dangerous man in Chicago became my safe place. Chance : I hate almost everything in this world except for my brothers in my MC club. That is until the day the most fragile yet fiercest women comes storming into my life. I I might actually be the worst thing that's ever happened to her but I don't know if I can let her go.

Romance / Thriller
Melissa Nicole
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Chapter 1

Kyra: December 31st 2019

Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!!! I watch as the fireworks in my backyard go off in flashes of bright colours from my bedroom window.

My foster family hosts a huge party for almost every single holiday you can think of. Half the town shows up because of course everyone loves the Simpson family. Why wouldn't they? The Simpsons are master manipulators, they can make anyone fall in love with them, but not me.

They were great to start off. They made themselves look fabulous to the social workers... I mean they do live in a huge mansion. The house looks like your typical in your face, flashy white mansion that you would typically see in Beverly Hills or some shit. It is kind of odd seeing a house like this in such a small town, I think that's another reason everyone loves this family, this house is basically like the fucking town hall in this town.

The Simpson’s set me up in a beautiful bedroom and enrolled me in some rich kid private school... which isn't that bad because my foster sister goes to the same school and her, I actually like. She hasn't given me any reason not to like her, she sneaks me ice cream and chips when her mom doesn't let me eat sweets because "I can't afford to gain any weight", she calls out her perverted older brother when he hits on me like a creep in front of his family, she tries to protect me when her dad tries to take his rage out on me.

I moved in with the Simpson's 4 years ago, when I was 13. My parents and my younger sister got killed in a home invasion, I was at a sleepover when it happened... every day I wish I would've been home, in the top bunk of mine and my sisters room, everyday I wish I would've been shot right there beside her.

The men were never caught but it looks like it was some sort of gang initiation. I guess it was just bad luck... the bastards chose my house and destroyed my entire life.

I know I should be downstairs enjoying the party, celebrating yet another year on this fucked up planet but I just can't. Every single day is hard without my family, but holidays are definitely the worst. I'm stuck "celebrating with a family that is so "perfect" a family that makes me feel like I am just a disgrace but yet keep me around because fostering an orphaned young girl is just so good on their reputation.

As I watch the lively party going on outside a tear trickles down my cheek. I am tired of living this life... I want my old fucking life back... or no life at all.

I get sucked out of my thoughts when my door flings open. It's Jason, my pig of a foster brother. Of course he didn't even bother knocking. Jason hasn't tried much more then grabbing my ass and making disgusting, derogatory remarks to me but I know it won't be much longer before he goes beyond that... "You're missin a good party sis", he whispers at me in a gross attempt at being cute. "Yeah, looks fun. I'm just tired tonight, but happy New Years!" I give him my best fake smile. He just stands in my doorway staring at me like a perv.

"Go back to the party Jason, I wanna go to bed", I tell him with a hint of attitude in my voice this time. He pushes himself off the door frame and stalks towards me. He gets so close I can smell the vodka on his breath, "I think the real party is in here", he smirks at me looking me up and down, reminding me that I am only wearing a oversized tshirt and underwear. I take a few steps backwards feeling like I can't breath with him in the room. His overpowering cologne and sleezy grin makes me nauseous. I sit down on the bed and crawl under the blankets feeling way to exposed under his piercing stare. "What do you want Jason?", "you know what I want Kyra". He sits down on my bed and squeezes my thigh through the blanket.

"Stop, get out", I push his hand away which just pisses him off. He puts his hand back and squeezes much harder this time, definitely leaving a dark bruise on my white as snow skin. Suddenly he rips my blanket off and cups me over the underwear "this will be mine, don't you dare give anyone else that cherry. I'll be taking it when you turn 18", at that he squeezes me one more time then stalks out of my room slamming the door leaving me frozen in utter disgust.

I've tried so hard to avoid Jason, I have told him to fuck off, I've even tried being nice but he doesn't stop. He doesn't leave me alone, he's made it obvious since the day I got here that he wanted me. He treats me like I'm his property but that will never ever be true! I am getting the fuck out of here in 3 months. As soon as I turn 18! I've been saving every last penny I've made working as a waitress in our small town diner, I have enough to get myself the fuck away from this family.

I decide I need to get out of the house for a bit, the Simpson's live a walking distance to a bar that doesn't even bother asking me for ID, I think it's just so obvious that I'm depressed and hate my life so they just pity me and let me sit alone in the corner drinking, but fuck it. I even get some free drinks sometimes. I change out of my pjs and put on a pair of black jeans and a tight red long sleeve shirt that makes my boobs look amazing. I throw my plain looking brown hair up into a messy bun and then hit the road. Well actually I hit the ground, when I jump out of my second story window.

I've only sprained my ankle jumping out the window once but it's so worth it. The evening is really the only time I can get away from the Simpson's, they rarely let me leave the house unless it's for work or school. They also don't care enough about me to ever check on me through out the night. Which I'm not complaining about at all, I love the little bit of freedom I get after 1am.

I walk into the dimly lit bar and right away I am shocked when I see there is actually people here. Not just old drunks from the town, there is like a whole fuckin biker gang here. How the hell did I not notice all the bikes outside? Feeling intimidated when people start noticing my entrance I decide to retreat, I step back out the door and bump into a brick wall, I turn around and I'm not staring at a wall, I'm staring at the hottest but scariest fucking man I have ever seen in my life. "Leavin so soon angel?" He asks me with a smirk that leaves me breathless, and apparently stupid because I can't remember how to talk. I am being sucked into this mans eyes, eyes that are so dark they look black at first glance but when you look closer you can see a whole damn galaxy, or maybe it's the deepest parts of the ocean that I'm looking at... wait fuck, am I drooling. "Ssssorry", I manage to say, the man gives me a odd look, he looks confused, maybe even slightly angry? "You can't be old enough to be in here", he states as he looks me up and down. When Jason does this I get vomit in the back of my throat but when this stranger does it I get butterflies. What the fuck is wrong with me? This man is way too old for me, and did I mention he's fucking terrifying? I don't know what it is about him that makes him so scary... maybe the tattoos or his enormous muscular body but he's got a kind looking, maybe even baby face. He looks exhausted which definitely makes him look slightly older, he's got the most perfect shaved facial hair, he's got an even more perfectly chiseled jaw. A jaw I want to trace with my tongue.

Jesus Christ Kyra, get it together. I shake out of my inappropriate thoughts and gain a bit of random confidence. "I come here all the time", I roll my eyes at him and turn around and strut back into the bar ignoring all the stares from a few familiar faces of small town drunks and a shit ton of bikers.
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