Wait For Me

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Chapter 10

Chance, February 16th 2020

Fuck I am so sick of this shit! I don't wanna keep using the excuse that she is too young for me but like all the clues are right there in my face! She's fucking full of attitude and drama! "You made me cruel Kyra. I can be a good guy but I can also be your worst nightmare. Your choice". I say as I try walking away from this hysterical girl again. "Oh really Chance!? You're gonna be my nightmare? There is nothing that you can do that will be worse then the life I have already lived, I have been living in a nightmare the last 3 years!!" She is fucking sobbing now. "I'm not doing this anymore Kyra, either you shut your mouth and let me drive you home or call a cab and get the fuck out of here". I shake my fuckin head at her and walk away.

I make it inside the door when she catches up to me, "wait!" She shouts at me, drawing everyone's attention. "This conversation is over". I say in my most stern voice, the voice I usually only use when I am torturing or trying to intimidate someone. "I- can... umm," she looks around the room, getting nervous that we have eyes on us. "Can we go back outside for a minute please". She begs me with her perfect mouth and hypnotic eyes. I take a big breath and wipe my hands over my face in frustration. She turns back around heading to the side of the clubhouse again. Knowing damn well I'm going to follow her even though I shouldn't. She leans against the building looking shy all the sudden, "what do you want Kyra? Am I driving you home or what?" I ask her, feeling beyond fed up with arguing. "Kiss me", she whispers barely loud enough for me to hear.

"What did you say angel?" I whisper back to her, stalking towards her, making her push her sexy body up again the building more, as if she's going to escape me. "Say it a little louder", I demand. She shakes her head at me and gives me the sexiest pouty face. I grab her face with one hand to stop her head from shaking. "Say it again". "Fuck you!" She yells in my face. I remove my hand from her face and move it around her throat. "What is it that you want baby? You want me to kiss you? Or do you want me to fuck you?" I grind my erection into her body making her let out a little moan. "Kiss me", she whispers one last time.

I wanna kiss this girl until neither of us can breath but I am furious with her right now and I'm not letting her get away with this childish bullshit. "I'm not kissing you Kyra". Her face goes from looking hopeful to devastated. "I'll get one of the prospects to drive you home, you will be safe but I'm not doin this shit anymore". I tell her as I push my self off the wall and away from her. "No! Chance wait! Please!" She begs me, running behind me. "Fuck angel, you need to get away from me... I will just keep hurting you".

"I don't care! Please let me stay here with you Chance!" She sobs, looking like she's about to drop to her knees. I grab onto her elbow holding her up so she doesn't fall on her ass. "Kyra please, I am sorry... I shouldn't of brought you here in the first place". I tell her as I tuck a strand of long wavy hair behind her ear. Fuck I don't want to see her go but this relationship hasn't even started yet and it's already beyond toxic. She's a young girl, she needs someone her age that doesn't have my type of fucked up life.

"I hate you!" She screams at me, "I know baby". I head inside and ask Lil Johnny to drive her back to Woodridge. He's a good kid, definitely my favourite prospect. I trust him with my crazy girl.

Lil Johnny pulls his bike up front and Kyra is still sulking on the side of the building. I'm damn near ready to pick her up and tie her to the back of his fucking bike! "It's time to go angel, he will drive very carefully", I put my hand on her back trying to get her to move her ass to the bike. "Don't touch me!" She screams then walks towards the bike, she sits on and wraps her arms tightly around Johnny which makes me cringe. Fuck I hate her hands on another man! And I hate her even more on the back of another mans bike.

I wave them off and turn around heading back inside, not even 1 minute later I hear Johnny yell "what the fuck"! I turn around and see Kyra jump off the back of his bike and sprint towards me. Fuck.

She dives into my arms and I wrap my arms around her instinctually and pick her up. She squeezes my face in between her little hands and kisses the fucking life out of me. She pulls away and stares into my eyes with her tear soaked blue crystals and says "wait for me", then she climbs out of my arms and walks back over to the bike and leaves me standing alone in the dust wondering what the hell she means by wait for me...
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