Wait For Me

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Chapter 11

Kyra, March 27th 2020:

"Happy Birthday beautiful", Alexa says to me as she gives me a tight hug. I could almost burst into tears right now... today is my 18th birthday and all I want is my mom to make me her famous banana pancakes, or dad to come into my room with his old ass stereo on his shoulder blasting some cringey rap version of "happy birthday", or to hear my sisters contagious giggle as she watches dad put on his annual birthday performance. Instead I am spending my birthday alone in my room watching Greys Anatomy for the billionth time... at least I have Alexa, well not for long because she's about to go away for the weekend to another extravagant spa with her rich friends.

At around 9pm there's a quiet knock on my door, I instantly get nervous because no one ever comes in my room except Alexa and she's gone already and Jason but he's not suppose to be home till next week. "Come in", I say quietly and then Mary-Anne steps in dressed like she's ready for the fucking red carpet. "We are heading out to a party, don't expect us home until tomorrow. Jason will be back tonight, be ready to do all of his laundry from his trip." Fuck... that's just great. "Okay have a good night." I say trying to give her my fakest smile. "I would've gotten you a cake but I think I did you a favour by saving you from the carbs", she looks at me like I am some repulsive monster as she says those hurtful words before she prances out of the room. Bitch.

Even though I am home alone I have no desire to sneak out tonight... I just want to stay in my dark room and fucking cry, I wish I could just cancel my birthday! This sucks. I want my family back. Around 10pm my phone buzzes.

Chance: Happy birthday angel.

Fuck! Why would he text me? This just gives me another reason to cry. I miss him and hate him so fucking much. I think long and hard about if I should text him back... a part of me wants to just say fuck off but I decide I'm going to make him feel shitty... because well I'm having a bad day and it's my damn birthday!!

Kyra: oh yeah. Such a happy birthday.

I hope he reads my petty, sarcastic tone in the text message, I hope he feels like shit! How dare he text me out of the blue like this even if it is my birthday! Plus how the fuck did he know it was my birthday anyways! I never told him when it was.

Headlights shine through my window and I freeze. Fuck. It's Jason, I can tell by the rumble of his expensive ass car. I look down and remember I'm only wearing a long shirt so I run and put on some leggings and a bra under my shirt! I'm not taking any chances.

"Honey I'm home!" Jason says in a sinister voice as he walks in. My blood turns ice cold, fuck I need to get out of here! I look at my phone to see if Chance texted me back but of course he hasn't. As I hear Jason come up the stairs i shoot another quick text to him.

Kyra: I'm scared Chance

Is all I have time to say before my door swings open and Jason is standing in the doorway wearing a suit that is way too big on his tall lanky body and looking drunk as fuck. "Happy birthday sis", he gives me a wicked grin and then charges towards me.

"Jason no!" I squeal as he knocks me on the bed. "I flew in a week early to be with you on your birthday", he whispers in my ear making me cringe. "Get off!" I scream but he just pins me down and grinds his disgusting boner into my pelvis. "I'm going to take my time with you baby girl", he bites down on my neck. Hard. "Ow! Stop Jason please", I cry and beg, I try flailing my body around and getting free from him but he easily overpowers me. He bites down all over my body definitely covering me in marks and then he tries to tear my pants down. "No stop!!!" I cry but he doesn't listen, he just pulls my leggings off of me, he stares between my legs so intently which makes me literally gag. As I notice that he's clearly distracted by my vagina like he's a fucking horny 15 year old, I use that weak moment and kick him square in the nose as hard as I can. "Fuck!!!" He screams grabbing at his nose that is now gushing blood.

I don't waste one second! I crawl off the other side of the bed with no pants or shoes on and dive towards my window. I pull myself over the edge and then I jump, well actually I fall. I land with a hard thump, I definitely knocked the wind out of myself, I pull myself to my feet despite all the pain I'm in and I bolt hearing Jason screaming from my window "I'll fucking find you bitch!!!"

I run as fast as I can for about a mile, that's when I hear the rumble of bikes in the distance. Chance? I left my phone behind so I don't even know if he texted me back. Probably not... he really doesn't care. As I feel my legs about to completely give out I see 3 bikes coming around the corner. The middle bike speeds towards me then everything goes black.

"Angel!! Wake the fuck up!!", Chance. That's his raspy voice, Am I dreaming?? "God Kyra wake up!" My eyes flutter open trying to find the handsome face that matches the god-like voice. I look up into his dark eyes and smile. "Baby", he whispers and smiles back. I am laying in his arms sitting in a grassy ditch, I look around and there is 2 big men standing close to us but I can't see there faces, but I know they are part of the Hell Razors.

Chance picks me up and has me wrap my arms and legs around his front then he sits on his bike and fires it up. I doze off to the fresh scent of my hero and the cool breeze blowing my hair as we cruise down the road.

I wake up laying in a bed, I look around and don't recognize the room but it looks like a motel. Where is Chance?? I start to freak out! Did I really see him last night? Or was that all a dream? I feel myself beginning a full blown panic attack. "Chance!" I yell between wheezy breaths. The bathroom door swings open and there he is. Looking like a fucking fallen Angel, actually no he looks like the devil... with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and water still dripping off of him. "Are you okay??" He asks me looking worried. "I umm just thought you were gone", "just taking a shower Angel. Why don't you come join me? You are covered in dirt from last night".

A shower with Chance? Oh god... he is right I am completely covered in dirt from when I threw myself out of my bedroom window trying to escape Jason. "Umm okay", I whisper but he's already back in the bathroom. I suddenly feel extremely intimidated knowing that Chance is about to see me completely naked and exposed.

I walk into the steamy bathroom and stand there staring at the shower curtain that is the only thing blocking me from seeing Chances wet naked body... "are you coming in?" He asks me as if this is no big deal for him... well I'm sure it's not. Hundreds of girls have seen him naked I'm sure and he's probably seen even more naked chicks... I'm just another set of boobs to him...

As I'm just standing there fiddling with my shirt he pokes his head out. "You comin?" He asks me while studying my face. "Yyya I'm fine, it's just...", he cuts me off "aw are you being shy baby", He teases me. "No! I'm sorry but showering with someone is kind of intimidating for me... I'm sure you've showered with atleast 20 women!" Fuck I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut when it comes to him. "Get in the fucking shower Kyra", he demands. "No I think I will wait till you're done," I say as I turn around to head back out to the room.

All the sudden there is strong wet arms wrapping around me. "Chance!", I squeal at him, he picks me up off the ground and climbs in the shower forcing me under the water still in my shirt and underwear! "It's up to you if you want to take your clothes off but at least let me help wash you". He says in the most soothing voice, A voice I don't think I've ever heard come from him. "I can wash myself", I tell him stubbornly. "I know you can but can you just fucking let me do it! Can you not fight me on one damn thing?" Fuck okay he does have a point....

"I'm keeping the clothes on", I tell him as I hand him shampoo and turn around for him. He lathers my hair and gives me a heavenly head massage, then he gently washes the shampoo out and then repeats with conditioner. The motel shampoo is going to frizz the shit out of my hair but it's better then nothing and the feeling of Chances hands on me make frizzy hair well worth it... "Mmm," I moan quietly as he rubs my head with his strong hands, I feel him tense and he pauses his hands. I turn around so I'm facing him, I decide I'm ready to see... all of him. Holy fuck he's huge! Even if he did wanna sleep with me I don't think he would fit! I saw his dick in that dark parking lot but I couldn't see much, I knew it was big cause my throat fuckin throbbed the day after sucking it... but wow looking at it now... is intimidating to say the least.

"Eyes up here angel", he teases me, I blush like the immature girl I am "sorry it's just kinda hard not to look... it's so... that would never fit..." holy fuck did I really just say that out loud?? "Oh baby you can't say shit like that", he groans and squeezes his hard cock in his hand. I just watch him rub himself for a minute... "I can see your perfect tits through that wet tee... why don't you just take it off", he smirks at me... "fine but close your eyes". I tell him and he looks at me confused. "Just do it" I plead. Once he listens to me and closes his eyes I peal the wet shirt off of me and step out of my white thong. I try and cover myself with my arms a little bit and then I tell him "open your eyes".

His eyes shoot open the second he hears my voice. He looks at me like I am an actual fucking angel. "Move your arms baby... let me see you." He says as he already is pulling my arms away from my chest. He holds my little hands in his and steps back to take me all in.

"You are a fucking angel Kyra". He stares at me so intently and shakes his head like he's telling himself no. "Are you actually a virgin"? He stares at me with his piercing dark eyes as he asks this. "Yes..." I exhale. "I am not fucking you tonight or anytime soon", he tells me, making my heart sink. "But baby I will be the one to get inside that tight pussy for the first time and I'll fucking destroy anyone else that tries to stop me. You will be mine Kyra".
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