Wait For Me

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Chapter 12

Kyra, March 27th 2020

You will be mine. You will be mine. You will be mine.
This repeats in my head over and over again as I stand here naked while Chance dries me off. I only get sucked out of my thoughts when he kneels down in front of me and starts drying my legs... he puts one of my legs up on his knee so he can dry between my thighs... he is purposely brushing his hand over my pussy too which is making me insane. "Chance", I whisper "hmm?" He looks up at me with a knowing smirk.

Chance stands up and towers over me again, he stares into my eyes with a look that I can't quite figure out... "happy birthday baby", he whispers then he bends down and lays the sweetest but still the sexiest fucking kiss ever on my lips. "It's a lot happier now that you are here", I smirk into his lips mid-kiss. "I was already at Suzys... once I got your text I came as fast as I could", "I knew you'd come for me". I say as I lay my head on his bare, tattooed chest.

I'm sitting on the bed wrapped in a towel while Chance finds me a dry shirt I can borrow. He tells me that he carries a pack everywhere he goes on his bike with extra clothes and shit. He's on the road a lot so he's always prepared. "Here, you can wear this to bed and I got some sweats you can put on for the ride tomorrow". He murmurs as he stands me up, he pulls the towel off of me and bites his lip as he checks out every single part of my body. "You have no idea how beautiful you are... do you?" He whispers.

I think to my self... no I really don't... Mary Anne has made sure that I don't have any self esteem left, but standing here with this man I really do feel beautiful for the first time in a long time. "I used to be more confident", I whisper staring down at my feet. Chance pulls a big warm black long sleeve over my head that smells just like him. Mmm I am never giving him this back.

"Okay angel you gotta tell me what happened last night. What the fucks goin on?" He asks me sitting down on the bed next to me, putting his large tattooed hand on my bare thigh. Fuck I really don't want to talk to him about this... but I know I have to. He's been trying to help me for a while now but I just haven't been accepting it.

"My foster brother came home early last night..." I begin. He grabs my hand and listens to me tell the story. "He's been telling me for years that I am his... he's been saying that the second I turn 18 that he's going to take my...." I start crying already. "That motherfucker!" Chance hollers, "I wasn't expecting him home so early... I wasn't ready, He shocked me and then he jumped on me..." I continue. "He bit me and kissed me... he... he p-pulled my pants down and he saw between my legs... b-but I kicked him in the face and jumped out the window". I am a complete sobbing mess at this point. Chance scoops me up into his arms and crawls under the blankets. "Has he fucking touched you before?" He asks as he squeezes me so tight it hurts... it's a good hurt though.

"A couple of times... nothing too bad but the night I first met you actually... that was the first night he really touched me inappropriately..." I am so ashamed to tell him all of this but it also feels good to let it out to someone I trust. "I'm going to kill him Kyra".

Chance, March 28th 2020

It's 7:47 am and I haven't slept a wink in over 30 hours, I'm running on pure anger and hatred towards the bastard who tried to steal my woman’s innocence.

After Kyra told me what happened I wanted to drill her with questions and then charge to Jason's house and slit his fucking throat, but I am trying to remain calm, at-least for right now. I'm going to let my girl sleep and then I am going to take her back to my home, I want to talk to the club, I know they will want to help me with this one. I need to figure out more about Kyras life... As much as I want to just snap and go fucking psycho on that whole fucked up family I can't just go in blindly... I need to think this through or it could go down bad for the whole club.

I watch Kyra sleep for hours... I can't get over how extraordinarily beautiful she is. I've never seen someone quite like her... I know I've been such a hard ass with her but its honestly because she scares the life out of me. I hate how fucking vulnerable she makes me feel... my life before her was so easy, I lived and would die for the club, it was simple, but now... fuck I don't know. She has me completely and utterly obsessed... there isn't anything I wouldn't do for this woman. As much as I complain about her being childish she is far from that. She is a fucking strong, independent, sexy woman and I think I’m falling head over fucking combat boots in love with.

The sun is shining bright through the window, highlighting Kyras beautiful face. I can't get over how distinct and just naturally flawless her facial features are. Like I'm use to seeing bitches with a pound of makeup on... I always thought they looked okay but now seeing Kyras natural beauty without a speck of makeup on I am stunned. What's a stronger word for beautiful? because beautiful doesn't even come close to describing the lovely Kyra.

Around 945am Kyras dark eyelashes begin to flutter, I am shocked at how hard and long my woman can sleep. She also sleeps like a fucking rock, she doesn't move an inch, I even checked her pulse a few times in the night cause I thought she was fuckin dead! Woman’s gonna give me a heart attack one of these nights. "Good morning angel". I whisper and brush her long hair out of her face. "Morning babe", she smiles. "Did you just call me babe?" I laugh at the pet name. "Yeah I thought I'd try it out but I don't know how I feel about it". She giggles pulling the blankets up to her face. I pull the blankets back down instantly, I can't stop looking at her exquisite face. "You are fucking stunning angel", I say shaking my head still in awe of her.

"You can be so sweet sometimes", she blushes, "only for you baby", I wink at her. She looks at me with an odd look on her face for a minute and then she asks "can I ask you something?" Oh fuck that can't be good... anytime a woman says that you should run. "Uhh yup what's up", I say raising an eyebrow at her. "Umm the last night I spent at your place... when I woke up I saw you with that girl in the red dress... I-I saw you walk away with her". She whispers, not making any eye contact with me, "what's the question angel", I push. "Well umm did you fuck her or t-touch her or like let h-her touch you". Fuck she looks like she's going to cry. My sweet, innocent angel.

"No baby, I didn't touch her. That was Lil Johnny's sister, she was comin to tell me that Lil Johnny needed help with his bike", I tell her. She looks at me stunned for a minute, "are you lying to me?" She whispers, studying my face like a fucking psychiatrist. "No Kyra, I had the sexiest girl upstairs in bed why would I screw around with some club whore? Angel I would have rathered jerked off just staring at you in my bed than fuck that skank". She lets out a little chuckle that warms my heart, "wow romantic" she giggles again. "I'm sorry I've fucked you around so much Kyra... how I feel about you fucking terrifies me. I've never cared about anyone besides my club before, and now you are suddenly the most important person in my life". I admit to her leaving her teary eyed. She wraps her arms around the back of my neck and pulls me towards her plump lips.

I let her take the lead with this kiss, she shyly slides her tongue in my mouth and meets mine in a little dance. She nibbles down on my bottom lip making me groan. "Chance, I know you said you didn't want to umm", she starts but I cut her off by kissing her hard and deep. Taking over the control. I work my way down her jaw and kiss her pretty neck making her moan and curl her toes. Fuck so sexy. I peel my top that she is wearing off and gaze at my sexy fucking girl. "You are perfect Kyra", I lean over and suck her cute nipple into my mouth, she lets out a little gasp that makes me bite down causing her to moan out louder, I go over and give her other nipple some attention and then I kiss all the way down until I am between her gorgeous legs.

She's completely naked for me, her pussy is easily the most perfect pussy I've ever seen, so tight and bare. Fuck I am so hard for her. "I've been dying to taste you baby". I whisper and look up at her for permission, judging by her droopy eyes and the way she's biting her lip I think she wants it. I dive towards her pussy and go straight for her cute little clit making her scream out "fuck Chance"! She is so fucking wet for me, I try and stick a finger inside her tiny hole and she lets out a loud moan that makes me almost fucking jizz in my pants. "Fuck you taste so good baby", I make love to her fucking pussy with my mouth until she is flailing around screaming my name as she shatters in front of me, "Oh my god Chance!"
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