Wait For Me

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Chapter 13

Kyra, March 28th 2020

I feel like I am sitting on a cloud right now. My entire body is completely relaxed, Chance ate me out with so much fucking tender love and care mixed with possessiveness and pure need. I don't even know how many orgasms I have had but I can no longer feel my legs and I am seeing fucking stars floating above his head as he climbs back up my body giving me a deep kiss making me taste myself.

"I'm not fucking you in a greasy motel baby but don't worry it will happen soon". He gives me a quick peck on the forehead and then climbs off the bed. "Wait!" I shout after him, "what?" He smirks at me. I climb off the bed and slowly walk towards him. He is completely naked, looking like a delicious dessert and I cannot resist him any longer, I understand he doesn't wanna take my virginity in a cheap motel but that doesn't mean I can't... relieve him like he did for me.

As I walk up to him and brush my hands slowly down his chest and torso he stiffens and his already hard cock looks like it's about to bust any moment. I squeeze the thick length with one of my hands and then I start kissing down his perfect abs. I can't even describe the look he is giving me right now... he looks fucking animalistic, he looks like he wants to tear me apart... in the sexiest way possibly though...

I drop down on my knees and he just watches me intently with hooded eyes. "You want this cock in your mouth again angel?" He taunts in a raspy voice, making my pussy throb. "Yes baby", I whisper at him, he smirks down at me and then puts his hand in my hair and I go for his thick cock that is pointing straight at me.

I tease him for a while, just licking the tip and rubbing his length with my hand, then I try my best at deep throating his huge cock, "oh fuck Kyra" he grunts, making me feel even more confident. I suck him until he is grunting and squeezing my hair so hard it hurts. "Fuck angel I'm coming", I catch every last drop of him and then give him a big satisfied smile.

"You are my damn dream girl", he tells me as he wipes a drop of his cum off my lip with his thumb. "I've never had a dream man... I've actually always thought I was gonna be alone for my whole life and I was honestly okay with that... but then I met you Chance and you changed everything", I finally admit my feeling for this crazy man. "I'm never letting you go again. You are mine now Kyra". He tells me sternly, I fucking love how possessive he is. "I'm never going back to that house... I'm 18 now, I can finish my school online but I refuse to go back there Chance". I'm starting to get emotional now, "you will never have to go back there baby. I promise."

He has brought me so much peace of mind in these last few hours. For once I actually am looking forward to the future, just the other night I honestly didn't want any future at all but now I just know I will be okay as long as I have Chance. "I gotta go make some phone calls Angel, there is no way I'm letting that cunt Jason get away with hurting you but I'm going to do this the smart way and get help from the club". Fuck I was really hoping Chance would of just forgot about all of that...

"Chance can we please just move on from that... just take me home with you baby." I plead, he studies my face for a moment "I'm sorry Kyra but I won't be able to sleep another fucking night if I know that prick is still out there wanting what's mine". He grabs my face in his big hands and kisses me softly, "I have to do this baby", he whispers. I want to fight him on this so hard, I know Jason is a creep but he doesn't deserve whatever kind of punishment I know Chance will give him... but looking at Chance who is begging me with his dark eyes I just have to give in. "Okay, just be careful please", I tell him.

"You stay here and get ready to hit the road, I'm going to go fill up the bike and call the guys", Chance says as he pulls on a white Tshirt and his Hell Razor leather cut. I instantly get sad knowing he's leaving but that's ridiculous... he will be back in no time.

"I'll be right back Angel", he kisses me on the forehead and then he walks out the motel door. I stand there for a moment missing him already and listening to his bike ride off.

I go into the bathroom and French braid my messy ass hair. I wash my face with the nasty hotel soap then I go and pull on a pair of Chances black sweats. They are ginormous on me but I just roll the waist band down until they fit a little better. I'm still wearing his cozy black shirt from last night, it still smells like him and I can't help but bring the collar up to my nose and take a sniff.

I hear a bike roll up already, wow that was quick. I peak out the window and see that it's not Chance... it's Trigger. Hmm that's kind of odd, but it did seem like Trigger works for Chance, even though he's part of a different gang. Trigger knocks on the door and a part of me is telling me not to open it, but I have no reason not to trust the guy.

"Hey what's up Trigger?" I say as I swing the motel door open. "Hey Kyra", he smiles, "Chance got called out for a quick work emergency and he asked if I could come pick you up and take you to lunch while you wait for him", he tells me in a sweet but kind of edgy way...

"Oh, um okay... is he alright?" I ask him, "oh yeah it's not big deal, let's just go get a bite to eat. Get you out of this nasty motel." "Alright" I shrug. I notice Chance left his phone here, I was about to call him a dumb ass for leaving it when he said he was making phone calls but then I remembered he's a big bad biker with more then one phone...and I feel the urge to take it... I don't have my phone and I kind of have a weird feeling about this situation, I'd feel much better if I had a phone. I grab it and shove it in my sports bra and grab another jacket then follow Trigger to his bike.

I don't like the feeling of being on the back of his bike... Lil Johnny driving me home a little while back didn't bother me as much because I just needed to get away from Chance but being on the back of Triggers bike just feels wrong...

It doesn't take me long to notice that we drove past the only diner in town... what the fuck. My heart starts racing out of my chest as Trigger rips out of town. "Where are we going!?" I try screaming over the rumble of the bike and the wind. I'm so scared right now that if we weren't going so fast I would honestly jump off the back of his bike.

After a short ride he pulls up to a shop just on the outskirts of town. He shuts off his bike and I hop off quick. "Sorry just had to make a quick stop at my place, gotta grab my wallet". He says, but this doesn't ease any of my anxiety. "Oh umm okay", I tell him trying my best not to act like I'm suspicious. "Here come on in. Don't wait outside in the cold". He gestures for me to follow. "Oh no that's okay" I smile. "Let's go Kyra, Chance would be pissed at me if I left you in the cold". Fuck he is not letting up... and something is so not right here but I am kind of fucked in this situation. "Okay", I hesitantly agree then I follow behind him.

While he's walking towards the building I quickly sneak out Chances phone and click the top number that says "Rage" I type out a quick message.

It's Kyra. With Trig. Scared.

Then I tuck the phone away quick and follow him inside the shop. It's kind of like the Hell Razors club house only this place is way smaller, dirtier and stinkier. I don't see anyone in here, including anyone working at the small bar they have at the back. "I'll be right back", Trigger says. I use that chance to see if Rage got my message.

Rage: Chance- Wait for me Angel I'm coming.

The thousand pound weight that was sitting on my chest falls off when I read that message. Chance is coming for me, I'm going to be okay. All the sudden 4 big bikers, Trigger being one of them come bursting through the back door. "Hello Kyra", the biggest, scariest one says. I am terrified. Every nerve, every muscle, every part of my body is telling me that I am in trouble.

Suddenly Trigger sprints at me and knocks me down on the ground. "Fuck!" I yell as I hit the ground hard and he sits straddled on top of me. "What the fuck have you told Chance!?" Trigger roars at me and then back hands me in the face so hard I see stars. I have no idea what he is talking about! "Nothing! i don't know anything", I cry trying to kick his huge body off of me. "Don't fucking lie to me bitch! I know you fucking know who I am!" He spits in my face, "I met you at the bar! That's all I know!" I scream, I'm so confused. "You are a manipulative little bitch!" He smacks me again, "stop please!"

"326 Fredrickson Crescent". He says and my blood goes cold. No way. It can't be. What the hell? "It was you?" I gasp and let out a sob. "You should've heard your little sister crying for you. I think she thought you were sleeping in the top bunk, not out having fun at a slumber party".
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