Wait For Me

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Chapter 14

Chance, March 28th 2020:

"You know we will back you up man. If Kyra is your family she is our family now too", Rages voice says over the phone. I told him about the situation with Jason and of course he is willing to help. That is what we do as a club, we support each other no matter what. I hand my cash to the teller and pay for my gas then head back outside. "One sec I got a text", Rage grumbles through the line. "Um Chance we have a problem". Fuck what now... "Kyra texted me from your burner and said she's with Trig and she's scared". Holy fuck. He's fucking dead!! "What the fuck!!" I yell through the line. "We're coming to Woodridge", Rage tells me. "Okay tell Kyra "wait for me, I'm coming angel". "Okay I will. Go get your girl son we are coming".

I fire my bike up and head towards Triggers shop as fast as my bike will go. I swear to fucking god I am going to kill Trigger, I don't even care if they didn't touch Kyra. He still fucking took my girl and he’s going to fucking regret it. He's about to have the honours of playing a fun little game I like to call chance.

I park my bike a distance away from the shop, I don't have back up yet so hopefully I can at-least use the element of surprise. I creep down the gravel driveway and put my ear against the old wood door. I hear men talking and... fuck! Kyra is crying. I don't even hesitate, I boot down the door and storm in with my gun drawn and ready to fire.

The four bikers turn and look at me with shock in their eyes, but all I can focus on is Kyra laying on the ground with a bloody face and tears streaming, Trigger is fucking pinning her to the ground. "Chance!" Kyra cries, I look at her and tell her everything will be okay with my eyes. "You guys have about 5 minutes to make the right choice and surrender your weapons before about 40 members of my club roll up blood thirsty". I warn them through gritted teeth. The dumb fucking rookie biker club members look at each other trying to figure out their game plan. "DROP YOUR GUNS NOW OR YOU WILL ALL BE TORN TO FUCKING SHREDS!" I holler and fire a warning shot into the air.

Trigger climbs off of Kyra, and the rest of them put their guns on the ground and kicked them towards me. Trigger is still holding his gun though, "Trigger. Gun down. NOW!" He tries to be brave and rises the gun at my head. "No!!" Kyra cries. I know Trigger will shoot me... he has no issues pulling the trigger, hence the fucking nickname.

I'm much faster and have better aim then this little bitch though. I fire my gun at his hand that's holding his gun. "Fuck!!" He screams as he drops his gun and holds up his gushing hand. Kyra sprints over to me and dives into my arms, as much as I want to hold her, I'm not even close to being done with the Twisted Reapers. I give her a big squeeze then set her down and push her behind me, "Chance", she whispers and tugs on my shirt. I turn my head to hear what she has to say... "it was him Chance... Trigger killed my family 3 years ago". She chokes out. No fucking way! Kyra never told me about her birth family before but with the look in her eyes, she is telling the truth. Trigger took away her happiness when she was just a young innocent girl.

I hear my brothers bikes pulling up in the distance. "Well Trigger, you and me are about to play a game of Chance", I give him my most evil, sadistic smirk.

Rage and 10 more members all come in to the shop guns aimed ready to fight but they see I've already got the situation under control. "Skip, take Kyra outside". I order, but Kyra dives towards me and wraps her arms around my waist. "No please! Don't make me go!" She cries, "baby it's about to get really messy in here". I warn her, "I don't care. This son of a bitch took my family from me!!" Okay she does have a point, "fine. Everyone but Trigger, it's your lucky day! Clear out!" I order and everyone books it for the door. "You good here"? Rage asks me as he puts one hand on my shoulder and the other on Kyras. "Yes we are good". "Alright I'm going to discuss with their Prez. I'm sure he understands that Trigger has to pay for hurting a VPs girl".

Trigger tied up on a chair in the middle of his clubs shop. "So Trigger, you wanna confess your sins or should we just get straight to it?" I ask him tossing my lucky coin in the air. "I slaughtered her fucking family", he laughs. Jesus Christ. I hear Kyra let out a gut wrenching sob. "Why her family?" I scream and kick him in the shin as hard as I can with my steel toed boots making him yell "fuck!" Then after he gains his composure he spits out "It was initiation, you how it is" he shrugs like it's fucking nothing that he annihilated my girls family. "What kind of fucking biker club kills an innocent family for Initiation!?" I roar, "it was when I was with a underground gang back in Chicago". Okay that makes more sense, those types of gangs are fucking ruthless.

"Well it's game time now buddy, I'm gonna flip this coin and if it lands on heads then it's your lucky day. I'll shoot you between the eyes and you won't feel a thing, but if it lands on tails then you're gonna die in a way of my choosing and I can promise you it will be a lot more painful and a hell of a lot messier than a quick bullet". Trigger goes from looking psychotic to a terrified little puppy. I toss up my coin and step back and let it hit the ground.

"Well look at that, it's you're lucky day I guess". Damn I was hoping for tails this time but I don't mind getting this done quick so I can get home with my girl. "Let me do it", I hear Kyra whisper quietly behind me. Oh god... "oh no baby, you don't want to do that". She's way too pure, having blood on her hands will destroy her. "Please Chance... he's the reason my family is dead... he killed my fucking baby sister!! He shot my fucking parents! He's the reason I've been living in hell the last 3 years! He's the reason for all my fucking pain!" She screams looking absolutely enraged.

"Alright, come here Angel". She walks over and stands beside me, staring Trigger in the eyes, he looks relieved, it's like he thinks she won't be able to pull the trigger but I know my girl. She will do this. "Dad taught me how to shoot. I got this," she smirks devilishly making me fall for her even more. I hand her my gun and she walks confidently right up to Trigger. She stands on his left side and holds the gun against his temple. "You won't do it", he bugs her. "Rot in Hell", she says as she pulls the trigger.
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