Wait For Me

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Chapter 15

Kyra: April 2nd 2020

The last few days have been pure heaven. I know it's not right, and I know I shouldn't be feeling this way but it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that Trigger is dead. It doesn't bring my family back, and it sure as fuck doesn't take the pain away or even come close to filling the hole in my heart but this is the first time I've truly felt at peace....

My hair is blowing in the wind as I ride on the back of my mans bike, I have no idea where we are going but he said he has something to show me. We are on the far outskirts of Chicago right now, currently cruising down a road that is surrounded by trees and even a beautiful river. Chance is cruising slow so I can enjoy the beautiful scenery, he reaches his hand back and gives my thigh a squeeze, sending shock waves straight between my thighs. We cruise around this big bend and through a patch of trees and pull up to a big black gate. Chance clicks a button on his key and the gate swings open for us and he drives up the long drive way to a beautiful dark blue cabin. It kind of looks like a cabin you would see in a fairytale but with a touch of edginess with the colour and shape. It's truly beautiful, and in the most peaceful spot, surrounded by trees and now that Chance turned off his bike I can even hear a river flowing.

Chance grabs my hand and leads me towards the house. I can't get over how perfect my hand fits in his, I could hold his hand forever. "What are we doing here?" I ask him, still confused on what's going on. "This is ours angel, welcome home". He says as he opens the front door and leads me inside. I gasp at his announcement and at the beauty of this place. Everything is so cozy, brown leather furniture, a gorgeous fireplace and a big oak coffee table in the living room. "Are you serious?", I ask him stunned. "Yes baby, I want a place for just the two of us". He says and leads me towards the kitchen that reminds me of my childhood home... a gorgeous island, dark cabinets and a huge window above the sink looking out to our fairytale back yard. "I fucking love it Chance", I cry and dive into my big mans arms. He boost me up and sets me down on the island and stands between my legs, he grabs my face in his big hands and gazes into my eyes... "I fucking love you".

"I love you", I say with no hesitation at all. He kisses me with so much passion my head spins. "You are fucking mine angel. You are my old lady". He tells me, "yeah I don't really understand that term... I'm not old," I giggle at him, "I'll explain it later but right now I have something else I want to do". He lifts me off the island and heads upstairs, to our huge loft bedroom. "Oh my god! Chance this is beautiful!" I scream, admiring the place.

"I thought you'd like it", he smiles as he lays me down on the canopy king size bed. He undoes my tight skinny jeans and pulls them down slowly and admires my legs as he does it. "So perfect", he whispers. He then sits me up and pulls the black hoodie over my head leaving me in just my red lace matching lingerie set. "Fuck, I am going to try and be gentle this time but baby I can't wait to fucking rail you until you are screaming for me to stop every night". After he says that he tears my panties off in one swift rip, like the animal he is. "Are you going to fuck me now Chance?" I bat my lashes at him, "yeah baby I've waited long enough". He unclips my bra and puts his huge hands on my breasts. "All mine", he grunts before he sucks my nipple into his mouth. "Mmm" I moan, he kisses down my body and then he kisses my ticklish spot on the left side of my waist and I start giggling like an idiot, "you have the cutest laugh", he chuckles softly as he trails his kisses down between my legs.

He eats my pussy like he's been starving for it, even though he just did it last night, we have been having a lot of fun with oral and other things but he hasn't fucked me yet... now I see that he was waiting to do it in our new home. Which makes me love him even more!

After he makes me orgasm twice with his magic wand that he calls a tongue, he climbs back up my body and kisses me. "I just can't get enough of the sweet taste of you baby". "Fuck me Chance, please", I beg against his lips. "I don't want to use a condom, I want to feel you for the first time", he says as he adjusts his huge cock at my tiny entrance. "I don't care just do it baby", I beg him again. "This is gonna hurt a bit", he says as he starts pushing his way in. "Oh fuck" I moan, Jesus it does hurt but it's a good hurt, having him inside me finally is the most satisfying thing ever. "Fuck you are so tight", he groans as he pushes deeper. "Oh my god Chance", I moan and scratch at his back like a crazy bitch. "Does it hurt?" He asks me, "no. I love it. I love you", I whisper and moan. "I love you angel", he kisses me and then rams his dick all the way in. "Ahhh fuck!" I scream. "Mmm baby you are all mine!" He says as he thrusts into me hard and fast now. The pain has completely disappeared and is replaced by pure pleasure. "Oh my god Chance I'm s-so close", I cry "yes baby cum with me!" He grunts and then we both explode in each other's arms. We stare deep into each others eyes desperately and panting like crazy. I am so incredibly happy in this moment. With the love of my life in our new home. "I love you so fucking much", we both say at the exact same time causing us to start giggling like crazy. After about 30 seconds the giggling turned into kissing and the kissing turned into round two. I have a feeling Chance and I won't be leaving this house anytime soon...

The end ❤️

Part 2 anyone??
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